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lights camera action we back up in this bitch that made her up in this lobby the essence Tony teabags coming to be a killer savage joining up getting this just started right welcome to the channel this is 2 F I C gaming HD we are the home of the most interactive and entertaining gta 5 car meets on YouTube if you're new to the channel please hit that subscribe button and that Bell icon will be notified every time we go live and upload brand new videos shout out to Hades sub-zero shadow gaming man confused it's bad mom got Royale joined up in here who else we've got people if not coming in turning it down maybe when they see us live they'll be joining up we got the lobby right now we got the chat what up what up what up hear me man all right 1 2 3 vs 6 alright we'll start it anybody else want to join oh wait Oh what happened you jumping yeah the first to get an invite monkey nuts we let you have to wait for the next mix match up somebody gotta go over there I put matchmaking even oh wait it's supposed to be two or three depends on how many what up Espinosa this way to booty what up what up what up what up oh no I want a bailout for that one right yeah baby it's bad just to impress my fuckers I like buzz light here today not somebody else knows that might look like Buzz Lightyear up in his bitch get down with the Rena wars enough Espinoza denna fitness I love this mode just trying to dodge don't get hit turret action baby haha oh shit yeah what game Oh was that I forgot bullshit fuck after me yeah this is crazy oh yeah t-back one hit you pretty much done man you got a different Dodge the hell is that blinking over there Oh pop that champagne weird up five g's a bottle oh shit I'm gonna be looking at one I almost got hit by another one oh shit he's on my ass get out the way Oh yo son flip flip flip flip goddamnit oh my god he's gonna get me he's slip slidin away everywhere I'm out I'm out I'm out the fuck out of here get out of here oh man I lost him I lost them right right yeah I don't know who it was brother kills brother huh oh shit I'm not taking that gun tower one hit my fucking thing is destroyed riding over the fire live it dangerous Oh what the fuck oh I almost hit that fucking thing who's shooting a gun these motherfuckers got a gun in the turret oh that's you shooting the gun I no mater what are you doing wake up what you sitting there he's right next to you what no ain't yo there was a motherfucker right there and one of them trucks on the opposite team going back and forth right next to you glitch which a laggy ass trying to get up there oh shit he saw me somebody's coming after me this is gonna follow me now these young motherfuckers is hiding oh my ass right now I'm out of here Oh bobbing and weaving oh shit turn the fire down turn the fire down perfect I lost I lost a baby 18 seconds that's all we got to do holy shit dip it of Dodge it's going high-speed I'd say oh no I'm stuck I'm stuck hurry up time go down go down time Oh baby winners round one I love this shit yo this is fun savage we're out till the savage got one kill the bar dude yeah the first time I played it to I was like what one hit and I'm done but that's how it's designed you just gotta keep bobbin and Weavin Supt everybody inch at least stopping by with another late night stream 9:30 on the east loading screens about to get busy here we go I'm back up in here why am I gonna do the other Waianae Russian motherfuckers oh they got to crush us to win and then we get to do that shit four minutes and oh shit what is that who blew up nobody somebody just hit a mine or something these motherfuckers right hammer chill and I got a good spot I see both of them Oh get away get out of there what the hell house on our team now how the fuck did that happen they switched mater which makes which the majors probably pissed right now like what I was on the other team I guess cuz killer Savin whoever gets a kill they switch the team so they get more optional do shit wait what who is a teabag always attempt to teabag was killed first I've made major probably has some damage I think that's how it goes if I knew which one was Mader I could tease them but keep going around in the certain shit behind me then I'm a dozen gonna have to work out this is hilarious let me stay behind his mother oh no no get out of the way get out of the way get out of the way holy shit holy fucking shit no they almost got me right there oh man get the fuck outta here get outta here get outta gonna be coming for me on my ass man oh man oh man where is he he's right there turn to Bobby we oh shit is a mine right here Oh notice what in front of me oh what the fuck where the bombs coming from just blown up out of nowhere oh fuck is that they keep giving up I'm too fast got t-boned by TV oh shit that was out of nowhere what up Dominic anybody trying to join just try to join us now and wait for the match to end or we'll invite you after this is over what the goon says he's a better drifter than essence yeah son we're gonna make it rain every time you come up here first you got a bob bottle I'll buy a couple of bottles stack them shit I gotta walk around the streets with some champagne bottles son about my bottles yo you know they came out of nowhere Titan max I don't get to buy my bottle shit me – I was dipping in dodging you motherfuckers came out of nowhere that's right there monkey nuts a tonne of tea back with Tony teabag you heard that real say he got t-boned by Tony teabag Brooklyn Eagles to fic drift King I gotta see this I'm getting recommendations down you say hello yeah hell yeah all right got you I'm still in the shit cuz I'm the best dip and dodging motherfucking stain my hair don't worry about that you try come after me bitch put your laggy ass you're gonna bounce it around behind me oh shit monkey nuts doing stunts and shit what though yeah it's all it takes bro you cannot get you could get tapped it depends on what angle but I got landed on top of yesterday and just blew up immediately I