/Google+ Hangouts Best Practices – how to run a Google Plus Hangout Video Call

Google+ Hangouts Best Practices – how to run a Google Plus Hangout Video Call

Video: Google+ Hangouts Best Practices – how to run a Google Plus Hangout Video Call


Good morning everyone this is Yifat, your G+ GoTo Gal And today we are talking with Tom Rolfson and about Hangouts' best practices Tom has been using the internet since the beginning of time he's one of the first one hundred people who were making money online and he has been doing hangout since they came about. Right? So Tom, how about you introduce yourself a little bit and tell us your experience with hangouts and then we can talk about Hangout practices Thanks Yifat, thanks for having me. I hope I can give you and everybody else some helpful tips.

uh… yeah my background is so i started uh… a commercial bulletin board system in 1991 helped co-found world's first global chat and gaming network and in 1992 two was uh… named in World Watch Magazine as one of the first hundred people in the world to make a living online so i guess it's an old man in the business and have seen all of it and have seen all from the beginning of time and uh… when google plus launched last year uh… as i was trying all the different features one of the first things that caught my eye was hangouts and… when I realized how easy it was to use that the built it with just a simple ball load of plugins, and how intuitive it was for people to use I said this is something … this is perhaps the most powerful component of Google+ uh…

allowing people to communicate in the most natural form face-to-face uh… brings a level of authenticity you don't know whether..even when you're text chatting, you don't know.. you really don't know uh… who it is, where they are, anything like that would be given face-to-face uh… making eye contact with people it develops uh… authenticity and integrity and uh… yes intimacy is probably the key word for that And so now we use it for so now we use it for personal applications now really valuable, families connecting and the people connecting with friends all over, but now businesses are learning how to use it can learning to reach out to their customers in in lots of ways. That's what you got here. Yes. So I'm going to ask everyone here to mute your mics except for Tom so we can get the best audio and um…

Tom let's dive in. What is um.. let's go into the technical side of things let's talk about equipment background, lights, microphone. What do you suggest people used to get the best video,light and audio quality uh… thanks, that's a really good place to start and uh… you know what uh… what was that was december first of all species making making sure that you're on a PC with enough processing power and memory capabilities if you have an older pc you're using the um… one the best practices is part of what we're doing here is to look at best practices, one of the best practices is to shut down all except absolute necessity tasks on your uh… browser you know the google talk plugin and uh… keep feasible and on the system as light as possible uh..

. from there we get into the camera uh… typically camera that's built into a laptop or a monitor that might have one is um… adequate to uh… um… broadcasts but if you want to step it up a bit um… the most common, the most common used and recommended from experience of many of us who tested a lot of cameras are the Logitech C910 or the newer model the C920 uh… almost identical specs, the 920 has a little better capability for providers applications and mounting but for uh uh… the average use of a Hangout um… the uh… the c910 is sufficient from mathematics so that's most important thing is you are hereby purple uh… if you're using michael objects in ninety one twenty it's fabric you want the bomb assistant built into it that sexual abuse a break now phone and you can get into a usb microphone called a snowball a hundred or above all models that uh… we want to go there's been a lot eight hours i'm really concerned about the golan too lightly qal corker gave mike estudio quality or or broadcasting you're looking to do something like that uh.

.. from everlasting is always late young and late in the same principles applied that you would use my family studio or uh… josueaguirre video studio setup you want to go home a little bit about calling him a little bit a slight lead and one eighth a keylogger org uh… i hang up and see pictures with you i have a very simple setup here this creature working resembles it well urge susan estrich hearing defeating archives so we're seeing right there is a simple syrup one slash thirty nine hundred-mile and the latest just by political scene martin sass itemname and it's a two hundred ballots on and that is a variable town variable bridge estonia delights they can run on batteries were forty-five minutes without power but if you get the international birding mcdonnell forces for some strange to reconsider army digi international version economic continuously on this is all uh… and so that's led by martin marietta low cost one hundred fifty dollars to cancer or waiting for uh.

.. and then i guess the other day of the best practice when it comes to the equipment is um… negotiators subpart it looks like you would encounter on a stage a professional audio system you want your micro accidents happen but the speaker's want us to be back in there goebbels built-in simpson bring actually translation capability here buddy hackett and separation demographics peoples we have some allergist just much much more afs here but i have here into canada so i tell you the same jammer and then i have uh… switchboard that connected to uh… microphone here because i found that commit cap microphone is not working that well i get a lot of waco and probably the reason why he because my room eve empty and so why are the main uh.

.. invitation intention to write used noise cancellation and there are cheap ways of doing that right on uh… you know you can well uh… we have a speedo basics of fabrics on hand uh… some sort of materials in here studio if you really want to get into uh… knowing that it is really going to but you're going to go into all big book review scoundrel or something and i'm sure operators searching on book and give some really castle mixers and stuff but uh… unilateral are supposed to get working unless if you put on your walls arsenal uh… if you're around program curtains that uh… you guessed it looks uh… bookshelf how he befriended sharon's i will also we'd use making code that you get it's very important to get making best audio right he's ignoring plan to get better audio more then videotron i would say yes to hope for for most of the most part and we're still dealing with a limit of o you know that the kodak and and capability appointments hangout you do when we start getting into to broadcasting music if you could you not much for business and concerts or or usage uh.

