/Getting a Library eBook on Your iPad or other Apple device

Getting a Library eBook on Your iPad or other Apple device

Video: Getting a Library eBook on Your iPad or other Apple device


Getting the library ebook on your iPad or other Apple device. To complete this you will need your iPad or other Apple device, a wireless connection to the Internet, your library card, and the OverDrive Media Console app registered and installed on your iPad. If you have not yet registered and installed your OverDrive Media Console app please see our earlier video. Let's begin by connecting to the internet. Click on "Settings" now touch "Wifi".

Now touch the name of the wireless network you would like to connect to. Once we're all connected, touch the button at the bottom of the device to go back to the main screen. Now find the OverDrive Media Console app on your device and touch that app to open it. If the main menu is not already open, touch the three lines in the upper left hand corner to open the menu. Now touch "Add a library". You can search for your library by its name the name of your city or town or your zip code. Enter that information and click on "Search" a list of libraries should now appear. Touch on the name of your library. You should now see an option for the Ohio Digital Library. Touch on this to continue. You are now on the Ohio Digital Library's site. You can search for item by clicking in the search box and typing the name of the author or the title or you can browse through items by selecting a link from the menu.

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Today we're going to look at all fiction e-books. Here are our results. We can see an item is available if the icon in the upper right hand corner is dark. Today let's select this item. Touch on the cover for more information. Once you are on this screen you may borrow this item. Touch the "Borrow" button to borrow the item. Now select the name of your library from the list of libraries. Now that you have found your library enter your library card number and in some cases your library card pin number. Then click "Sign in" You have borrowed this item successfully. Click on the upside down triangle next to where it reads "Download" to download this item to your device. Select "Adobe EPUB" from the list available formats. Now click "Confirm and download" to start your download. Your ebook will now download. When you're ebook is done downloading you will see a number in the upper left hand corner like this indicating how many new items you have downloaded. Let's go back to the menu so that we can read this the ebook. From our menu touch on "Bookshelf" to see the items that are on our device.

Here are a list of the all the titles we have on this device. To start reading touch on the cover. We can now read this ebook. To turn the page slide your finger from the right hand side to the left. Happy reading!!.