was like wait what but that's how this game holds are you got you got a dip and dodge bro for real I've been getting like certain it depends on where they tap you that like it is attack while they're on the ground it won't really blow you up it'll take some damage but if they land on you hit you hard that's it one hit you're done yeah that's why you gotta keep moving there's no real places to uh really really hide got you on the edge of your seat the action going down nobody even fucking trying to find anybody get mater you don't want smoke Lemaitre son you don't want that smoke oh shit gonna get out of here oh we blew up here you roll over the fire everybody areas shit oh shit oh shit is heavy Oh No I flipped over now oh we rolled over me anything I got a little bit helpless oh my goodness how did I survive that shit he's mad right now like what oh shit Oh – fine oh fuck damn man what up salty red tail up in his bitch we spin the wheel what am I gonna get 2125 8p baby crazy right then essence is dead i can't go buy champagne ma hurry up run run run run what the hell was the fucking Oh drink over here snacks over there champagne baby I'm slippery exactly son they can't catch dipping and dodging son didn't dodge that's how you do it get another drink get another champagne bottle got two bottles of champagne popping bottles on the streets you know you can walk around and drink with these shits and you store it in your inventory you can take it out on the street bro career in here no you get regular is a evening arena progress I'm assuming that's what it means just like reputation winners baby what's that haven't tried what is this let's try this hot bomb three shit I haven't tried that I guess we're doing record because everybody shoes that one goddammit funny we do them all we do them all how about to invite people get ready Arina war next stop is wrecking like how to have their little intros right there see a race number of laps we're gonna make this I know this looks short so we'll put it uh 25 let's make some money 25 short little fucking ring thing man it's gonna go by quick we respawn though right custom vehicles on ketchup on stir bar bounce firm oiling paint inviting people right now no she's on the way and sent out invites nacho gotta invite join join you got coming 25 seconds oh my god that time I hear it will be a mess fucking loading screen 10 seconds to go Gabriel I don't know that is but he's joining Money mo money baby extended each extended that the most speed labs 57 we got 25 laps in here pretty quick man everybody watch right now anybody new to the channel please remember to hit that subscribe button in that Bell icon about to light this shit up should I write that I gotta get used to this with Greek he raised to be the fastest minds I gotta drop them shit generation through the breaking sucks traction seems like it's worse than that bottle bison they give us like more time to pick our card and the fuck away from people to joint ridiculous my respect to us Nicholas too if I see you sitting the game on fire anybody new channel and check that up a name we got the fraggles upper hand preciate you guys stop I hope you enjoy the entertainment thank you try getting my car slice your ankles all bitch I got guns shit I got the decimal be right here Oh Tony teabag just spend out of nowhere off the track Oh some I got laser being shooting at assassins all my assets oh shit oh man oh thanks for that boost oh but I still didn't land this shit oh man what the fuck I'm getting fucked up over here oh shit who's that does Tony teabag out of me oh shit I got 150 RP right there I don't know what who's on that bike I'm about to take them out why does it stop shooting oh shit almost hit that gas tank over there oh I'm riding the wall baby I'm in 9th fucking place I'm catching Oh dumb shit just be popping up out of nowhere bro I didn't touch you motherfucker I'm gonna touch you now no homo a slice your fucking ankles come in Oh what the fuck how'd you go you might've made her you mind over there go what the fuck is not totally one trillion dollars yeah oh my god somebody's lasering me he's getting people i got a different dye job this motherfucker why is my car gonna smell like this yo fuck somebody's shootin me I'm outside a house essence huh I'm coming for yo ass boy oh this is laser dude on the bike this guy and the bike is fucking around hold on get this motherfucker I'm gonna rip your heart out oh I just tighten in the air oh man shooting them lasers man I can't get them lasers I want some laser beams look at his shit slipstream oh no I just made a new personal best record lap oh I need to fix my car yeah there's a pit pit stop how much it cost oh I just went over mine I didn't die I'm in third place yo I got a stop come on well you gotta sit what the fuck got a slow 15 I'm in fourth place I gotta go third place I'll get some more when I come back my pitching slow who's that I thought I did a P boys oh shit I'm level 24 on this partnership here oh shit get out the way biker oh I am – oh my goodness you ain't got an arm right yes alarm where I can take a little bit more damage now fuck a pit stop I'm a second place this fucking guy in first oh the fire got me motherfucker and I was in second place man whipping it RC car what's that I get to use that while I'm racing find my bottom Oh that bad already dead already yeah I'm in a little Tonka truck over here a little racecar I'm trying to blow up this guy on the bike but you gotta time it right cuz the Batman is like kinetic lines I'm dropping this shit all over the place I'll see you who's gonna fall for it is the race over oh I got you I got you bro I know I got you the first place spot you take me later I got that motherfucker on the bike dude don't be so mad bro is this a game that's a part of it no I'm gonna make it rain on yo ass top she want some money Gabriel Gabriel here's the money make it rain on Gabriel he's mad why you mad bros the part of the game damn bro that money you see that money falling baby daddy come yo mr.