.. they're continually working on it and increment capabilities uh… and when it was the committee has a or whether it's on uh… dario over coffee our boris organizations that the sits up my mind banjo wilson's uh… playing basketball and i think they have been staying with my experience on alle concert tour another good reason to have the best are the only because it may have been waiting too long and i can talk about that later on you can use the audio has a podcast and have allow people to download and complete any candidate on the roads that are not tied in a computer and watching a break and i just because you can all along the next thing that i set up now to talk about each probably references and you are down and hang out a lot of people are getting lean ok sam sorry you were talking about all your queries you might i don't know where the nun's dynpro well i'll tell you that still open up to our question where that came questions on the stream from year to and from the chat here in about twenty minutes we decided you all the information uh.

.. right away so you can use that and then again open after discussion so another option another uh… issue either when people are doing handouts they did a lot of references aguilar alvin places to go and they point people to it if the or rather too long that may be an issue human dot about dot com uh… well you know there's there's a couple options you can in unusual referred as as the fund i hope that the graphic personal as well the graphic enron dinner uh… right now there's an ad in module uh… designed by about mark's thoughts or the um… capability on a rating that will work for graphics up uh… and bird for those who don't know lower for just represents tax at the bottom of the screen it doesn't necessarily mean taking one hopeful part of your of your screen display uh..

. what's the significance papua plan and so using back to you can put you are a lot for your website at found in this case that has put you know and local dot com in there uh… that leads to my new group of a scope out right now if you want innocent people are getting certain ritual watches worked around the best way to do it and then after your video return with the chinese video streaming on posting links to the strands as there are present comments uh… and outburst afterwards you can even do know that you can bet you know uh… video separates but record industry that so what i'm talking about is uh… action you have to be very and will be passed right you have to com what's this trains coming up ubiquitin his training all day shared that are happening right of your poster your hand out you have to watch the comments that are i'm hopping on the side in the chat and out also that in center what's happening in the hangout and so one way of doing the thieves using lower nojeda lower third where you can actually on the clientele maybe one show that you can't change the texts on your third say terrible uh.

.. referencing for something you can just change at all fine people can yeah barium worship kind of just showing location what's another great thing to do above one hundred and newscaster broadcast biblical once again so that we have to be a graphic designer you can't have any tonight i have whitman will have a com or you can just use hiking up there were thirty like tom does in a lot of people here are doing two points to any information that you want during the hangout uh… another way another extension to track all the comments and managing at least comment trucker and that will allow you to get all their comment that are happening on all of your post everywhere into your hang out so you can uh… commented them or reference them or answer any questions are coming up and the other extensions that we can add to the handouts to make them better tom uh.

.. well there there were other capabilities that are being developed here is um… but you want to hear theory is ariel extension that allows me a little bit more moderation for control of the mob but i can't find it more uh… went sf it's called pro studio allows you a little more for the moderation perhaps on her devoted to black out people who are catching the people and when on it and then there's been a number one built in uh… manasu would or the forecast purposeful theorem conference it's called the volume control module and allows you to turn harper turned down of a percent in some other we hangout where your own global sampling so that's important because like we said we want to do the best audio and some people have back when i was in that might interfere so we talked about the pain of the tools and cash benefit of the background the audios um.

.. the extension setting everything up knowing what you're going to talk about what your hell you want to put into high gear extension and i think it's public testing very important stuff do you know if you're going particularly figuring elem remote broadcast or you know any law yankee whether it be a dismal searching on celebrity or something like that you wanna make sure you're able to present you know your your star guest speaker and the best possible way eve and had no pun intended with the lord like that you actually do want to make sure that we buy things we talked about uh… but making sure their their internet connections is adequate arm you almost always want to be wired into your head connection you know as opposed to going wireless um.

.. exceptions are course one occasions on which if you are also doing something about um… and likewise of each other and over a wireless network uh… didn't break performance what your guests hiring directly to your phone or on your hot spot advice if you can't a home i had to preclude me from abuse and uh… verizon orgy heidi brick pharmacies in using metal ops so you want to ask you know first your own connection but one that is is going to be hosting them out uh… ultimately needs to have it wouldn't the connection because that's the one that's been changing it to you uh… and then making sure all of your participants in the about if you don't know or if you know there are experiencing time-outs prior to it uh..

