/Homenaje a Top Kids, a 25 años (1994-2019) ATC

Homenaje a Top Kids, a 25 años (1994-2019) ATC

Video: Homenaje a Top Kids, a 25 años (1994-2019) ATC


Hi all How are you, welcome to this new program and to our house I am Lucky Gross, and it's a great pleasure … Emi, thank you very much for bringing me here Many thanks also to our spectators, for being here also, and well … guys, do you want us to show the room? Here we have all set With gamig stuff from 1995 and earlier – I was 5 years old … 8 and 16 bits, right? Yeah, sure, but you like those things, don't you? Yes, I even have a Day of Tentacle tattoo on my arm, I like retro stuff If you see something in the room that it seems worth seeing more in detail, let us know in the comments not in the live comments but to video comments and we will show that in an upcoming program .

.. if we do another Are we going to show the gifts we received? here we have a nice 3D frame of street fighter from our friends from Cotifax press, they sent that pretty fast It’s the last thing we put here in the living room. many Thanks to Cotifax for the present the other gift are these cups that believe it or not it was not on purpose, the dress and the cup … they're from Qué Vaina Mugs, some very kind people, that gave us these mugs, and these other They're microwave and dishwasher safe And finally this shirt … The people of De Hoy No Pasa … and it was really Like their name states. Yesterday we got in touch and the same day they gave us the shirt, was pretty fast I recommend them This program is the 25 year-tribute to a Gaming TV program of Argentina, Top Kids Actually the program and the magazine, because top kids in 1994 and 95 was being broadcasted on TV open once a week, an some time later It got 6 times a week This is how in a year and a half we exceed 380 programs. The magazine had a toy figure -as we can see- of Mortal Kombat The program brought to Dragon Ball to Argentina And he did a few more things, like mortal kombat figurine album, comics and some other stuff And I'm very grateful for bringing Dragon Ball And if you're like Lucky who was too young when Top Kids aired, just stay here, as we have some interesting stuff.

There is one more thing … What is Top Kids, today? It's a community on Facebook, of more 6.000 people, called top kits club, day by day they gather material and information, to keep the memory of the TV program alive It is because of these people that I was motivated enough to do this program, MC Games, 0:05:58.970,0:06:04.669 in memory and in Tribute to Top kids, and to these people. It's super interesting, imagine … 25 years later, you find a group of facebook and you see that 6.000 people still Talk about what you did in that Ages ago, you deserve a clap We still haven't started the program and yet it is great, I love it… shall we start? we visited the TV studios where we recorded Top Kids, to show you something that you didn't see in the program … what the cameras did not take you will probably remember the third decorated set that was used in the program .

.. in itself was not so decorated but used much of the study itself for decoration let's search for that studio … We found it, this is one Access, and here you can see the studio as it is Now in the present. Do you see that background? is the same as our TV Program the studios also has these giant doors that showed sometimes in the Program. This is one of them and they are In pairs to isolate the studio from external noises After walking a little more we find the cameras with which the program was recorded. They are from 1978 and by the time the Taped the program they were already 16 years old, Although they still worked very well if you want to see them yourself in person, you can. The TV channel, which is called TV Publica has a museum and this is the control room where the director and several other people Directed the program This one you see from today, logically the equipment 25 years ago was different Not so much than the one you see here well the ride for what was ATC is it's over, but this is just a preview of a more complete video we will publish very soon on the channel Now we present our section of Kombates, contestant 1 please come Hi, I'm German Zarpas, Do you have anything to tell? Do you have a history with the program? I just saw it when I came back from school we were small boys mmm .