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eastside yeah try to join me now if you can't let me start up the next race I'm a hack and send out invites to everybody just be on the lookout on your phone all right guys we're making with Spanish we can make fun we don't speak Spanish but we can make fun of because he's fucking hilarious right now you got socks wrong bro you got socks on bro look at him Gabriel is your size Oh looking great ranked 13 maybe though this game-mode is fun as shit word up Gabriel's mad fucking pissed right now it's all good Gabriel stay with us please some more bro word up shout-out to the Windy City he put it this like Gabriel come on bindis young Gabriel Lindy's young hot bomb we do hot bomb Gabriel sorry Gabriel Gabriel to the pump you with us Gabriel all my joy a little bit Arina war hot bomb is up next that bomb baby right there Gabriel's in the building last man standing or last team standing all right number teams – all right team bouncing on yeah see that all right senator Auto invites out how these guys chillin now I used to stay with us right Gabriel doing good Gabriel doesn't want to talk you're a famous now Gabriel you're on my stream – if Isis game in HD go check us out on YouTube you can see what happens from my perspective Pancho's joining up Charlie we get people up in here Gabriel I'm having on my team Gabriel get the sirens of the back trauma team I'm coming for Gabriel that looks like stay rolling it looks like rolling right here I'm getting used to it now I've learned how I maneuver better salty what the flux weird out what dude I've salty my custom outfit on ready forty seconds why does that wait more I picked the car already man they better have done this than other races because I motherfucking the regular races we had the game for all this time punch it just quick but over here they give you a mini who's that is that Gabriel turf wars now wearing up in the lobby we'll probably do that we got we got we got our numbers back up again so turf wars Boone is ready to go to war we got some soldiers broke native is ready to kill motherfuckers Brooklyn goon red tail tomatoes always ready your essence diner pop them all fuckin ahead who is that with that fucking background has the bomb what the fuck stay away from him like whenever like when the time runs out whoever has the bomb they call it will blow up and they'll be out well you got to hit somebody and it passes it to them they do a lot of work to this goddamn arena oh good sleep yo I'll get us out of here boy come on Gabriel come in boy get his ass – Gabrielle oh shit yo Tony t-bag just knocked my ass across the arena Gabriel laughs OH Gabriel's dead oh he's taking this out on Titan right here go away buck Oh Oh Gabriel shooting me I need to get the fuck out and land it oh that would have been dope oh this motherfucker flipping me yo I got the bomb now holy shit ole ole ole ole ole miss Gabriel oh my goodness I gotta hit somebody oh my god damn could hit nobody what the flick set mater out there's a decoder yeah been sending out invites pootie when the matches are over try to join me and I guess ways and uh what's that called I turned yeah I turned the matchmaking off that's why so I could in the beginning it doesn't have to timer on I'll invite everybody after this match again let me get another bottle I'm gonna stack my bottle bring it on the street I want the Aces bait know where they're at we got champagne up in red with the 27 percent accuracy seventeen percent us it I'm over here trying to buy bottles made it needs help over so many pillows near here I got two bottles right now I'm good why is the outside looked like the inside right now it's dust flying around over there let's pick up this tablet was this an iPad iPad pro that's me rocking over here let's get the drone out mater has the bomb stay going a hundred thousand miles an hour bro watch me to blow up right now three two one that's Titan wait a fuck am I looking at debatable up mate is right there let's keep an eye on later oh shit my bad mater mater I am very sorry I did not I didn't know that was gonna happen I was trying to pay you back or fucking with me earlier when you in front of me he distracted me I didn't know you're gonna blow up like that I just tapped him he blew up with the goddamn drone I should have went to buy a bottle I should have went to bar got about all my water my water gave those fun man y'all stop done thumbs downs Gabriel I created these races motherfucker tag team I've never done this we got people we're doing games monsters again oh that one I like that one I like that one we'll be back oh yeah we got no rules native we don't care we don't worry about those people that were a while using Rockets more we use everything that we have at our disposal we don't worry about them damn crybabies come on bro we're going three rounds what we got a bunch of people in here so there's a random-ass music I'll just put my music up and it'll distort that and I won't have to worry about getting a copyright claim Messala he's watching fucking uh minions shit Saiga mom all right I gotta meet deaf for a second that's coming in mad clear right there once the action starts I will unmute you guys I can hear you but they can't hear you Mader I'm sorry weekend outside I'll drop a champagne bottle for you I'll give you a champagne mouse bootie up in his bitch Abraham joined let's see the Gabriel or guy oh another Gabriel we got to Gabriel