/How I Harnessed My Sexual Energy to Attract Money, Love and Success (life-changing)

How I Harnessed My Sexual Energy to Attract Money, Love and Success (life-changing)

Video: How I Harnessed My Sexual Energy to Attract Money, Love and Success (life-changing)


think of sexual energy simply as energy and think of your energy as currency now what happens is when we give away and we waste sexual energy it's literally like throwing away our money it is throwing away what is able we could be investing and other things and it is thrown away making us much less powerful than we would be if we actually used it for a powerful benefit in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to do that welcome back to another video my name's Erin and I'll people expand their consciousness in this video I'll be sharing with you exactly how you can harness your sexual energy and exactly how to do that using a process called sexual transmutation and I know it sounds kind of weird and first off the word sexual transmutation I remember when I first learned about this I was working a sales commission job selling a woman she was at Nordstrom's I was learning about the law of attraction and how to you know it was a commission job so every day I went in I started at zero and as I was selling shoes and doing stuff then I would make money for the day and every single day I went in and I was able to see what worked what didn't work what kind of energy state was optimal what kind of goals having was was powerful for getting a certain type of result what kind of contagious energy I could have and there was a game changer that happened when I learned and read the chapter in a book called Think and Grow Rich which is one of the most popular personal development books of all time so many people that are millionaires have said that that was the book that changed it all for them including a bob Proctor who walks around with the book everywhere he goes and then also many like Esther Hicks and her husband her husband talked about it a lot when he was alive it's a powerful book and in it chapter a free at what chapter it is but it is called a non sexual transmutation which by let me mention this as well back in the 1930s this was a very esoteric concept so for it to be in the book it had to be a very important thing and basically what it talked about is that our sexual energy win and put towards a definite chief aim or desire or intention is very powerful for the attainment of that vision of that coming to fruition and it is something that then I became aware of and I remember there's another top salesperson I worked with his name was Philip and I told them I said hey bro I've read the you know he he didn't read this book thinking gross but I told him about it I was like there's this chapter on sexual transmutation he thought I was messing with him or some he's like dude what you talking about because that word transmutation sounds weird transmutation simply means the changing of form so we're changing the sexual energy in our body what we do is we have a desire and what many people do is they waste that energy there's people that will masturbate and let go of that energy that creative energy so powerful it could literally create a baby it is creative energy that is wasted and what if that energy could actually create your dream life what if that energy could create a unique way of thinking and an increased intuition and allow you to have more potency behind your thoughts and this just doesn't work for only guys by the way this works for a woman as well sexual energy in general and that's why there's something called the no fapped movement the no fat movement is where guys and women men and women are not masturbating and what they do instead is they harness that sexual energy and they then use that in a powerful way now let me reach to you okay so also I started using this back in 2000 and probably 13 and what I noticed happened is my energy levels went up you know you guys see me in these videos let me tell you something not saying this to be a square or anything but I don't drink alcohol oh no I don't I do not smoke weed no I don't gave that up in 2012 I do not drink caffeine or do coffee not because I'm better than you I just don't I have a lot of energy I believe that my sexual energy which I do not waste I do not masturbate and I'm very intentional with who that I share that with so it's not something that I'm compulsively letting go of and I also realize that that energy I use and it makes me more contagious that may allows me to have more energy to where I don't need caffeine or any that other stuff and it has a lot to do with is what made me successful in my life some people asked me to say Aaron how do you make daily videos on YouTube have you done it for three years and it's not always the first thing my mind where I'm like hey have you ever heard of not masturbating it's normally not the Icebreaker it would be a good icebreaker though but that's honestly that has had such a powerful effect on my own life now let me read to you you might be like well this sounds pretty cool what's this book you talk about thinking Grow Rich can you explain a little bit more yes I can so here's one of the quotes that says in napoleon hill's book in that chapter called sexual transmutation it says quote when driven by this desire men and women it was written back in the 1930s and sometimes they forgot to put that develop penis of imagination courage will power persistence and creative ability unknown to them at other times and then a little bit later in the book it says quote when harnessed and redirected along other lines this motivating force sex maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination courage etc which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature arts and any other profession of calling including of course the accumulation of riches so this is also let me share with you what it says will happen when you do this and you stop wasting your sexual energy here are some of the benefits one more aware of hunches you have a stronger intuition to turned on by whatever you are working on or thinking about you were literally develop a magnetism towards what you want to experience and that's because there's pure desire there now I'm gonna talk a little bit in this video as well as how to transmute that desire because you've heard me talk about desire before and desire is not powerful and less translated into intention if I say I really really want something I really really want that over there I want that over there I want that over there that's a feeling of lack but if I transmute that desire into intention that is where the power is it's in the transmutation of it I'm going to share that that minute now the third thing more sensitive to stimuli for thing exuberant and expressive fifth thing more energized and inspired and six thing more driven to take action these are all benefits that happen when we begin to cultivate our own sexual energy I see a lot of people that say I just don't have the energy and they feel like they are kind of in a lull or they feel stuck a lot of times it could be because the creative energy creative not just creative like it creates a baby creative like it's creative energy that will help you to find do problem-solving in a unique way you start using a different aspects of your brain because you have a new way of expressing yourself it's something that will help you solve problems in your life in a completely new way as well so this is something that I applied in my own life I've honestly been applying this before I even knew about sexual transmutation now let me explain to you I'm not going to go to detail because this is a little bit getting a little bit more deep I guess in certain ways but in a little vulnerable but.