.. it's not what I've heard… Let's see what we have … So that little boy was you … You already played in Top Kids … how was that time? I won Do you have something to show us? Yes Yes These was the award I got … Beautiful prize, in its original box This is the prize you received from Jocsa and Top Kids Beautiful gift from that time, and that's why I keep it well let's now introduce contestant number two … or contestants? Contestants? Hi (Cheers) How are there two more contestants? I am Gustavo Galeano. I'm on the FB Top Kids Club page And we could not miss this tribute but there are 3 fighters in a game of 2 … Lwe are going to play Mortal Kombat 11, which is the latest version of Mortal Kombat Then can take turns, one round each … Hi, I'm Matias and as Gus said, we made a FB page to remember all that beautifull time of our childhood … at that time I was 8 years And you also have something to show? Yes, it's something I won in the Top Kids magazine It is a raffle that I have won. This is great, in this tribute we even the gifts that Top Kids gave 25 years back well let's play the mortal kombat 11 now ..

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. get ready … Wait… I have a feeling, that something is missing… yes, something is missing … what can it be? Wait for me! Wait for me! (noise of stuff breaking) Sabio? Sabio! Let me introduce Lucky, our co-host Where is there the camera? I do not see well… How are you, miss? Charming… Why she talks like that? It's nothing … She is happy … Let's play Mortal Kombat 11 now, Do you want to be our commentator? Mortal Kombat 11? if it was last week we played MK2 No, no … do you remember Top Kids? We played MK2 there 25 years back I remember … Ohh, we're already at 11! … time goes by How I am supposed to know the new characters? There are some new characters… but there are also the old ones Ahh, please play with the old ones … Do you prefer to play MK 1? As you wish Emiliano …

. It's a tribute … so let's play MK 1 (phone rings) Hi? How are you Johnny … fine, thank you … Listen to me … I'm on the air, can we speak in Spanish? How are you doing … well, yes, well You want to talk to Emiliano? Ok… greetings hello johnny? IT'S REAL, IT'S JOHNNY CAGE !!! yes, here we are doing the tribute … Well, if you want, I put you on the speaker Hi Top Kids, I'm Daniel Pesina, thanks, regards and nice to meet you You've got Caged Well, someone wants to play with Johnny Cage? I'll play… Give back my phone … Get ready … well, ready to play? The contestants have chosen Johnny Cage and Sorpion … we will see what happens We are honoring Johnny Cage Fight! amazing Incredible victory, without mercy Johnny Cage wins congratulations to the winners .

.. Now we'll give the prizes to the winners This is a Top Kids magazine, printed 25 years ago … I'ts factory sealed, I had it kept in the nursing home 25 years, 25 years passed You lost your prize …. You are a good looser, it's an honor … The street fighter boat prize is for you Greetings to John of Rosario, to Pablo of Quilmes, and to the FB page guys And to you who have invited us, it's very nice to see you after almost 25 years A strong applause to Emiliano who produced this encounter, it's impressive … We have thought with Gus to return the gift If I had lost it … I wait for it outside of the TV show to get it back And I miss what was mine So each one returns to his own gift… People of honor, I like it! What are you still doing here, go away! come on, continue with the program …. And don't cover the camera! now … it's not a YouTube Ad! Don't go away! The Simpsons in Pumper Nick! now for every sandwich, fries and a soda Pumper gives you a mask of the simpsons.

Come to Pumper nick and collect the Simpsons masks Something is happening in the boxes of Kodak gold plus, is the madness of soccer World Cup. Look inside of the marked boxes there are many tickets and tickets for two people to the end of the world cup. And save the boxes because of another surprise … Participate and win The Top Kids mag of the month of September is incredible The videogame of the month is MK2 and the spotlight game is street fighter 2 The super arcade game Ridge Racer, and virtua racing for genesis Two big interviews, charly garcía and fito páez, the dragon ball comic, a MK2 poster, all the tricks the latest news and a chance to win an arcade and 5 super metroid And it comes with rayden … rayden, the god of thunder.