Gabriel one and Gabriel two got the big boy toys native can I go to players now I have to wait I'm a positive what the fuck is he listening to holy shit balls that does gotta go jesus fucking christ thus I got chick monks fucking singing in the background well I don't hear it no more awake we turn off we rock it with this again turn it back on as you I think they say I think they turned off the music you bring anybody in the chat man they're bringing them back baby we have this 45 seconds of more waiting to do maybe we've got a quick commercial break this is not going to if I see game in HD we'll be right back for a whole generation of the san andreas elite this isn't just a car from the on-board champagne cooler to the suede backseat where you've caught your first gold digger the pista comet was something that made you who you are and now thanks to Benny reinventing it as a gnarly riveted urban dragster it will be broadcasting your escalating midlife crisis for years to come the pista comic retro custom upgrade oh shit my bad people oh my goodness I'm gonna bout to blow up I just wasted a goddamn holy rocky give me a smoothie did you ask over here spooty hold up who's that got a little car over there somebody's riding around in a little car I'm about to blow up each side if I could hit it my hitting him he's not losing any fucking health right there I'm like landing right on them what the hell is this it's too far oh they got shot my earpiece I'm blond Tootsie no he stole my kill shit he got hit they got hit by emps right there Oh East Side's going down East Side's going down he's gonna go down he came to control this thing oh my god why can't he go down are you hiding right there oh let me get my rocket back yo oh I gotta go back to the other one do I have it on that one I didn't even use it yeah where are they you're shooting the rocket baby yeah with it with it plotting and scheming oh I'm gonna get Eastside because he's low I've been hitting him I'm getting that kill why can I go down there he is there he is oh shit here we go here we go oh he saw me he saw me sped up dad just misses ass oh alright let's get busy select those checkpoints oh shit later why I always get in my way bitch no we're supposed to not get hit are you supposed to collect the checkpoints oh shit they bomb people up get out of it all in one area Oh what the fuck is happening I got no checkpoint we can't ride the walls we wanted to thank you this guy just helped me checkpoint set immediately first checkpoint people yeah oh my god oh nothing what the fuck is going on Oh somebody's brought on tiny car man checkpoints right here Oh tiny slow somebody get the winning fucking thing did we win go boy what's the deal you got a gaming channel with no profile picture what's the deal with that fest first mistake on your channel right now go get a profile picture bro well something in baby problem a mofo invites let me write you catch a super fire this month Oh what is this coming about over there what is he almond about Chris Chris Manzo I don't see anything he just comes and says things that make you go ha bitch bitch you know we got another quick commercial fucking screens we'll be right back that bill – if I serve a PhD powerful understated reliable god damn it at dinner fucked up Jesus Christ I gotta get a new mixer we'll have to press so many but oh my bad people no sounds a great way to come back in here we're gonna do it again next round we're gonna rewind the next round oh my god what the fuck laughing no how did I take off like that they are in control the trap so they can set up what they want Wow they put a jump trap over there like oh fuck no is it drone oh there's a rocket in the air right in front of me oh you waited for me to pass oh shit I don't know it's you only got 27 got 24 seconds left let's get some more what checkpoint so I got like two of my awesome I got it alright you got that one perfect right get this one over here that's good perfect take a big take the last my share I get some more tomorrow he's over there I'm going after clusterfuck over there lateness nigga homie its sway besides about to get it if I could drop down no no I gotta go around go up no I'm fucking wasted another rock I'm sweating balls over here I'm mad yeah what's that Kamiya sporty come in spooty I see you Titan I see you I'm switching I gotta get this rocket out oh my god I turn my feet up motherfuckers Rockets which the hell y'all rated where you from wrong it seems like you're trying to crack jokes but they just they just missing they're just missing the point all right we're gonna meet that guy don't fuck up my screen I got this rocket coming got this rocket coming but spooty go this 3ds mother for only got two Rockets here get go oh you got him that's one down oh we got these all we lost though what the flu word up I'm sweating balls like a motherfucker right now 1080p camera that's good lighting anyway next up another round of this muhfucka I think we do three rounds you got to win three rounds I don't know why he blasted that shit super fired that's what he likes to listen to join worm the oven in bitch round three take these motherfuckers out what am I talking to mommy Italy know we're talking to somebody no the fuck they are but a big word big sperm big worm inside shadaloo yeah we're gonna find the right time strike right there this switch let's switch it up Oh fuck fuck just kind of catchy Oh all right it's not there man get a molar rocket