/Hack / Bot Tap Titans – E qual quer jogo de Tap ( And any Tap game ) / English Sub

Hack / Bot Tap Titans – E qual quer jogo de Tap ( And any Tap game ) / English Sub

Video: Hack / Bot Tap Titans – E qual quer jogo de Tap ( And any Tap game ) / English Sub


Hello guys, are you ok ? Here who talking with you is Conrado of conradosgame Channel Now, how to make a Hack… or better, a Bot for Tap Titans Android Game. You can use this both Tap Titans… and another Screen Tapping game. Those games you need to tap very fast on the screen, all of them. Isn't exactly an Hack is as a Bot. You'll to need of this program. Start BlueStacks You'll to need of this too. GS Auto Clicker. Download at description =D Let's go \O/ Firstly we need to install. The Start BlueStacks takes time to install and update. It's a Android Simulator.

Go to " Search " Type the game name. Tap Titans or anyother game =) I already have it, so it's started. But, that Search you'll enter "Tap Titans" and download it like a Android Device. The Start BlueStacks is a Android App Simulator. Maybe you'll say: "OMG will I need begins my campaing at zero ? " No exactly, you can pick up your save of your Device From computer to device, device from computer with a very simple method. Here you can see, I've the simulator like a device. Both left click or scroll mouse you can Attack… Now, you'll position as you prefer. Open the Auto Clicker. Go to Options… You configure as mine. You configure as mine. I'm saying a lot of bullshit zzz When you press F8, the magic happens XD The autoclicker will click the more fast possible. Press F8 again to stop it. The tip is: Two things… First: if you're playing offline Let the cursor near of the coins.

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And press F8. Because if you kill a monster, the coins will jump on cursor. You'll get it all automaticaly. Two: the " little angel " passes over here. All the times, you'll catch the bonus. If you're playing online, will appear the announcements. Put your cursor nearby over here. And leave it. Because if appear the announcements, it click "no" automatic. if you click " Yes " it will made a problem at the bot. You can let the Stats open, and leave Attacking. Later you can do this: Is very simple XD "Now I want get the save of my device. " Do this with the Tap Titans. I'm playing at my computer for example Go to Settings Have a "Cloud " option Save Cloud, you'll save his campaign current. Click here, and OK If you're saving the fist time, you'll need do Login at Google Play.

The save is through the Google's cloud. Fine! The campaign has been saved \o/ Ok. Now as you can see, I'm using my mobile I'll start the Tap Titans… Where is it >:( Here… You can observe… My campaign is so… …so much worse that the other one … or no.- . I don't know so many times I did the reset over here. To get the save from computer, that is same like here. I will do the same thing at mobile… Settings… Cloud… And at this time I'll do Cloud Load. I'll do the Download of my computer the campaign saved. The save is at Google's Cloud It shows me what I'll receive and lose. The game is will been restarted. In the truth, you need start again =P This is it. As can you see… The fucking camera won't focus.

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.. But, the game have the same much gold and is exactly equals my computer campaign =) The BlueStacks emulates all types of Android App. So, if the game uses the same method of " tap tap tap "… You can uses the AutoClicker too =D Works like that. You can to use with all games. I hope I've helped you… if yes, please, give me his Like and PLEASE: Let your comment here. I'm learning English yet, and I need your help too ^_~ Thanks \o/.