/Google camera in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 without rooting.

Google camera in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 without rooting.

Video: Google camera in Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 without rooting.


hello friends my name is Venkatesh and you are watching VSNTechDude. Today I am going to show you how to install a Google camera in a Asus zenfone max pro m1 without rooting. Even though max pro m1 comes with higher processor and it's a budget phone under 15 K, but the main drawback of this phone is its camera app itself so many people want to try your google camera in Asus zenfone max for m1. So I will show you how to install a Google camera in max pro m1 without rooting. Before going to the video if you are watching my video for the first time please subscribe my channel & press the been like and for the latest update. As per a XDA senior member to enable Google2api on zenfone max pro without root one has to enter fastboot and then enable camera HAL3. Now let's go step by step to enable camera2api on Asus zenfone max pro m1.

First of all you want to download the Google camera app and necessary android driver file from the link in description. First we want to install the Google camera app from the apk file Gcam is not working before enabling the camera HAL3 To enable the camera HAL3 we want to enable the developer option from the settings. In settings go to about phone and tap the build number for seven times. Then developer option will be enabled then click the developer option and enable the USB debugging now connect your phone to the PC when connecting to the PC the phone will ask permission and you want to give that permission. Next step is to enter fastboot mode. To do so switch off your phone first now press and hold the power and volume down buttons together for a few seconds. You should be in the fastboot mode now. Now select the reboot to bootloader option by pressing the volume down for scrolling and power key for selecting Now go to PC and ensure that you have installed the all necessary Android divert files.

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Now run minimal ADB and fastboot file and get the terminal on the PC and run the command fastboot devices in the terminal then it will list out the connected fast-food device ID.Now you can ensure that ADB driver in your PC is working properly. Now to enable hal3 API copy the command which is given the description and paste it into terminal and run it and a status called finish will be shown in the terminal and now the camera hal3 API is successfully enabled in your phone.Now let's check out the google cam in your phone. So turn on your phone and open the Google camera app we can adjust the brightness by scrolling up or scrolling down and now let's check it out in portrait mode and these are the images which is taken in G cam and you can try and compare the G cam and in built camera app and put your comments in the comment box.

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