right I got to work it out oh I see scooty Oh Oh get the fuck out here he just went right under that shit Titans overhead double dipping in dodgy drone for the road I'll get the Gabriel goop fuck what the fuck is that Bali's yo tight mags is running right next to me you back and forth I'm just shooting him he doesn't know where the bullets are coming from yeah get him get him he's right there he's taking it Oh do we win what they fucking beat us again 38 oh there you go ahead hold exit at r1 and l1 to do like a ship like a JUCO that's a different Dodge move right there oh shit I hope you take that fucking gun and shove it straight up their arse arse and not fly up that ramp come on we gotta get a pass 37 we got this we got this step hop here shit no I thought of rocky was coming in its essence I saw shadow fly oh really what the fuck is that maybe five more wins oh I just heard you go off oh shit upside down right now x-rated that's that's trolling 101 if you've ever told all right another commercial break we'll be right back oh no wait I didn't do it in time these facts man quick because the button is up put your back all right I gotta meet that guy who's that he's on our team that's died oh this fucking guy oh man oh man I can't do this right now I'm a sitting duck oh my goodness get off of this thing oh how do I get in Pete what the fuck I got em Pete Oh Jen I got em Pete go bitch go go poncho a nice bite oh no oh my god that was a fail oh you took a little bit of energy it took a little bit of help get them God I'm sorry I don't do shit come over here shoot them all fuckers to death and I'm seeing ain't taking no power I just got shut up like 30 bullets that's all good that's all good try to get out of dipping dodge oh my god I'm out I'm jumping across this fucking mouth oh shit hit it again to the –have again Oh baby I'm just gonna keep hitting my jump shit well I see I'm in danger oh I heard it another one they shoot old man rockets how did let's make it up there I have no idea go down get this fucking thing oh shit I almost blew up somebody almost shot me with a fucking rocket bro oh my god oh no no that one stuck at oh shit that was close that was close I don't know what that goddamn usually as I muted it Oh but I've always lit I love doing this your idea when I'm in a car me Lafayette think I'm crazy I'm like fuckin nothing compared to a free a free a lobbying public or one of these types of joints right here step back on the turret get that rocket oh you got t-bag quick someone's hiding over here what's that hate nothing fucking behind us ladies my fuck is that I'll see him Oh this muhfucka flying oh we go here we go motherfucker there go down go down going after scooty oh shit where's the motherfucker I've got to get Titan let he go oh fuck damn all right x-rated you know how to all these muncher been watchin bro I answered so many your questions and you haven't answered one so I'm gonna say bye-bye to you I'm sorry buddy but you ignoring me so now I gotta ignore you spend months going on goodbye I ask you simple questions and you say no I'm not doing this and then you don't cause it switch switch I'll get tight max right now right now oh shit no not it's coming this way i'ma catch him on up and up right here let's go you better not be stream sniping Titan he's probably looking where I'm at right Oh what the fuck w mad close it and Titan 83k jeez unlock the chain short sentence not a trophy shit baby how much Last Man Standing no yes total destruction motherfuckers I've tried to meet him but it was in the middle of a fucking thing I invited everybody I semi-supervised joining Abraham's joining a bike race you gotta invite I definitely gotta meet that that's too much nastiness in the background Gabriel Savage joining invites six seconds into the mission Abraham blessed three more spots I invited everybody what is worm worm is joining up now this guy with the music that's the one bad part at least second somebody what does he what that's the Gabriel I think I wish you guys I don't know if I should let you guys hear this others oh man that shit is hilarious yo who did that do it again especially rap music right there be any baby baby what the hell happened still launching session over here alright we can go to commercial break right now this dab due to a foxy game in HD we'll be right back y'all the COG Cabrio is a top and luxury car that combines elegance with performances what's hard I've said the card says I'm not a thousand dollars over and insecure teaching a connection to an unknown entity a car that says you never accepted me dad look at me now the cognoscenti Cabrio available at legendary motorsports got kicked one what are you talking about we all land out I'll just join back in the lobby was started over again maybe I'm in the same his job I'm gonna lobby by myself alright I'll start up another one hot mama let's do the hot bomb I'm gonna do another one y'all man do another one anybody got kicked that's crazy that is mad weird yo I'm starting to get fish man smell a little something man I was in there with those two motherfuckers with that music just help what am i doing over here quick quick I just joined some random and shit with some other motherfuckers I got stopped my own let me start my own right now Jobs played Rockstar created arena war let's go with that flag one that flag war tried through the one I didn't do yet let's do this one number three I'm invite John now did you hurt