. making sure interest each month uh… prior to going like this is a daddy yes and we have we seen enough fuel failures uh… you know even the big stars have internet connection issues don't feel bad if that happens to you you know if any of these anything happened during the vatican just apologize you now wait for depression to come back filling the gaps with other communication you can open it up and have a discussion it's not uh… one-way broadcasting tv that everything would be perfect more informal interaction you know cup on nor a body it wants and um… i think that they have to set up everything about the way you want the next thing would be to promote your hand out collected about two ways of doing these our weekend from late for business and the camper my date for personal rises so how would you do that for business what good advice would you give these answers to promote their hangouts weldon him depending on how we use for guests you know if it's something you want to know him uh.

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.. using a fom online than planned with you know band of something like that when i am uh… you might want to do something on your website you know is something that you are at your place of business if you're using a brown one business and uh… looking to generate traffic problem your mailing list or or followers on hoopla simply doing that but i don't want houseman joining you know how we can ants on a long couple days in advance man some from the date that you were here is he going to do it uh… there are several good uh… groupsharp rampage is being built on google what's right now uh… they've done a lot people development and promote their wants his proposed agreement scoops there's also um… a website that okay i'm sorry before tax we need to remember that we are an international relief right now for the people that are watching you hang out might not be the painting the same time zone that you're promoting the idea c_p_ say hey i'm gonna hang out at eleven a_m_ need also specifying what time zone you are and you need to remember you know we have europe we have a spell young have africa further in the website and i'll show that on the screen that allows you to uh..

. scheduling out at the time at your local time and then it will show that time or across the world that people can see exactly where they had that is happening and they can also added to their calendar and i'm answering hopefully in the future you'll be able to aguilar handouts to yorktown there i got from google plus now that happened few uh… i'm there is a rather the website and i said i figured that fancier you can find it on my stream during during the times on spending money uh… remembering that were in international millions and that everybody counselor different culture and we should respect their uh… memory dump growth on it now where we can have a right very good hang out that are not disturbing or nobody gets offended or was there something wrong and fell you like times that you can promote your hangout uh…

on your mind on your screen your mailing list by you can add a link on your website directly concern about he joined in now and should we talk about how people run their handouts usually do they have like a panel of people and only led that panel afghani or do the let people come in and out within rotate them at the mandalay doing a united doing what what are good ways to do that uh… wall that's that's not a question of when he would have probably do-able showed us talking about the different options and practices for that uh… the most commonly used to do much like we're doing better you don't want to make these three different uh… uh… panelists uh… are able to share some information whether it be about their specific industry very soon nanotechnology ornaments um.

.. doing up a little presentation um… buchanan young incorporate the use of uh… our pictures on them if you own a copyrighted musical materials you completely share uh… magazine to put that out there as a side note while we're out of this is when doing hangouts underneath the your very terrible very disciplined about use and copyright material what would be directly in your book malls or even in the background music playing in the background even video in the back row you know you you could theoretically by a little copyright law closet there's a t_v_ set with uh… a disney movie going in the background tackle football game in broadcasting a significant conscious of those things that might also pouring need to be deos that you're aiming to hang out well at present you catch straining to get you back our through the ohio function don't know any name migrant worker go i can't speak for them i don't know if that's not been corporate greed personally i would say that because as an educational tool allegedly by training videos will be able to show those eg share of the class the poor i am actually added that when i was intending to use in our city the vice president and will be seen in nineteen ninety-two b_d_l_ about one of their uh.

.. and for the need for the muppets movie and uh… so do you think happened one we were able to stay late by sharing my screen mitsui wasn't able to monetize it so if you are later on thinking of migrating your hangout videos if you have any contending he and i think he did not create you won't be able to monetize that that includes job maybe u_-two images anything else and i think might be wrong but i think you may know what in your hand out and so they're catching that stuff so give any money to everyone in modern times uh… unite you have here nursing graduate for most of them promote people like you to know starting relentlessly animals on-duty likewise might bring a group of five or six alone is not an easy time people are all uh..

. knowledgeable and proficient wrapped up in material uh… you know one thing you were to be seen quite a bit more of my premier feature of being an election year and united states is probably political home or work for a plateful insight possibly even organized it's on so there are a lot oxygen and do you know do you have moderator william and alice if you are yeah its debts it makes things for much easier if you can have a person who has strong experienced and uh… what what anybody who's watching since it's not much experiencing hangouts along with the video that you're seeing here there's a trap box on the side of the people inside the used community long and i was going and what he would do with the moderator ins that person can use that girl might be able to meet their minds hunter and they can use that ask somebody's got questions i'm kind of the equivalent of somebody saying bill maher aspects questions we thank you moderator can kit them up and say you know okay you thought your tax updates on blacks on uh..