Top kids, buy it now, or it's sold out ATC, at all times, throughout the country We're back! You know this song, right? It's Gille's stage from Street Fighter 2 And it's being played by Kyle Athayde's band Link in the the description for the complete song we grew up playing, and now that we grew up… what do we do with that? There are people whose hobby is to continue playing videogames, Some other people collect stuff, others mix work and videogames Exactly, now that one grew We have the possibility to choose what we want to do And in this section we will show people of our same age Who do what they like most we approach the city of mar de ajó to meet a gamer of our generation that has a very peculiar history with mortal kombat Hi, Facundo? How are you, Emi… Here we are with Facundo, can you show us your arcade machines? well, here I have the Mortal collection Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 ultimate and MK 4 They are all original cabinets, restored With the exception of MK 2, here I have the original cabinet, and I am working to restore it What is like owning an arcade? It's not just buying it and having it …

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No, it's a big headache You have to learn a little of everything and bother everyone who knows more than you from cleaning a board, get the spare parts, keypads … repairing the chassis and tubes is also a headache, that the truth is that the the satisfaction of having it working is incredibe, but the time it takes is too much Why don't you show us something, the player does not see. usually when the machines arrived in the in the arcade houses The owner programmed the amount of coins they needed, sometimes a coin, sometimes two inside the machines you have a de-magnetizer Now I'm going to go to the setting and show how some values ​​are changed basically it has all the options of all and necessary tools for the owner of the arcade and for maintenance And someone told me that you have some more things We can we go and see them? Well Facundo, tell us about your collection … I try to organize it a bit by theme Here we have what are licensed figures and figures of national artists That first is a limited edition? yes, this is a limited edition of pop culture shock.

Is a limited run of 500 units – And the skorpion? It's from very good artist named Dave, it is based on a 3d print, and has interchangeable heads with some accessories, it comes with a base – A unique edition then we have a Motaro, by an artist named, leandro and then we have some collector's editions that they are from mortal kombat 10 – There I see the Goro and the Kintaro of Top Kids magazine -Yes, they couln't be missing. And Shang Sung from the same collection ======== 0:24:00.790,0:24:06.640 Then we have the collector of MK9 that is very good -You have the CDs We have all the soundtracks of the movies We have playstation 1 playstation 2, playstation 3, playstation 4, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Game gear Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PC Then we have some figures The complete collection of Top Kids, I have all the figures we also have the new storm series some of Hasbro, comics and then some things when i was in USA I was at the 2017 Kombatcon. I stopped at Daniel's house, he took me to tour and to the event.

.. -Daniel Pesina Yes, the man that made Johnny Cage, skorpion and others in MK 1 and 2 I have autographs signed by the master the truth is that he behaved 10/10, he led to the tour, to the events, to a meeting at the martial arts Dojo And I even played at Kung Lao's band I have signed pictures, there is a bit of everything the experience of being there is incredible To meet people so kind, the people who was behind the game, see how they act in the routines they have arts dojos They train daily at martial arts, and they are are in touch with music the truth is that they are very warm and very open – you had a unique experience Yes, while many people traveled it was something unique It was that kind of travel you do once in your life Because of all that needed to happen, that I could travel, Daniel's reception that took me everywhere and I met virtually the entire cast of the game, and that I was a part of the event I even ended up playing in the afterparty, with the kung lao band and the scorpions The truth is that I didn't think it was going to be something so cool Emi! you know where our friends at retrocidad went? Yeah right, They went to one of the biggest exhibitions of the retro world, the portland retro gaming from expo, .

. Lets see what they've got Hello friends at MC Games, we are Retrocidad, and we bring you a summary of The expo, It was three full days where we could witness many interesting events such as talks given by people that come from prehistory of video games, like Shon Sowitz or howard scot workshow creator of ET for atari 2600 and show the cut it was an event that was well organized, They run the classic tetris world championship and a tournament of doctor mario going to the consoles section we could see countless systems running and ready to play, sega genesis, super nintendo, turbografx, nintendo 64 and even a bomberman for 10 player on the sega saturn this is great: a retro livingroom to sit and play the atari 2600 then we arrived at the arcade section, where we found a sea of ​​arcade machines difficult to find in our country and of course, our beloved mortal kombat another thing we found were thousands of pinballs to play and enjoy for hours after this we toured the part of stores and merchandising where we saw countless things for sale, cartridges and consoles, accessories, home computers stuffed animals, dolls and many, many art stuff. So, good friends of MC Games games, remember that you can find ourselves as retrocidad in Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


