/How much does it cost to create an app? A Minute of Overpass : Oxford Interactive eBook Developers

How much does it cost to create an app? A Minute of Overpass : Oxford Interactive eBook Developers

Video: How much does it cost to create an app? A Minute of Overpass : Oxford Interactive eBook Developers


Hi, this is A Minute of Overpass. my name is Eric and I make apps. I'm coming here this week from the Excel Centre in London and my topic this week is 'how much does it actually cost to make an app?' Okay. I'm coming to you this week from the Excel Centre in London. I'm here for the Bet Fair 2015. I've been here a lot over the last year and I'm reall getting used to it. So, this week I wanna talk about something that a lot of people want to ask about or one of the first questions they have and a lot of developers don't really wanna tell you, which is how much does an app actually cost? The reason that developers don't want to tell you is 'cause it really depends. I'm somebody who invests in a lot of apps myself.

So, if you have a look at the Overpass website you can see all the apps there are paid for by me and by you know by the company. So we kind of know what we would expect to pay ourselves. So we can keep that in mind when we are given quotes to clients. The reason I bring this up is because somebody mention this week that I wasn't charging that exorbitant amount for the price they're actually pretty surprised by a quote that I gave them and which was great. I mean if I can give the the prices lower than everybody else in this industry, then I will dominate this industry and that would be that would just be great. You know I know how much things cost. A few weeks ago, I want to get a little bit worked on Ear Spy. My developers were busy so I went with another firm and yes I gave them the code and I said this is what I want done and I thought it was 3-5 days, two weeks at the outset. And they came back with the six-week quote for a price that cost more than the entire Ear Spy cost, the initial development.

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And so I went back to say that "okay. great thanks but no thank you". It's a ridiculous amount and they kept hounding me and then finally they're asking me So can you tell us what your budget? So can tell us what your budget is? Yeah. No, I'm not going to tell you what my budget. I would never ask what somebody's budget is. The software costs what it costs. You know if we can't give a fair price then you know, you do not charge based on the client. You charge based on the job. And that's kind of the the theory we have here. The reason you know we prefer to work from home, the reason that we don't have big offices.. the reason that we use developers in the Philippines and in India because we want to have the best price possible. And we want to be able to do the best thing we can for our clients. So, it's a bit self-serving this Minute of Overpass week.

Sorry about that. If you're looking at an app made, give us a call. We'd love to talk to you. Our number's 0845 834 1008 and I'll talk to you next week maybe from some place warmer..