. that's a good thing and then give people a etzel carson opn likewise with uh… you know if you open antivir public you you always have the beyond possibility somebody with with technical difficulties are causing trouble coming in and i'm glad moderator can usually be quicker on the trailer to allow bought that person and that's not sound uh… as opposed to looking hosted speaker ok mob from experience how many people hope and hangers on year to the public uh… i'm says some are not in me and then this is interest regulation are missing some aren't on your point which i think um… we've seen it happen with some of the the very big-name celebrities going on instead of a tremor and and and alternatively you know that process if you're not helping to public is properly done in the people that you're going to happen and uh… when that's fine you can give us a message to the stream on the subway series has compiled by it conan o'brien people that really excellent job of putting together his is first time around their they'd ask for people to pose questions and string the selected for five people they headed in the hang out in advance arsenal sections on each of those people were personal account and i'm not comment at this particular album occupy muncie aba amar camera separatist asking his own in his office and uh.

.. so that that because she was able to too www go through a trip to the people that don't on bringing common and got them through asking each when i asked him questions it worked very well google has not lost on handouts kathy go to the house at right now aren't there sure no one else as a beetroot as it is good flexible and that it doesn't matter how do you find hangouts if you're new here and this is the first time you probably watching these or want to participate in a handout and you know that we can people can be in the panel and when that's full uh… you can trying to are jumping to hang out again d people dropping and that happens we found sorry inka uh… the has one o'clock am i had that occupant on a little bit about indicating that he done here problem yesterday said i guess you know the uh… receive the same practices you might use that that applying public if you walk into a conversation and uh..

. cafe where you know so i will find friends remind noble people whose total strangers uh… you know approach than ever to hang out in hand uh… be quiet until you are later uh… creative or there's a part of the exam the essay on and introduce yourself uh… that's you know that the same way works in my head it's it's new roger hangout degree people you know are we're going on here or pizza settling children here that he can sign drugs appropriately you know that people show up and and environment chocolates without a shirt uh… you know culturally it might be acceptable at this casual thing wherever they are but it's a business plan more or being scream around the world in some cultures that's not an acceptable way to be seen in public uh… some of you know trust ross appropriate for the uh..

. whether topic or or the other optic cuomo up whatever they've got to see if it's uh… it's a stream business conference and check entire are the norm frederick internet here at work many of us are in the home office is your soonest uh… cannibal tours is quite so and what do you think about san uh… interrupting or you know you have an idea you have a question and you just jumping in like a that might proceed or you give your opinion while other people are talking song it depends on the elmo wholesome a topic you know and in some instances that might be acceptable uh… as as the outward working break here people in st at six whether the people in the same worker and a pretty active conversation in the picture and coming up with suggestions and questions outgrow so that's a very well you know that the person at issue here and i think that is is the postal questionnaire uh..

. knit something really critical ratio uh… major technical problem hai you know maybe a roast loses their connection or august interruption needs to go away for a little bit you jump and i felt that uh… doctor spitz and we just had a great example of that sardar so if you like to do and now we have done something to hang up personal uses no hangouts bethany wannamaker e having game night trivia night on handouts and resentful and i haven't participated in one even though i really wanted to do that have you found i'm sorry once your order is possible so i think there uni participate in any of stephanie nineteen ninety nine i have my eyes watch song in hebrew breakthrough fine we've seen people who treat you notice that it will be a grand isn't this cute little search keeler wrote ecological dictionary jurors people many people these days is is draw something if you've been up later on in the uh…

uh… in many many more personal plans you can do with the authors of this picture without texas holdem poker that many people can boy uh… but there are other adams use for proposed steps as well argued in buchanan share a google docs between between all the participants in the hanger extremely powerful tool collaboration with we've got people literally um… buildings here business is an opportunity to businesses through the urge um… orderly radio overturn assurant happy with with the people that are talking about uh… there's an ad in poultry cool and that allows you to do uh… semantics float sharing on the music produ n uh… diagrams wearing that microchip functions interior design and i was like a policeman uh… with is that personal reborn provide video shoots uh… so it's it's really really powerful so you have a great points uh…

a lot of mom a lot of people think the handouts notes on hair archive presenting you know an idea of having died of t_v_ show broadcast uh… show but you can use it for internal use is that will save you on meeting times in troubled times and you can work internationally with people all over the world to basically handout in google doc created a tiny village that allows you to work with anyone anywhere and so that's one thing that people might not know about hang outs you know we only think that it's like a black athletes my way to have my own t_v_ channel ones are there other uses for that person are uh… you know you can use it i think i've kept happy and ken and i think she is equal weighting to show up higher imposed on the waiting together a family that was unable to attend i'm you can use it like tom was painful collaborations for work for recording uh..

. and of course for what we're doing right now presenting ideas and for personal use does gain the main beef in the best way to connect with and make new friends and the local you know that you know now you have something in common in the o_j_ sharing great time online to soften uh… so we talked about etiquette we talked about how to find hangouts we talked about how to interact on the freight industry means it's at we got the bottom line in your hangouts what technical out tools you need to have the best hangouts make sure that you tested what i am handout ideas that you see now they're they're catching up ornament is to use well cong your first and foremost one of the ways i'm upset so it is is is meant for classes you know we we've already had people into your kitchen uh..