Many thanks for this opportunity and lets continue with the program now we are going to present our new technology section WAIT, WAIT, WAIT !!! Please! Hi, how are you doing? – Liberato? Liberato ???? 25 years… 25 YEARS!!!! It's amazing! 25 years Liberato … LIBERATO IN OUR PROGRAM! it is an honor thank you very much for invitation … -where were you all this time? I've been in many places, I've even been in prison I had a small problem with the law … It's already solved … those spurious things … ecological terrorism, that has been the case I wanted to ask you … you were about to talk about cutting edge technology? LOL!! makes me laugh! Cutting edge technology?!? What do you want to tell me about that? We have a section … with notes from NASA, Space X NASA, HAHA! Excuse me NASA, NASA does not exist! Please …. No sir -Travel to the Moon, Mars, in a few years … How silly to go to Mars. Technology, technology was there 25 years ago That was technology But Technology advances – Yes, but when did it make the big jump? Do you know when? You know? -I was not born yet.

.. 25 years ago, and 25 years ago, there was the prototype of what today is the cell phone that we all have in hand yes sir, yes sir, 25 years ago and if you don't believe me look, at this… [1994 segment of Top Kids] Hi guys, I'll show you the Newton messagepad 110 you can write with this stylus that I have here, I can write 300 programs of Top Kids, you can write what you want, you can store a lot of phone numbers and you can send fax messages. So for example, I write the rankings and then I fax them to the TV production So you write here and then send it by fax? And then it appears printed? – Exactly, And it has apps and much more for example, I write Pablo Take a note in your newton, hit Martin eat up martha For example I can write Pablo, or anything I could also write old fool.

.. But don't write it because you'll regret it … [Smalltalk with Liberato] Cheers! Cheers… SEGA? What do you do with SEGA? I thought that you were more of a Nintendo guy Times change …. you have to understand …. noooo … but there was a commercial obligation… The company who hired us at that time, JOCSA was the representative nintendo But I don't know if you remember, that in the first programs we started with SEGA The first combats, and the record set by Aki, which was to win the Arcade, It was all done with SEGA Genesis, so that's why we have it here … – until the money appeared -You would have had something to do with it? No, far from me … My commitment …. (Low voices) Next, MC Ranking …

Shovel Knight is one of the first retro games that really captures the playability and aesthetics of the NES games. Launched in 2013, was publicly funded through one of the crowdfunding platforms it was so successful that it is available for all current platforms and It has several sequels Instead of copying a single game it was based on the most successful NES games, bringing us a novel game but with that 100% retro look as we can see in the images It brings together the aesthetics and enemies of Megaman, the gameplay the Ducktales and castlevania the levels of Mario 3 and the cities of Zelda 2. In sum it is a very entertaining and recommended game celeste is a game of 2018, winner of several awards for innovation with Aesthetics, characteristics Playability that is unique the game captures the retro feeling in something completely new Blazing Chrome is the continuation that we dreamed of contra 3 for the super nintendo and contra hard cops for genesis, It not only has the graphics of these games but faithfully adheres to the limited color palette of The genesis gameplay is 100% with a little bit from metalslug. Two players can play And this is the way yoy can enjoy the game the most well .

.. we have reached the end of our program – everything concludes … We had several things, guests, a little of everything, the whip of Indiana Jones – Hope you liked it … We'll see, perhaps there will be a second program – Sure, it's up to you, if you liked it We'll most likely make another. Subscribe, thumbs up And leave us your ideas in the coments -Until next time -Until next time! What's next Emi? We'll see….