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Glowing Lines Effect in After Effects | Blottermedia Dance Effects

Video: Glowing Lines Effect in After Effects | Blottermedia Dance Effects


No, I don't see So what you just saw was a product of ten hours of frame-by-frame animation a Lot of work for just under 20 seconds of screen time pretty crazy But if you do the effect, well, it'll look really cool. Now the original creator of the video with the dancing His name is Tim Milgram Great channel, really cool. I contact him and said hey, can I use it because I can't dance and your video looks great So he was kind enough to let me do that His the channel is in the description really cool channel. A lot of dancing really great stuff fiction is also featured in the video So you can go check that out as well. If you're familiar with his work and the music was actually by Chris Brown Chris Brown undecided also a really cool song So the roots it was two reasons why I wanted to do this tutorial one being it's really cool and it's going viral and a lot of people are gonna want to know how to do it and two there are a couple tutorials out there already, but those people or Not to bash them.

They did really good but there were a couple things where they made the process a Little longer than it needed to be and a little more confusing and a little inefficient So I was like hey, there's a better way to do this I figured I'm gonna make a tutorial kind of give you guys ins and outs about it. I Recorded my whole screen during the 10 hours of recording so I'm gonna speed it up but I'm gonna talk over it so that you know what I'm doing, I'm gonna explain what it is and Describe the effects to you so that you know what's going on. So without further ado, let's jump into the tutorial Okay, so here we are in after clicks, I'm not gonna waste a lot of your time But remember go ahead and subscribe for more of this content for editing and visual effects and stuff like that because there's a bunch more Coming in the future.

So here's how we're gonna start out. All right So the first thing I wanted to do was do the glasses on his face So what I wanted to do is to get a reference cuz obviously my drawing is not that great So we're gonna go ahead and use Google Images. I'm just gonna grab an image Just some glasses some ones that I like originally I started out with some different glasses And then after that I was like, yeah, I don't like those so I got some different ones so I just dragged them in and kind of scaled them to how I wanted them to be and then I originally tried to keyframe the position of the glasses and it didn't look as realistic and I didn't really like the whole look it didn't obviously didn't follow a Completely frame by frame. So I wanted it to do that just to give it a much more Realistic feel and just to help it Flow better and smoother. So what I ended up doing was doing a track But before that I wanted to use a mask to draw the outline of the glasses so that I have something to put the effect to You'll understand a little bit more about what I mean in just a second So what I did was they created a new solid I did black that's important and then what I did was with the opacity taken down I traced the Glasses the sunglasses with the mask tool once I was done with the masking.

I was going into my effects in controls I grabbed the effect saber from Video Copilot I'll leave a link in the description. I've used this plug-in so many times and it's so useful So I'll leave the final result of the effects of the saber On-screen so that you can copy it if you would like to I'm not going to go through every single little detail It just depends on what you want. It also is dependent on the situation So you can choose to add more glow or less glow and or a whole bunch of different stuff You can even change the whole look there's so many different set. So just play around and see what you like Then I just created a null object and called it glasses track just so that I knew where to put the data once I've tracked the motion of the eyes and I've done a lot of tutorials on how to track in the past I'll put one in the top right in the cards you can go and use that tutorial but I'm gonna go ahead briefly show you how I track this I'm gonna do a Two-point tracker and I decided to make the target relatively large because it was somewhat a little blurry and so I didn't want it to lose the track halfway through and I only used part of a composition I didn't track the whole thing to save myself some time but you can see that the tracker went off course sometimes so I just adjusted it where I needed to and then continued with the track forward and Then once I had finished that the tracking I went to the Edit target.

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I applied it to my glasses track pressed Okay, and then did apply X&Y. Yes and then You can see that the tracking data has been applied to the null which is very nice It's ooh, this is gonna save me so much time. So what I did was once I closed the tab, I went to the glasses and I just picked it to the null and You can see that I was fully tracked nice looking good. The scale was also done because it was a two-point track So when he gets bigger in the frame because the camera is moving closer the glasses do the same thing and then I just keyframe the glow of Intensity and the brightness to bring it in and then to fade it out as well because then what they have the glasses Throughout the whole shot. So that's how I brought it in and made it go out as well one Neat little trick is using the shy tool So right over here you click this button and then you click it in the top and the composition you can hide that layer that Way just keep things organized.

You don't mess around accidentally with a layer. You shouldn't be when you're editing Sometimes you get into it very much and you kind of maybe you start editing the wrong layer by accident I've done that before so the shy layer this also become very useful later on when you have of layers in your Composition because we're going to use different layers so we can isolate all these different effects in our composition That way we can control the color for every single one of them and if we make a mistake or later on towards the end We feel like I don't know if I like this one way back in the beginning I can just delete it and make a different one Which is actually what I did further towards the end of the tutorial and then comes the painstaking part I duplicated my footage. I locked the other footages because I didn't want to mess with those I made sure that I had my main one of my main footages selected the one that I duplicated I double-click the video layer that I want to add the brush effect to I grabbed the Brush tool and then with the brush tool I just draw it frame by frame one very important thing here in the paint tab is make sure you have the opacity 100 flow at a hundred mode at normal channels at RGB a and the duration must be single frame if you don't have it on single frame These brush strokes will last like throughout the whole composition You want it to only last one frame so that you can keep essentially keyframe it and draw every frame.

