Hi.. on this occasion I want to give more information to you how to Hack WIFI the name is free WIFI, of course all the likes Not Pay but don't be happy first evidently if using free wifi in public places can harm you Why? because, if you use free wifi you can be tapped or spy Ok Now, I want to show how to get a wifi password with technique "Setan Kembar" aka "Evil Twin" but don't do it there is a good way just ask the owner directly like this Bro or Sis, What's the wifi password? So if given thanks, if not please be patient can tethering a friend's cell phone Right? Ok To The Point let's begin Oia, please remember this is only for learning don't use it wrong because this video was made to provide information to you continue, open the terminal like this I zoom in to make it clear Ok, like this I use Fluxion Oopss.

.! Ok, like this Ok, Choose.. Number 2 must get the handshake first I made it you can see immediately Step by Step Ok the monitor model is active if it is like this get wifi in our place the longer the better emm.. So.. sufficiently, Ok this is for example Ok, like this 1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. 6 ya.. Ok, let's try Choose Target this is for example Ok wait a minute being prepared after succeeding, there will be information Still Progress Ok complete continue we make Evil Twins so this eemm.. there are two with the same name really the same you can see later If have finished it You don't suspect if you find this Ok.. Success.. Create it first Disconnected because this is Indonesia the meaning must use Indonesian ones This is it Ok Ok it's time to wait eemm.. Target Here utilize direct users not eemm.., not the Modem but.

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. let's check let's check BOOM.. there are two 1 and 3 are the same We did it if number 1 connected but cannot be accessed cannot be accessed We must eemm.. Choose number 3 so forced Choose number 3 connect like this Ok let's Check if it happens like this this is a disturbance from the Modem from network, so let's connect Meet you like this too, you definitely won't be suspicious ask for a password again So, Ya.. let's input again Ok, wait Nah we got The password we got the password eemm.. you can check in here in HandShake folder in Portal Ok, in Portal and than in NetLog Nah.. Found As you saw Fluxion 5.9 SSID we attacked this is the password Ok So, what do you think? does this really work? emm.., more careful if you found like that Ok Thanks for Watching This Video hopefully it can be useful for you eemm..

use everything in this video for good Have a good study and Happy Hacking! Bye…