that guy I thought it was one of Yama those monkey nuts of some shit cannot get in a lobby in a bunch of motherfuckers I don't even know flag Wars bitches cheating balancing on two rounds of this confirm for my last job I don't know that was last job list pop up the names wow this is so slow monkey nuts Space Ghost essence foodie sent all these invites out Auto invite all my friends leave this closed for now he sucked rates up in here joining 107 is up in this bitch I'm so poncho joining Titan max up in here filling the clouds worm stop booting motherfuckers worm shit fucking around fucking around this is going bada-bing bada-boom perfect all right make sure my screen is ready to go everybody coming here worms joining Manor West Manor Manor Manor get y'all a coked-out Titan I don't know that's everybody said they got kicked out yeah I was still in there with those other two guys with the music playing shit yeah well we 9s a mix the premix ways Manor Manor in the end meters not in here no mate if you watch your motherfucker invite I'm trying to motherfucker there is he's coming joining up in this bitch get ready people you know random motherfuckers in there all right everybody here perfect 13-mile butters yeah I made it had to get his damn cheez-its Oh me the bomb is the effect hold up echo effect with the bomb so if I see is now recruiting DK optic blood rolling buddy burger mater Rob fixing worm boy dad to fic a grand theft auto online crew don't walk the streets alone without the family watching your back all right we back up your hairs – if I see gaben HD must've started 30 more seconds they let this whole fucking time right now god damn everybody's doing the night yeah I've tried that red tail and I have failed just like meter sometimes full well most of the time I fall asleep right before the update comes out I can't stay up see the 2:00 in the morning or 3:00 in the morning for me depending on daylight savings time Oh God I should shut the power off that's its essence this date just fuck these bikes up in these cars this motherfucker got lasers over here Oh what the fuck Oh what I have one get one get worm great let's hook them up and put them digging a hole what's up get him oh he got me oh man he came in old worm or back in his bitch Hey oh shit around the wall who's this right here not the goal smash somebody up okay he walked through there oh my bad shit I'm getting revenge of this motherfucker I hate oh stop he suckered me into jumping I got no ammo shit I'm such a fool No I'm being squashed and cornered by these two motherfuckers they killed it yeah he's like I wanna look my god yeah payback baby winning it stay right here coming back up Lucy's mom about this worm leg down and go you'll work no in your warm your internet turn to shit move away you move that Oh No mother get me again oh shit oh shit help me Isis dance get him down a bike pushing that big shit off get outta here get the fuck out of here Estes knocking motherfuckers down dead dead oh I ran out of ammo Oh what what what my daughter would say what what shit balls man we got 13 go scooting over here hide it are you in the gun towel boy get out of here spooty you steal me a finger get out of here he's gotta fuck I mean not even dead his ass how the fuck oh get in this tower once our not ready good with my ass mess oh shit oh why is my car purple I think perfect take it easy clicking good that's why all right like I can't let yes check that internet speeds falling off over there I'll just remind the guys giveaway this month HD 60s Elgato very dependable company when it comes to game capture cards stack your points by watching our streams and check your stats exclamation point stats in chat points that giveaway with you for a million points but if you watch my stream like a couple of weeks you'll get a million points no time so I'm trying to Street more to give you guys more opportunity to get more points as well as make this channel more known at the cons of thing let's get it oh shit me 107 have it spinning thing in the front I'll be flipping my own fuckers over yeah where you going now boy ah baby oh shit you kill me first that's gonna be crazy know what a fucking ego Wang oh my fucking god stir keep your – baby oh yeah take that that's oh and boy don't be purple all right good Oh Oh I got a flag we give another flag Oh I'm gonna commit a suicide ain't gonna get that shit easy you see here I'm blowing muhfuckas up when you try to give me the middle finger against pootie oh shit one more hey I was going down anyway down major relax Vader we're on the same motherfucking team oh shit what's going on over here battle royale going down the limo pick them all out go pay max over here waiting shit oh shit my bad Titan is hard to catch on this shit oh my god 107 is back for some more oh shit now big tt oh my god to get out of there taking them all on oh my goodness spooley going hot sports in here but crowd is cheering for the liver oh man yo East Side's come out you like right there you're like a big-ass target that guy got you mad what's next carnage I'm up for some carnage right now – Giamatti thumbs-down Arenal next up tarnish like some more people anybody else trying to get up in here many to go to get up in here advise up in central fire joining black it now hope it's around for this one if you lag out again Abraham just reset your router and your PlayStation that might be the problem left again try resetting shit Abraham if you're watching