/Hello (হ্যালো) | S01E02 | The Number Is Blocked | Bengali Webseries | Hoichoi

Hello (হ্যালো) | S01E02 | The Number Is Blocked | Bengali Webseries | Hoichoi

Video: Hello (হ্যালো) | S01E02 | The Number Is Blocked | Bengali Webseries | Hoichoi


Maa will I now make arrangements for the Pushpanjali? Yes, yes Where the hell has Boro Bouma gone? Won’t she give Anjali? Who knows? What unrest she has caused now during the Pujas. Ohh God! Leave it no It’s a matter between husband and wife. You keep quiet. I’ll look into it. Hey do you know what has happened? Is it a regular fight? Why so much curiosity? You’re missing me so much that you called me on reaching home! You could’ve stayed back. Oh please listen Nina Be a little serious. I have something important to say. Yes, baby. Somebody has taken a video of you and me In your bedroom What! What are you saying? Somebody has sent the video to Nandita There was someone in your bedroom! Damn it! In the bedroom? Shit! What if he is still here? I’m very scared.

You please come quickly Please keep calm. I’m coming I’m coming as soon as possible Just be safe okay. Just wait for me. Bye This nose ring was lying on the verandah It’s Boro Boudi’s. Did it fall from her nose? Yes that must have happened All right you take this, I’ll take it from you during Anjali All right And have you seen Bordibhai? No, I haven’t seen her. She isn’t in her room It’s okay. I’ll see for myself Bordibhai? Bordibhai? Yes. Bandhuko Bandhuko Pushpasankashe Pushpasankashe Tripurebhoyo Tripurebhoyo Nashini Nashini Bhaggodoyo Bhaggodoyo Shomotoponne Shomotoponne Bordibhai? Bordibhai what happened? Why are you crying? Bordibhai, tell me what happened Ananyo has tricked me Subarna I can feel it He’s having an affair How surprising! A stranger entered the house and you guys didn’t notice a thing! I can’t fucking think I constantly tell you to keep the door closed. Keep the door closed.

Now why are you standing here? Go do your work. Who’s coming who’s going please keep an eye on it! Bunch of fucking idiots! Oho! Please Nina keep calm. Let’s think clearly How did the man enter the house? How is it possible? He entered the bedroom and made a video and we didn’t even notice! We could not feel it! Exactly. Exactly and… Who sent the video? Bordibhai are you sure this is Dadabhai? Will I not recognize him? Why did he do this Subarna? Am I that bad that he would leave me for some… Bordibhai calm down. Please calm down Don’t cry like this please I’m not understanding who would send this video Did you appoint someone? This, this door was open at night? Why don’t you close the doors by yourself? Meaning this is my fault? You were being followed. Your wife has put detectives on you. Why are you blaming me? Why would I close the door? Nandita? Yes, Nandita. Of course Nandita. Who else but Nandita? You said, you said that your wife trusts you like hell Well it doesn’t seem so How would she have the courage? Meaning? You tell me that! He entered my bedroom and made a video of us Well it doesn’t seem so Shit! Shit! Now that the power is in her hand, she’ll inform everyone in the house.

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She even took off her wedding ring Bloody bitch Go downstairs and have some food I’ll surely eat and go. You need not worry Ohh Maa I searched the whole house. Dadabhai is nowhere to be found He has gone out it seems You created so much unrest Bouma that the son had to leave the house You drove him out during the Pujas is an unholy thing to do Have you ever asked what outside pleasures the beloved son of the house pursues out of the house? He will go. Won’t he? If there is such a bitter wife in the house he will surely go outside to seek honey Ohh is that so? Yes that One needs to know how to control one’s husband But all this you didn’t learn Unrest all the time The son will obviously go astray Will you all please keep quiet? Bordibhai it is time for the Anjali. Come. Come. Goodness! Such a loud mouth! Why have you brought me here? I would have said everything Calm down, Bordibhai What is my fault? Why do I have to hear things? Because I have no place to go? Bordibhai! No it’s nothing Something went into my eye See what situation I’m in Leave all of that now First figure out who sent the video Umm Bordibhai, do you have any well-wisher? Purohitmoshai, take the plate My well-wisher? Who can’t stand the fact that Dadabhai is cheating on you.

Maybe that’s why the video A well-wisher for me? A well-wisher for me? Yes. Might be someone wants good for you? Hey Bordibhai. You don’t have a secret lover, do you? You’ll remember it won’t you? Give me the news when it is done Okay Whom were you talking to? That too in such a low voice So jealous with just one call? Won’t I be jealous? What if you’re two-timing with someone while having an affair with me That can happen too. Not everyone is like you Tell me who was it Possesive! Tell me! A colleague from my office, T.K. I forgot to tell him about some work So I was talking about that Office colleague? Understand? Work stuff. Hmm On a holiday Hmm On the day of the Puja you… What! Why are you wearing the ring? Open Open it Why? Nandita already knows everything She has opened it. So who else should wear it but me? Nina please Don’t complicate the matter further I’m not liking it. She opened the ring in a fit of rage I’ll make her understand and bring her back.

