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How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games

Video: How I Taught Myself to Make Video Games


Welcome to DevFactor! today we have a video that's been brought to you by request gonna viewers and that question I was asked was how did you teach yourself how to build video games so I'm going to be a really cool answer this because I'm show you the majority of video games that I bill since I started doing this as a hobby so for that reason I'd suggest you stick around to the other this video because at the end to this video on the show something that's never been shown for on the web the first video game ever built by yours truly if you don't wanna see crown got the former on-screen otherwise the starting into it so the first step is start small and this is one of the more important steps that a lot of people don't realize when I talk to a lot of people that want to build games a lot of times it tell me they want to build like in Pammal or 3d first person shooter in these games are really difficult to build especially when you have go foundational knowledge as humans are really driven by feedback and he starred in the big game may never finish it he may never get them valuable feedback that you get from actually playing on finished game if you start with something small you can finish it you can polish it up hate you have a working team you can look back on it and take up all the steps it took to build it from start to finish and then you can think of what steps you have to modify to make it bigger so this is why I think starting small is so important on the screen you see the second game I ever bill a space shooter game written in JavaScript so the second thing equation is practice on screen you'll see the third game I bill which is a multi-player tic tac toe game written C sharp is on top of the Unity game engine and this brings us the party of the equation which is practice batting practice is essential for anyone who works in a profession whether surrounded by software SunAmerica we have this misconception the misconception is that some programmers I'm actually better than others we have entire films based after this we have the Facebook film Mark Zuckerberg where they make him out to be some tape a genius that everyone has class at harvard know to keep up with them even have terminology like 10x programmer to programmer capable doing ten times the amount of things is your average one just cuz he's so intelligent something so you right off the bat that this is a load of bullcrap and there's no such thing as a genius programmer for the most part when you meet someone who seems to be a genius programmer nine times out and ingenious programmer in reality the edges practice way more than you and possibly have under study habits than you see humans are naturally very ambiguous and software has to lack all ambiguity so naturally one of the best things you can do to become a better developer is just to write more software so his mum the games they came after my multi-player tic tac toe game quite frankly it's nothing but a flap Ebert called in order to build this game I despair as hell time googling in so many other people I closed flat the bird it was easy to find example source code it was easy to find forms with people discussing how they built the game ex ever and the reason I built this game because I realized that flap the bird was allowed to access and I wanna try to tear that apart figure out why it was so entertain and that brings me to my third point which is polish in polish is critical game you ever ship even if it's a 2d side scroller or a Tetris clone or flappy Bird Club now here's my reasoning for that in my reasoning is when implementing the core features you learn ally about program as a game developer it's very important have a solid grasp of programming fundamentals in this is because the code is basically the clue that has your game together it's almost like the bread in a BLT but similarly to a BLT if you have nothing else then all you have is two slices of bread and who's gonna pay for two slices of bread that you can pick up at the grocery store but you know all the sudden at some baking you had some fresh lettuce fresh juicy ripe tomatoes some millionaires all the sudden you have a BLT it's not just two pieces of bread anymore now it's a fully-fledged delicious sandwich and that just sounds so much more appetizing and this is why the Polish on it is so critical in this is where you can just stop at the code if you stop at the code your game is going to be really dry is to be really boring right seem to think you our asset seem to think I've the sounds lead to think of how does the user interact with the game how does the graphic user interface work if there is one what's the control scheme and then some things that indie game developers don't seem to think about a lot is the psychology the user playing the game so I'd like to use a game as an example for this like you is League of Legends produced by Riot Games is a competitive multiplayer game and in 2013 rankings me 624 million dollars of %uh selling skins so I was lucky enough to be a close beta player for League of Legends but one thing I can say about that was League of Legends was not a very good team during the closed beta the graphics were very poor the gameplay was really slow paced and the worst so many bugs I can even store to list them off the top of my head but here's a legal edge instagood first it was entirely by accident to legal engines was really good capturing a competitive spirit it just happened to be the right environment we could really get into the game and you could play with your friends and you're talking over Skype are strategizing and trying to figure out how to beat any team so I believe that's what has allowed the alleged become such a popular game see their competitors have better graphics better characters better game playing a lot of them have better animations better sound effects but none of them make that competitive spirit as easily accessible to the average person as Ray games has made in their game which brings us to our final topic the first game I am for me I made this game late Middle School like all that weight loss simulator the idea was if you run on the treadmills long enough without falling your character will eventually become skinnier and while that's a little bit humorous it's not a very exciting promise for a game the game lacked a ton of polish it's just another infinite runner with words graphics but after lot of practicing and after a lot of polishing because I never give up I was able to produce better games in the future and today I'm quite confident in my programming game development abilities so that's my story and if you have a similar story or even a vastly different story i'd love to hear it in the comments section below this video for those of you who are new to this channel I have programming in game development tutorials out at least three times per week all my contacts is of course free it takes a couple hours per each video together so if you like this video you know please leave your feedback or share the video otherwise subscribe for future updates theme.

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