beach hater why you talking so low mater white solo mater why you so quiet all of a sudden mater take that mic out your ass don't talk with it yeah all right really I hate Abraham yeah try doing that that's your help bro such a router for 30 seconds to turn off at least on your ps4 should be kept the goal it helps your crime in song pretty sure our work in you to work too laggy yes so everybody's fuckin with you because it's easy to don't let it be easy and they'll fucking then we'll fuck it you know more all right I'm so anal boy oh shit Grand Theft Auto we gonna continue this battle we're continuing to battle the fuck's talked about for tonight over here what the hell oh my god 107 Jesus Christ oh my god everybody from some fuck everybody up destroy motherfuckers like that like I just blew up jeez 107 bit fucking me up since last match I'm not to go pop a bottle wasted I'm spraying all your chairs all the tablets throw the bottle on time I just broke a tablet yo gamer girl how many subs you got right now then he'll be dead following s five minutes 30 seconds around taking sideout oh that's Tony teabag right there oh just took a kill bro you know what the hell what's going on with my drone right now I hit something yo down below playing max over here and scarab coming after Titan and watch it tight we got the laser beam Oh essence bye-bye all you got you into the pretzel down below snack on this motherfucking pencil time who's this right here I can't even see the names I'm following somebody right here I would have colorful weapon see me super firing who is that talking was that guy talking right now that super fire yeah I never heard him talk we can doubt the garlic it's fine let's check out some flag I'm just dropping grenades on the floor something oh I've seen it I came in 11th place Jesus yeah we can't take mater nowhere man install it stores in it you can take it out whenever like a piss water or cigarette it's in the inventory yeah super I got a Mike out of nowhere once you get a Mike a long time ago oh you just shy come up shadows you see this we got taxi we haven't done tag-team this gamer girl gamer girls in the chat check out her channel subscribe she's almost at 1.

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6 something that's a 7.6 she leave already too late mater team bouncing on to round two of the greatest fucking PS sensitiveness lobby right now Tony teabag and mother fucking monkey nuts PW made Darkwing meter all you need to eat snack time this is gonna be oh shit we got 11 Oh baby bitch taters it bright if you're gonna say the name right you gotta say right like paradise outnumbered already winning a shoe that's true native up thinking about uh I think Tony teabag wanted us join my tea bag you got a you're in a crew oh is that your crew that's my crew that's cool I've created all right it's just that one you're in right all right perfect I still need to crew I'll let you have if you created yourself cuz I just in case things don't work out that's happened before I don't want you to fucking throwing away your crew for no reason is shit and monkey nuts lose it under you or him alright yeah you have to leave it and I've sent your invite 30 picking violation what's going on we got pause over here oh here we go oh I'm starting over here what the fuck that now as you say my professional wrestling with more opioids oh shit I'm riding the wall here yeah what are we gonna do well motherfuckers up so I mean I think that's what you got to do I'm just going after the opposite team those motherfuckers up oh my goodness this fucking thing is so heavy it's hard to stop so boy oh no no no your peep fuck out of here man what is that up-down shit I'm confused just reading or tag out oh there's people up top and then we're down below there's a fucking drone near me oh my goodness get over here all right we switching up right that's how it works all right only I'm playing each team to competing arena players can be tagged in excess of ten around Harrah's or the Texas let's get on the turret you need a rocket which is rocking you sending this off here we go yeah go get them pull up please honest I feel right like fucking 18 shit you got to go around for tonight rocket over here oh damn all right we gonna fall we going forward wait oh shit now rocket just fly past me oh my god it's a fucking oh oh oh oh shit no I'm getting spooty woody looks like the target Oh No oh my god look at these Rockets flying around holy shit again well that's the same going over here the rocket follow me I feel you come after me look oh shit oh off on down fuck this No nice fucking blow me up oh shit oh oh no and you get out of here it's fucking heavy hands with yeah oh shit they're coming after you oh wow somebody just took a chunk of Health from me have a fuck oh there's a rocket over here by spooty pathogens in his ass out oh man come on come on come on flip around bitch all right we trying to make it oh man that was fucking close oh shit somebody dropping bombs we smell gas oh shit oh man I just got a impede no oh who saw that shit that rocky came flying at me oh man I just took out that our seat fucking truck come on mater bring that ass here boy oh oh my god I'm about to blow up get out of here what's going mater get out of here man oh man no that shit is epic right there now I got to clip that shit with a fucking tomato all rockets coming left jump again oh shit oh we got Tony team a mate is coming out oh shit mr.