Why? Why bring her back? She knows everything and now if she wants to leave let her leave Me? Uhh I’m Shailoja Majumdar The elder daughter of this house Ohh you guys keep quiet please. Let me speak What was that again? Hey Munia. Munia. Go inside So many people have come No. Dammit. I don’t like all that You light another flower pot. They’re so beautiful! The Boro Bou cooks the Goddess’ Bhog. This place has this… Here she is! Turn around This is the first lady of this house. Nandita Ray Chowdhury – the elder wife of the house She’ll give the rest of the interview Tell them something nice. Give this to me. Now speak Careful the luchis are hot Namaskar Look out! Look out! Give me the phone, the phone. Don’t worry, I’ve written it all down In the morning – ghee rice, five types of fries, curries and Excuse me For mother? No, no It is our tradition to wear nose rings for all four days of the puja Not only Saptami Mother What? Sorry. – What? What happened? A man came by and told me to give you these A man? Which man? Yes.

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But he left Don’t make her understand anything more Let her go Let us be happy forever I’ve been waiting for this for too long Baby give her a divorce Divorce? Yes Why not? And even if you don’t she’ll give you one Baby. Baby listen I’ve got kids I can also give you kids Munia, hasn’t Mumma told you not to speak to unknown people I didn’t speak to him. He just gave it to me and left on his bike How did the man look like? Uff. I didn’t see his face, he was wearing a helmet. He just gave this and left. I’m going. Again a man in a helmet on a bike Got the news. Got the news! A gift has come for you and with that flowers. What Boudi! Dadabhai has sent it I suppose. Let’s go. Everybody is waiting to see this Let’s go. Let’s go Look at the surprise Dada gave you Come here, come here Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile Boudi Dadabhai is so romantic ,So sweet Saying sorry through gifts? He turned out to be quite a surprise, huh? A sorry can't prove everything wrong! Just see! But I must admit that my big brother is lucky to have such a wife! Please open the box and see what's inside. Open it Wow.

Let’s see! You’re so lucky. A diamond ring! Very nice! Dadabhai is giving you bribes? What are you waiting for? Such a beautiful ring! Wear it It’s a diamond ring after all! Wear it, wear it. A surprise gift just because you fought? I just can’t believe it I’ll just come She's blushing! I’ll also just be back How romantic! Why did your wife become shy? You also Jamaibabu! What happened? Why did you go away? The ring is too small Small? Dadabhai doesn’t know the measurement of your finger? He knows Besides, our marriage ring is with him He won’t make such a mistake He did not send this Dadabhai did not send this? Then who sent such an expensive ring? What happened? I can’t understand Who sent it? And besides Besides what Bordibhai? The design! It looks very familiar I have seen these two flowers somewhere Where? Here big brother What’s this? Why are you guys sitting like some watchmen? What? Was this done right of you? How could you do this Dadabhai? Meaning? Your secret is out Dadabhai Who said this? Nandita? Yes. Can love be suppressed big brother? She told it to everyone? She did not tell everyone but she should have Diamond rings, orchids Hey Dadabhai, you must give me a pair of diamond earrings! What did I give? I did not give her anything You are very romantic big brother To satisfy the wife you gave her a diamond ring and flowers Diamond ring? Me? You’re the one who sent it.

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Now why are you falling from the sky? No, no. I did not send anything. Diamond ring? Ohh Maa Then who sent the diamond ring and flowers in Boudi’s name? Your Boudi would know that Yeah, I mean- Listen, listen. Let me say a thing He is the one who sent it Now he’s denying it. You know why? Why? Ego, ego. This is called ego Bordibhai Dadabhai has come He confirmed that he did send the ring I said so that it was not him Otherwise the measurements would have been correct. Then who sent such an expensive ring? So you finally found time Who sent the diamond ring? For how long has this been going on? I don’t know You don’t know? Boyfriend is sending diamond rings and you don’t know! Or are you lying to me? Who is it? With whom is it going on? Shameless person! So much love? So much love! Sending gifts to the house! Shameful! And after all that you accuse me? You set a detective after me? Dirty woman Shut up! Just shut up! Don’t speak another word! You think everyone is like you Characterless loafer Loafer? I’m a loafer? You are roaming around doing dirty things and I’m the loafer! Don’t you touch me! Why? Why won’t I touch you? Ohh.

You don’t like me touching you? Whose touch do you like?The one who sent you the ring? Your mind is just as dirty your manners are It disgusts me to stay with you Go to whomever you spend your nights with Ohh so you are hiding here! Baba! Blind fly, fly round and round Blind fly, fly round and round and touch whomever you can. Maa can’t catch anyone! Here I’ve caught her! Caught her. She got caught! Yaay! Baba caught her. Bordibhai? Please take it Have one sweet at least No I don’t feel like it! Bordibhai Have you seen what you’ve done to your face by crying so much? You haven’t had a morsel since morning How will it work if you keep on doing this? Everything is running, Barna Nothing has stopped You go to sleep I’ll go to sleep but you go as well. It’s quite late I don’t like going to that room anymore Barna On the same bed with Ananyo Who’s sending me this? Who? Why am I being tortured? .