. cooking muscles yoga lunch sounds good our lessons piano blossoms language lessons uh… acquired over the map in the senate but i've heard a date and let me know point uh… alert knitting or crochet prevented a hearing and teach each other out in two different stages things like that uh… for businesses you know i believe we're going to see a great use of this one businesses are introducing new products one of the best examples today it was bob dole when they were verbally smothered alienware computers they uh… an engineer uh… with through the computer actually you know and that's been marked the lamp shine the computer there they have longer social media managers m_t_v_ survey nos producer a moderator and when i also don't want their bomb corporate level sales people little was able to answer more marketing question chancellor mentioning architect so that was a great example of big companies huge elsewhere a complex park and then being able to talk to the public it was kind of can answer questions and we'll get through it and continued watching something just options that's awesome uh.

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.. there are some questions came so we had a half-hour marker to open it up and will take some questions on the street mystery in one of them was can you promised me that you are alll before you start to hang out and you can tell competing in is an easy way to downtown armed tended to be designer hello of turks proficiency uh… what happens when you sort of thing going on here you are thirty-first give them a bargain baker is shown was referred to as the embed code and and that is in effect going to allow people to put a link to create bikram on their website that if anybody has a i would bet it's that simple lookup on how to use you keep entitled i would say you can't take that going to put on your website uh… assumes it's published each channel right now comes up with the new you are learning that one has to be done for a champion she did uh..

. another way that you can do it is too actually it gives you a little more complicated omg using a sub domain if you thought conduct thomas was your name you could perhaps creosote demand like tightly alcoa dot com and mathematical to your website and i am cavite broadway you pick up you can bet you are open marco's lies it's a it's a little it's a little complicated but the the best way to do is actually the setup your web site to watch for the announcement of a lifetime out between something that is their questions about senator can help a little bit more after round on the thread above the bepress video uh… that doesn't burn that's agreed on that debating actually i think that when the will make baby i a lot easier to embed then businesses looking really benefit fumbling handouts because all the topic will go to the website where they can also point in our services are products of the comments payroll deduction lining on the website given double the blessed like a great place to meet people interact with any polly wanna channel that traffic to your website or sales and so hopefully add a b_ i_ n_ people who will be gone uh.

.. more developed factor and i'm not a good idea in the same for hangout is generally them classes collaborative meeting they did in discussions they are at uh… positive and negative aspects for that by some political discussions and google pa infill they'd better be linked somebody to definitely think you can do that and any other question that you can opening night and feel free to do that equality and acute are chilling out somebody posted on how much right now she was the terrorism which new not recorded you to politely and what happens is youtube automatically records you hang out here and etc regarding has completed a grocer process with rupert was rendered the print media to be strange for you to viewers to watch and a man skip you can go in our video bulan and market videos quieted right after that and i was over and i'll keep that video from being able to bt duty if they sold watch judge provide so we don't want you know that's very important point and we were able to do that at the beginning and it would require a just when you started to hangout which was great for creating classes like credit classes and uh.

.. recording i_d_'s and meetings and ideas so hopefully we will bring you back i like it uh… but until then you now you can uh… i don't know maybe you should have acquired a paints bet your invites you know it's hurting people to the public and now the doesn't get a lot of use if you want to do something whether they recorded and you do or maybe you know you can use nears completion recorded screen can be like a public like a private hangout not on the air if you want to do now you have any of them uh… it as far as actually sharing the the though the stream you know i guess that it goes back to asking all the participants here not too sure about what's going on her own strength campus life because what will happen is busy now if they are and i think you have people see that ah… remark either watched and uh… or or share as well uh..

. spread the word other person and bam and what a cutie often eight questions from the stream banks feel free to open your mind and jumping any other suggestions comment anything that we can improving hangouts headphones headphones are a great way to get rid of the accurate than the an echo that happens from time to time and somebody walking or hang out um… because they have speakers and they have a microphone that's typically on the laptop and they're so close to one another debates or that microphone records under people sounds and the create service feedback loop anything so having headphones goes along with it more peaceful sounding haircuts access three point gap online i i normally have shoot railways to records were found to be doing um… you know about what the guest somewhere on parables douglas literature here with me if we have two people stand on camera you can still use that sense in the camps in the white but still hope to uh…

people have pointed to a lesser slots at some point micelle then shared an experiment weeds and you had said that he received continents goldblum and that was one of our extended dollars now but if you want to create professional hangouts uh… might be worth it gets closer to the moon eat and have a nice counseling have feature and he was in a starbucks and you could not hear the noise in the summer film so that might be something that you want to look into if you have to do very professional bucks any other suggestions allowed one question how do you use can you sell tickets to your handouts yeah map that president monitoring of tree to too um… now in theory you could sort of tickets to be part of the participants commander knock it out wolfgang puck in here doing a cooking class uh..

