/Google Apps Migration Workshop (Step 1)

Google Apps Migration Workshop (Step 1)

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Hi welcome to the Google Apps Migration Workshop this is Shawn from Rubis Solutions just want to very quickly go over the steps of the workshop that will be covering off and then introduce the first step so we're going to do is we're going to take a look very quickly at the two main overview they were going to go and see the actual to lapse registration and the configuration of the options are and then after that at at this point on we have migrated anything here he may also will work is is normal of the load used and take of the forest that of migrating you are existing you now institute a lapse environment and then lastly will go over on a review of everything that we've covered and some additional getting started training for to collapse let's take a look at the the main aim if you already have that the man named you want to use up for you the last account that's great %uh no big deal we'll go ahead and work with that's the thing I would like to point out is that the steps that we cover during the migration portion of the workshop will %uh impact all of the users in you are dimming so if you have a co-workers or other users of their associates you are of the main then %uh they will need to go through the migration process as well alternatively if you don't have it existing to maintain and you'd like to or you'd like to test our pilots of with to the last son that's fine too I would recommend that you go and purchase of the main but I recommend you actually have to have the money so %uh he needs a participant in a name and one of the things they would pull I want to point out in terms of using a testament is %uh he might want to just register and dot info them and they cost %uh about about and they're a little bit cheaper then dakar owner or or whatnot and again this can just be like it's a very to mean that they relate to me in something that you wouldn't say I'm the to use going forward that will have some impact though when it comes down to migrating of an e mail and so it he will be dealing with much volume in terms of the mill but he will be able to get a sense of what configuration steps need to take place during the migration so there you have it as a quick overview of the to the last night nation workshop and our first that of the main aim overview is complete think it will talk to said.

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