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okay between the ages of 0 to 18 years old I never in my own life actually masturbated now I know that sounds pretty crazy because I think normally once you turn like 13 or 14 you just start going crazy but I never did I don't know why I just couldn't I don't know if it's because I didn't figure it out I was like I didn't know exactly how to how to finish the job but I just didn't so between 0 to 18 you know and I guess puberty like 13 14 to 18 I never actually did that so I was already in a way using it and I think that a lot of that may have had to do with my I don't know my willpower or my desire to like like kind of the way I am in the world I'm not quite sure but I didn't figure it out until I'm sure you could figure out what actually happened but I I look back at my life now and I can see I mean also maybe you know some of my past between 7 to 15 years old I had no freedom whatsoever so when I was going through puberty I was completely controlled my brother and I many times were locked outside doing yard work we weren't allowed to have friends we're allowed to watch TV we had a sneak food a lot of times just to get enough to eat and I say that to see you kind of see the premise here it's like that's probably why I didn't have time necessarily my brother and I so shared a room we lived on a certain part of the house that was being remodeled so there's I guess there's is no opportunity for it so never came up and then I just became 1516 years old it has never happened and then 18 comes around and it happened and I was like oh this is like a whole new world but even then it was something I've always kind of somewhat been aware of in some weird way because I I haven't I've always kind of valued that sexual expression or that sexual energy in a way so I share more by the way if you want to know more about this topic I did a podcast episode I have a podcast that I do every Tuesday and Friday I get a lot of messages from people that say they love the podcast it's how they expand your awareness 2.

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0 podcast it is on iTunes and Spotify I'll link them in the description below also there's a video on a new errand out e 2.0 YouTube channel where I go deep on this idea and share more of my story with it and how I apply it in my life and just go a little bit more than what I've shared so you'll see that in the link in the top of the description box below you can check that out there's a video there and it's something I think has been one of the things that has really made a difference in my own life now let's talk about it in transmuting the pure energy we're all energy sexual energy is the most potent energy we have when we're not wasting it we're then able to put it more into our desires our goals our vision or whatever it is now think about it your thoughts then have more potency so what you're thinking about then has more power behind it because you have more energy and energy and sexual energy is energy it's more if even pure energy now when I talk about desire desire in of itself is only powerful when it translates into action or intention now action or intention intention is a declaration of some outcome you want to experience in your life so it action or intention is also action this is where a lot of people kind of get confused with this they think that intention is only a thought now intention is a thought plus in action intention is also action so if I set the intention right now find the desire to put my hand up that only has so much power doesn't mean I'm going to put my hand up as may I have it as I but if I intend to do it then I just naturally put it up it's a declaration I'm going to do it I'm going to do it is the difference is that I want to do that I'm going to do that or I am doing that those are all very different now the reason that no FAP which means not masturbating is so powerful is because that energy that pure energy is then translated into something you can then apply some desire you can add that you can then channel into your everyday life now the important part of this process and exactly how to do this is you need some form of creative expression to use this sexual energy that you're going to have could be a business idea you have it could be some type of art you create it could be some type of videos you make it could be anything but you need some vehicle for expressing this sexual energy that's what I would highly recommend is finding out what that is you don't know what that is yet that's fine set the intention to figure out what it could be now me and my own life it's making YouTube videos it's expressing these ideas and really big hand gestures and my facial expressions this is me expressing that and obviously it's got me to a certain point because as you see the YouTube channel it's grown and the message resonates with people and that's me expressing that energy in a very pure way now the important part of this though is understanding that what you do is you convert that sexual energy which will then be desire and you convert that desire into intention and intention means you declare something you want to create your life you have a vision for it you become clear as to that vision and you start to work towards it and expressing yourself along the way that's exactly what I did on YouTube I started making daily videos on YouTube I was expressing I am expressing myself still to this day and that energy is then has a channel you want to give that energy a channel now if you want to learn exactly how to use this process I talk more about it in that podcast episode below however basically what you do is you do something called a Kegel a Kegel o Kegel sounds kind of like a funny idea but a Kegel is like when you're going to the bathroom and you stop the flow what happens is there's a muscle and that muscle when you flex that muscle it's called a Kegel now that is like a pump my grandpa gave me this this this artwork that shows like the body chakra system and at the bottom of it it's all like symbolism there's these pumps that go up and that's what people call Kundalini awakening this is powerful energy we're talking about now it's a pump now what you can do is you can use that that muscle at the base of your spine and you find it out by going to the bathroom and then stopping the flow and what you do is you flex that and the more you do it the better you get at it and the more you could the more you strengthen that muscle and what you could do is learn to squeeze that and then move the energy up the spine to move the energy up to your heart and up to your head what you'll find is that you then move the energy up and then you can apply that and that helps you become more creative you can apply that towards the vision you have and once you want to experience in your life and the important part of it is have some form of expression for it that's what I highly recommend is having some type of expression for that that will really help you and now if you haven't yet I'm gonna be sharing more topics like this if you haven't subscribed to the YouTube channel yet you subscribe below turn on notifications I'm gonna be doing many more videos where I share stories like this I share ideas like this if you want me to make more nofap style videos talking about the power of this go ahead and subscribe and comment below let me know but nonetheless I think nofap is one of the most powerful things you can begin to apply in your life understanding that when you transmute that pure energy into intention and action it can powerfully change the direction of your life so hope you enjoyed that video as always peace much love and namaste.

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