. a number of people still might be a being on the paper key states and the majestic mentoring to hire people can't fuck kitchen that while i was so streamline it operator everybody if you want to do it took me if you want to strengthen hang out uh… for profit and sold tickets on here and i can use handouts on a really you get it using something like that claudia stanton live stream test done people but you know accountant sir and another lady could do that you can use the yield on the air antonyms and you know talking like a wedding on and talking about your future classes and then tell the kids to that point them to your website wire uh… you know have army link on the bottom on the learning about telling people that if you want more information again going to back i think that you can also create can be hang out and then remove the video and sell tickets to that you know if you want to know and how that would work aepickens right how could fill it out telling so p inviting beginning at in india and like data for more information you have a good man denied actually commonly used it without you know this interests are works and target look wherever yesterday is there and we didn't have our order order of really interested or know with or not david knew that you can also if you on uh.

.. enough already lightning nobody ever get a chance to talk to you you can you they hang out at the way for you to connect with the audience you know if you have a mailing list of mononokai kind of people and you know you're too busy to ever talk to anyone this will be a great way for them to know you ask a question so you can use that as a way to connect better with your followers or you can sell tickets when i got quite a handout you know death ten of your best followers or if you might like that you can get to hang out with me paprika and there are questions of the screen uh… john concern i have a pronouncing it right left in comp if you look directly at the camera or you have it fits like that that it looks as if you look at the state right through it adjusting to an industry where the yeah i i i'm looking and making a conscious effort to operate at the caroline power talking with us um… i do know though that picture that shows the tripod i had you had in fact i can get a little daughters show you all close it is just there in the top of my of my laptop so iva the amount of the couch just at the top of laptop to give me the most metroliner cited by looking back to the text of the screen to try to make the most obvious along that never ends up another two point two one of the things that we are also working on a bureaucratic without free are videos that will teach people on best on-camera practices and we even uh.

.. a dog professional made the virus is going to be turkish or video jejej old man and woman ought to uh… are investors make and coral or insult him up those big okay that's really important for the new c_n_n_ twenty cameras at the time a_t_t_ they're not really kind of particularly s those guys jen area so and i and everybody was as beautiful as if i in on a monopoly okay yes or no precisely when we had not noticed buckling under new knows anything on makeup you know actors do that before you do you know and has a natural features of the dying excluding uh… another president anyone has used me to fix it and i'm thinking might as well my one and two anyone use neutered business unit of the people you somewhere years of my spirit logic uh… i've been looking at is the most because i've been strands correction pls every car shows obviously uh… to get very well with some of us some of the art world at large engines and stuff like that running around it um.

.. it debated here work really well again mind are stand-up is reported that they get five to six hours uh… talk time all on single charge uh… that would be great brackets remains missus there is ample time no talk about what you're doing with hands because this and i think the key to the next level where you actually wiring an entire club in order to showcase uh… musicman right yeah universal fom which we don't one local fucker just outside the home literally in the process of the remodel and bring them into a state of the art sunlight system and we're also building down my comp multiple camera so that we could it's which insists on should you have signed concerts hombre from an unattended with cameras markets on strategic buildings a great places who will be a large uh… tv display breyer on the stage after the sides of the entire time band is playing a bit more corporate c what's fandango and i thank you bonnie interact with people and young somewhere the mixers or control built around the other bionic commando to talk to them so i a different kind of impact than we have a discussion about this a while back would you what's contents from your home if you can't with any dissent experience we get them no but there are some pluses from laurel watching at home you know you have to worry about stepping on garvey juror getting somebody else's drinks build a new or party parking area and loving going home retired correctly now uh.

.. you know i mean alaska on queen western europe in two thousand and sex with a decade hundred million dollars a ticket uh… the fifth in the first but i think you know it rose or something like that uh… which was a great experience but still for two people without three rm fifty bucks arriving in the back upon hearing that the touchstone touched on earlier who is working to improve some quality it'd be great if we had decided that he wants to really a computer uh… one of the constraints of course is every time google cranks up the band with capability uh… of the audio and video through here effect ste millions of people's that was consumption so backed up judicious and honest and with a isn't and half a home they'd made including audio codec o or for those who don't know what that is that's what is your audio buses that individual wire material um..

. transfers adjournment of course is that the other jamaican increase the capability of the preconceived tremendously uh… but one of the ways that the concerts in tribute concerts through panels it's it's perhaps not always so much about the sound quality about but the light interaction with the band with ben being able to see you know they're they're audience um… one example of how we use that uh… in december from uh… the international there's a ex post conference in vegas hospitality suite with recorded with the vegas trip as the backdrop endgame assistance uh… advance rental later and we're streaming out your hand out and booking agents repairs and personal goals were able to watch the band and if they want to join without bid to interact with the perhaps they can listen to the audio democrat persecutors some public or a suburban and you get an idea public which sound can be but to see how they perform on stage how they work with the audience on that's that's almost equivalent or so was it was reliable i think this is right uh.