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down fuckin wait hold up you got two minutes left 49 seconds the fuck is mater as Pancho oh man I'm surviving so many of these fucking bombs they were funny Oh Dan yo who saw that rocket that I jumped over and whoever's watching that was fuckin dope I love that shower clipping that Milo that's so fucking clipping a week right there I love this DLC Sam Zachary Granger you was here at 1k now I don't remember you if you come to my streams more often I would remember you and 1k Dan that was a long time ago what was that 1k 2016 when I started streaming start just going up more fish now I don't remember you Zachary come to my streams and videos more often now remember you that's for sure shit mater now lieutenant you've been summoned monkey nuts is right here wait what happened Oh shitty I blow up already Dean are you going for over here we got to finish the side Oh aren't you oh I saw that shit the last minute I'm away I see everybody here in one place oh man someone is going down everybody on the tablets and get on my tablet we was gonna hang out together cuz we both live in Tennessee that stand there Tennessee Park I remember that but I thought it was a female Zakaria he just blew up the old spot I only said that to a female get on the turret we getting the bomb out baby I can't get on the turret currently unavailable what else is there to use fuck it I'm gonna pop a bottle on our way to 4k that's yes indeed slowly but surely we making enough that mountain get back up this fucking tablet right here you something I'm sweating my ass off you sweep my balls off that's fucking hilarious brah somebody got down by a drone here we go here we go pull up pull up oh man oh did I get him no he was too far back what got a little Bandito he's not fuckers at going down we go get somebody blowing somebody up drop of kinetic bombs why got two people in my cell with a foot oh yeah get away damn Oh superf I got him the meeting got simplifier yup at the car meets on a Thursday 5:00 p.

m. Eastern 2 p.m. Pacific 10:00 p.m. G and T hi baby Mudkip take it easy bro always a pleasure should be doing something Saturday I'm not gonna set in stone yet Saturday tried to a meet I can't do one tomorrow which I use another bottle this is my last one gamer girl my little girls gotta go to sleep maybe I'll invite you and then if everybody else is staying still make more money I gotta get the hell off this man you have to stay playing making that money if y'all want but I got to get off this ball fuck it's been a pleasure shot everybody here Tony teabag inside Detroit easy first in the chat what up my nigga yo but you've been in patrolling the streets I am going to invite that's monkey nuts right who's that oh shit my guy easy oh man another round I need to or Busan worth a holdup okay sighs the winning side up and drive the concession stand for – for what opioids looks like a spectator has a drum to cause some trouble where the fuck is is wit oh we can't switch it how does that even possible get mater you just came out fuck speaking mater I can't tag out right now you got to go one more oh my goodness that was a fail right there oh shit son of a bitch get your ass over here boy oh shit poncho be sitting motherfuckers up right there oh that shit came up at the wrong time I gotta get Mader I must kill mater you antimatter holy fucking shit what the hell I just tapped this shit and I fly yeah monkey nuts over here oh oh shit somebody dropped mad kinetic mom's right there good luck in this fucking fortnight yo oh my god you son-of-a-bitch you went aside to blow me up that's why pussy Jesus Christ all right anyway we gotta end this stream right now I'm sorry guys I gotta go they can't hear me I hope they watching the stream and they listening pass the message on to anybody else what's going on in a chat with this modding thing my mods are fucking putting each other and fucking timeout what's going on was the hours accident it's all good there we go we settled that problem ma'am I want to I want to thank everybody for stopping by this to a feisty game in HD we are the home of the most interactive and entertaining GTA 5 for me on youtube if you're new please hit that subscribe button in that Bell icon s is take it easy who's talking are somebody fucking talking I guess I'm hearing shit but anyway that was an accident so good night max Zachary glad you're out of jail bro girl I don't know exactly what you are before you were girl now your God but anyway snap the clip I see game in HD you might see you on Saturday early 12 somewhere between 12 and 2 maybe we'll see stabbed or 2 or 5 cm in HD we out this bitch.