It's definitely painstaking and the unfun part of the job, but it has some great results and then in the brushes tab The brush style is totally up to you mess around with it You can copy the settings that I have here, but I found myself changing the diameter here and there Sometimes there was to save time other times. I wanted the brushstroke to look a little different than some others and So yeah that may vary for you as well now page up and page down are gonna be your favorite friend page down going Down the timeline by one frame page up going up the timeline by one frame This is gonna help you because sometimes you're gonna have to know the previous position of where you painted and then when you do page down to a new frame You're gonna create your new brush effect for that frame another keyboard shortcut You must know is undo command or ctrl Z You're gonna make a lot of mistakes as you go and you're going to want to redo some things So make sure you have that handy as well And then again, it's just a whole bunch of keyframing make sure you have a little bit of overlap each frame So sometimes I had a bit of overlap when I did my next kind of brush stroke on the next frame just kind of add a little bit of fluid motion to the whole effect and Also adding this kind of sort of debris on the sides is also very nice.

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It kind of has a tiny explosion essentially and Sometimes it nicely accentuates the the effect a little bit especially when it changes into a new effect and Then once you're happy with your brush effect Select the layer with the brush on it, press E on your keyboard for the effects open the paint and go to paint on Transparent that needs to be checked on that way. You don't have the glow effect affecting the whole video It's only affecting the paint. I'm gonna go ahead and grab the glow effect I'm gonna put it on the layer that I've been putting my brush effect on and then you can go into your glow effect make Sure, you have your color be at black that's important Your color a is the color that you want the effect to be and I'll have the effect on screen here so you can copy Those effects as well. You can see here that the glow effect took me a bit of attempts I just wanted to get it looking right I think that's just because there's such a huge variety and so many options as to how you can get your brushes to look And so you can see how much time it took just for the first one just so I can get her to look the way I wanted it to look and then when I added the dropping lava from the glasses Usually I would do this on a new layer when I would essentially duplicate the background again and do it on a new layer But I didn't this time because it was going to be the same color as the previous one So I just did it on the same one just to make things a little easier for me But usually you would duplicate the background and create another layer to work on that one That way you can control the different colors with your different types of effects And when I double click the layer to open the layer in a new window, I have the two windows side by side so I can see the update in real time this way if I'm Drawing stuff when I'm close up in the one window I can use the other window to zoom out a bit to see the full picture and then it's just a matter of drawing it Frame by frame make it look good make the bottom part of the drip bigger and then The top part of it a little smaller and then at the impact it might take a couple of temps for you But you can always reference a drop on to the ground like a water droplet onto the ground Usually you're referencing Actual footage will help you out with this, but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted so I was just going to go ahead and draw it out and really this effect is as wild as your imagination can get And then when I reached the shoes obviously when I traced it the further along in the video that I got I Wanted the whole shoes at one point to be fully Traced so when I moved on to the next frame, I just made sure I started the drawing all over again I know I could get quite annoying sometimes as well, but it looks pretty cool as well So you can see the whole shoes have started to be covered and then it kind of disappears into the shoe laces I like that effect as well.

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And just remember that this shoe effect that I have yet It's on a new layer so that I can change the color so what I did was I duplicated my background and Did the whole effect of the brush like I've done before and then I copied the glow effect from the previous layer Pasted it onto this one, and then I changed the color to green Look at the color that I decided to choose and then again one of the most important parts that I've seen people get wrong is That pressed e on my keyboard with my layer selected went to the paint and I made sure that the paint on Transparent was on not off. This is important because you don't want the glow to affect the whole image You only want it to affect the brush and you can see that over here and then again for my next effect I duplicated the background again And then I locked that Background and I changed the layer that I'm editing to green just so that I know that that's the layer that I should be editing and so then I start this whole thing again with the brush and I'm gonna do the string on his hoodie and just go frame by frame and maybe this could be a little bit like Rotoscoping where it's pretty similar And then I just renamed the layer just to keep things organized for myself so I can go back and look at it If I need to and then I unhide my layers again using the shy to copy my glow effect And then I'm gonna paste it on my new layer that I've been editing Then I'll just change the color to blue and then I'll go down to the effects go to the paint And make sure that it's paint on transparent on and then pretty much the rest of the effects in this video are the same or at least the principles are the same the final look is different because I kind of added different movement and Timing to it But the whole principles are the same so I'm gonna leave them in but I'm just gonna fast forward it for you as well So like a time lapse just in case you want to know how I went about the drawing process of it But I'm gonna cut the narration for the rest of the video until the outro because it's mostly unnecessary Everybody showing you pretty much everything.

You need to know about the whole effect Most of it is just how far your imagination can go and what you can create from nothing but if you don't feel like watching the whole time lapse go to the time code that's on the screen and You can see the final conclusion in the final results as well No, I don't see So and all a really great effect, obviously you gotta put a lot of time into it But it's so worth it. If you guys enjoyed go ahead and subscribe. I am gonna be making more in the future I put a lot of time into my tutorial so the support would really be appreciated I do a lot of visual effects editing streaming great gear filmmaking Building your own brand stuff like that. So go ahead and stick around if that's something you're into leave a like It would really help the channel out. But until next time remember keep smiling keep shooting.