.. you know i have a look at the end of the things usually thinking other then change the world you can interact with people from all over the world with me now no barriers are no fear of them hurting you are doing something or you know all the privacy here is that we have so a lot of people here are free to join public and outdoor open public and and i would actually encouraging because you never know we'd enemy and that's a good thing if you meet someone that you don't like the blood and i'm terrible then you know it's not you've got to be in your face all the time that you might run into a meeting people and debates relationships you know starting handouts are mixed tom and i hang out i think where r u shaved his head and you are in the middle of streaming uh… car show amitai healing at its he was doing in my calendar and wealthy or that beautiful i mean they relationship that you can create to hang out with people that you never know what you have in common with india you know it i wonder explained that thank you and the ten doubles up and hang out and that he had in my opinion uh…

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tony robbins first hangouts was kind of like a t_v_ show where the body king of people that wintry scores to give their testimony on staging interacted did not ask any questions you would see was just a quick in one of these need to be does regulates that when the other hand was just lounging in newport street and your dad liked hanging out with regular and asking questions about the crap n swinging everything else though when you do that remember you've got a very happy and they're very fun even though you're presenting something you don't have to be a one-way show alarmingly communications and i think maybe opening you have been having other people and i'm encouraging people here in hangout to speak up and tell me what you think if you agree that you can hurt me that uh.

.. opening it up like that will added to your hangout they're not you know reduce it to you a t_v_ hundreds reacting impact on the fair labor silicon valley and i i i agree with you completely first of all i item hundred-percent sure that that hangouts are changing the world on any you know opening up but you know resources that i'd never had before uh… but i would in my opinion i think for people a little bit shy dot hangouts it's good to start with unknown known critical somebody who's sponsoring an ek hangout like yourself work and then you know meet their friends and he just goes on and on and pretty soon it's all good night let's turn dave barry chair and and so when you wanna start your first thing that you got to hang out at on your profile you can see how many people are hanging out any if you just listed on banging on the side in lots and see what's happening durenberger has eighty six people they'll have something to talk about because i think if you like it if you have something to add to it leave and go to another hang up well nothing personal nobody's going to look at it match willie it's been my experience that uh.

.. some of the more experienced people that are running hangouts errant will you know welcome new people ask about than and get them a little bit started just like any conversation uh… you know there's opening questions that i didn't find out their interests and uh… if you decide to circle them after that then you know a little bit about the minority workplace and in your circles so um… when who do you miss on the spot no link you are and at that that they'd opposite of what i'm saying i think that i'll bring it up to the public and i think only building up in about it well anything done opening up okay larry at uh… uh… i hope you get to the public in my invitations but not quite a nap time you know it you get unsavory experiences yeah you have a bad experience do you know contractor that way instead of paying at least contract had wit it bans wasn't thinking you know uh… so we had about forty people coming in and out and nearly all of them were uh.

.. we urge people with that and one guy expose himself and everything self-harm call they're gonna do that again occur let go i tell people are limitations to uh… make sure that baywatch yet it's my circle for that topic bnl and support group feature they added that they let me know on their but they might be and i am alone circle so that i can buy upon can you also topic specific like you are looking specifically for network marketing so anyone else that is nominated market area not me in your target market and you don't want to hang out uh… for people enjoyed anyway prints and they had a really it got a lot of it because it's like a brainstorming last month worker for businesses but my target yet specifically for network for games so we'd be safe to say that if you don't have a target marketing you are mind and i want to do when you talk to the public i'd imagined they would get it out get networks like i did of people that was just it was just and pat total so crazy circus couldn't talk he couldn't do anything people you know batting an unhappy background noise and it was horrible well on fashion i don't canada suspects just just to repeat what she does in terms of the invites to so hang out as controls it by makin free announcement invitation always open to the public and i have a little paragraph in there that says if you'd like this is by invitation only so if you'd like an invitation to write let me know you one of the in my ml encircle so i can send you an invitation at the time to hang out does that make sense yes it essentially so you get the you get it quite a large speak uh.

.. group of people to to steer so you get that you know that the spread of uh… michael's uninvited and then you can catalog selects its you'd like to join but uh… exactly thanks uh… so this is an interesting experience i never had any experience before so many exhibit there myself plenty so and um… but but you can actually a way that you were talking about how to monetize your handouts and you know this is basically you're building a list of people who are interested in what you're doing and wanna get notifications from you about that and i think your hunting and then we're having the prefect cells of louis flight here who are that in the chest okie monetize you hang out so he said the first one is invite and only got any they hang out and buy them to get uh… exclusive content in your mailing it to join you melanie and then after you know i need to make an offer to take at least that will wait to get people on emailing me and interested in what you're doing yes no any comment on chomping at the time to see you were talking belgrade academic express yourself not like ac their i mean anything like that china uh.

.. my artists again perhaps and encontrar tear uh… artist in the plus ending great family back by having an alabama government regardless and then getting exposed parents i think in sticker are still and one of my thoughts in trying to help bubble up out of the bawled my fate is on them building is to help elias monetize the like either application such as uh… hangouts i get a struggle of active brian everyone wants to uh… and i wanted to play like mom wants to pay for a new thickness battling downloading folk opulent i popular outside interference uh… and then topic too fast and sponsored pair managers who want to rappers out of again now maybe advertising but somehow down but the most recognized and half hangout arab lord byron i like having fun fairs i guess perhaps r_v_ run we we just saw the movie the first of all alone on a large scale last week when gary must get a concert bangalore jump in your city with verizon wireless has the sponsor i don't know for a glimpse of the keywords content but they were says the official sponsor a concert and on behalf of always want to believe that uh.

.. as this continues from mike tyson has his motorcycle is standing up steve intern are unclear when he gets it's start the response from project to get its marathon speaking hangouts for anybody who contributed to the concert budget cuts are going to do the same house and heather richard obsolescence mal goode a simple argues huh at my house to monetization so that that's a great point because they were talking with my calendar for also unfair he on their mentees learn about how to monetize it had a mother and i think that the mindset kind from face book and twitter and other social media so you have to layers here like you have the layer of just personal connections we just lemme people hang out with them make friends share ideas work maybe collaborate with google docs and then there is the next level where you wanna dieting and i think the first of all have to come cars and i don't know if google classes and in my education level just yet narda later i idon't think it is only now that i uh.

.. from the beginning and i've talked to um… lots of people and had blocks a deep discussion about socially and i don't know that you monetize them their network where the market that you're on so much as you monetize yourself using whatever reno you're out uh… whether it's where face book or whatever but i don't know that you monetize the market i think you'd be hopefully you create a brand organically and you have always expenses g plus to monetize yourself whether you're you're selling approx or service or you know whatever but i really think the best way is hangout this just in the people at the and the people from spain france and and you know my orca and e all these different places in israel china korea japan and he really forces you to start getting out there is at a stone in prints of your language game you know recruitment corporate translator integrated multiples known out there on the health of that of that kind of a beautiful language skills right you know and dusting off my chinese avenues for over twenty years from back in my college days in it's horrible i cant enough but uh.

.. but at least in trying it a lot of fun but one thing i would say is if you're gonna spend anytime on hangouts like i spend way too much time in a house that i work from home that i've been here i don't know what hangouts really started but i think i came here like a month after it started i've been here beginning at one of the best thing that i ever did was a couple months and as i purchased a microphone can the usb box that uh… uh… you know that we talked earlier about having a usb mic department directly into the computer it's good for some things but more often than not you get the sort of kenny hollow sound uh… but if you get a usb box which is about eighty to ninety bucks typically yuki spent too much you can spend a hundred and fifty bucks but this microphone here looks a lot more impressive that it was it was actually like fifty dollars at guitar center and it's a condenser mic in the cool thing about it is is that it's uh..

. it's a mike that allows you to its just the patterns oh where it picks up the sound which is great for everybody else in the room right because they don't hear all of the background noises coming from all over the place you know or if you're using your laptop mike you hear all that sort of ambient a harddrive hiss that comes from your computer itself so just as a favorite everybody else if you're going to be on for a long time uh… you know it dispute that you have noticed a trend where people are starting to buy these things and if they if they look what much more impressive though they are and fifty boxes not a big deal from for most people anyway so i would consider investing into the distance that the uh… the experience better for everyone and when i hear people would better might fit it makes it better for me so i think it's cool next year and then manner side of it is like we spoke with the beginning is turning into an empty three later on and on people to download back and that might be in their surveys are monetization and you don't need aka behringer mixer or whatever like if i have a they're not particularly expensive either but they are going to be a local there with a complicated looking shoes that i think that uh.

.. interesting set up there but you really just need uh… what they call in and marks of i recommend you know something like the persona precise usb bsl two by two or i hate this witness is a horrible uh… is bad for a lot of reasons but you can get the focus right dot the scarlet you'd like to usb uh… usb preamp it's usb directly in your computer but the cool thing is that you can adjust you know they gain the volume uh… lawler cool stuff so i recommend getting a mike that's terrifying dictionary so it goes uh… if there are no other questions that we are from this thing up hubert manufacture specified as i've just met most of you state paul bartel just because they had an airport unit or does it mean to me nearly the shoot sequences of those who treated him artifact not governor well yeah i think it too much time ballot that friday night and he is well thank you so much for calling in honor of the people watching whatever happened to print that they've had to put on a good experience is that we have mhm and um..

. need thursday at eleven a_m_ we are talking about the american dream regarding even example of a guy who came here to stay and started to do nothing and became like a very successful in japan or angina there if they're going out mac will be muggy this and if you want to have some online motivation to anything out and i think you need ukbhat and at the end of the questions that would cost more industry on what they had to cancel infection and alter photos of all the sorcerer reading more successful with that thank you tom and yet started the conventional continue felt a bit multilayered thinking that a lot by.