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Get Started with AWeber and Mobile Email Marketing

Video: Get Started with AWeber and Mobile Email Marketing


have you ever wished you could send out an email to your list when you're on the go do you wish there was an easy way to grow your list when you're at a conference a meet-up or another in-person event well if you're using Aweber my favorite email marketing provider service provider then you're in luck because aweber has three amazing mobile apps that i'd like to introduce you to today and so let's get started okay so email marketing first I just want to really quickly talk to you about the importance of email marketing you know a lot of times if you're a person who listens to a lot of podcasts and especially you know marketing type related podcasts you'll hear people say what's one of the biggest mistakes they ever made when they first started out and what's something they wish they could change and and undoubtedly they all say they wish they started their list sooner I've heard Pat Flynn say I've heard Amy Porterfield saying that you know and even my girl Lisa Irby from 2 create a website they all say they wish they started email marketing sooner even I wish I'd done and I wish I was doing a better job with my email list so there's always room for improvement so this video is going to help you give you some creative ideas about how easy it is to get your email deployed once you've actually started growing your list and by the way you can sign up for aweber 4 all you need to do is go to ileane.

aweber.com now this video is not sponsored by aweber but I am an affiliate of them and they're also my good good friends so that's Ileane – I L E A N E (dot) Aweber.com so now let's get into the content first I want to say hi to my girl Tish Tish is here hey hey hey and then also Tiffany Copeland is back again great Tiffany says she's using Constant Contact now I'm not familiar with the tools that they have over constant at Constant Contact I don't know if they have a mobile app and they may not have this trifecta that Aweber has and I'm pretty pretty impressed with what they've got so I want to first let me just tell you what the three apps are the first app is called Curate it's curate by Aweber that's the one you're gonna look for in your mobile store in your iOS App Store or join the Google Play Store Curate by Aweber not to be confused with another app that is about fashion it's about home design so that is the email you're going to use to compose and send out an email and we're going to do that today too so stay with me so you can see how easy it is to set up the email the next one is the Aweber stats app now I took screenshots because of course I don't want to share anybody's personal information but probably the easiest app that I want to share with you and tell you about and like I mentioned in the lead-in you're talking about being able to when you're at a conference when you're at a meet-up and those of you who know me and follow me closely know that I'm going to podcast movement so I'm going to a conference because it's coming here to my town Philadelphia right and so with this app called Atom from Aweber you can get people on your list when you meet them in person because people that you meet in person they're going to be impressed with you their use once you sit down and have that conversation with them they're gonna see that you know what you're talking about you have some expertise in your topic and they're gonna want to be getting your newsletter or your lead magnet or whatever it is that you're offering to your subscribers so Atom is such a simple app that I probably don't even need to show it to you basically all it is it's an app that you open up and then after you get the person's permission you either let them type in their name and email address and that app themselves or you type it in after you've talked to them maybe they give you your business card you say okay when I get back or when today's conference is done I'm going to add you to my email list is that okay with you and then of course there's always double opt-in because they're going to get that email to confirm okay so the Adam app is so simple but there's also one more thing that I want to tell you about a weber in case anything that I go over today you're not totally understanding or you're not really sure if it works in your specific situation guess what my friends at Aweber now have 24/7 support that's right now during normal business hours remember we're in the East Coast so we're in Eastern Time I think they're from 8:00 until tolls 8:00 I've double check that when you can get phone support but the chat and email support is 24/7 that's right so two o'clock in the morning whether that's your time or my time or if you live in Malaysia and so it's like in the morning and you need help with your email list or you have a question about how a weber works you can get in touch with them via chat or email and like i said if it's during our daytime work hours you can actually get someone on the phone and I've done it many times call up there and I just think they all know me and I'm like it's Eileen and like what's your account number oh no that's right Africa that it's probably more than one Eileen that you have as a customer and at this time guys I do always always like to say hi to my chat room and so I see is just going off over there so I'm gonna go and see who's here today Andrew hatchet my buddy is here and Beauty bubble was here Tiffany we already said hi to Tiffany but hi again and Capone what's happening an aunt don't forget this is something that I also want to say to all the podcasters especially those podcasters are anchor you never know it one day you may want to move your show and you may decide you want to go with Lipson or Spreaker or whoever you need to have that email list collecting people's email so you can let them know hey guys I changed the name on my podcast or even if you didn't change the name I move my podcast and it's taken a while for it to get all ducks all in a row with with anchor and Lipson or anchor and Spreaker or wherever you go write your email list is what's gonna see you through I remember that story Pat Flynn always talks about how his website crashed one time but thank for the thankful for the fact and I'm sure he was using Aweber back in those days he probably doesn't use Aweber now it's a matter of fact I'm sure he doesn't but he still you know he still supports them his email crashed I mean his website crashed his website crashed not his email but his email list is what saved the day because he was doing a big launch back in those days so anyway hey and Buddy Hodges is here hello and hello from Montana James Healey long time they'll talk to okay yes yes yes yes yes you guys I am so so thankful for you for being here being active being part of this chat being part of this stream and Andrew said no no phone I don't mark it what am I doing here hint I like I mean I love you Andrew and it's also good to know these things guess what because although you may not be a marketer you're being marketed to so you need to know what these marketers are up to right and you know who savvy and who is it so when you see them coming through with that email and it's like oh this one looks a little different oh I know order that is they must be using that curate app from Aweber Annie told me all about that right and then they wonder hey how do you get to be the smartest guy in the room okay guys so let's do a little screen sharing all right and um I do have open spots in by if anybody is prepared to come on cam you let me know in fact I'm going to send over to Beauty bubble right now because I know that Beauty bubble often likes to come one with me so I will send over to her right now and just hope and pray that I didn't mute the tab no I didn't looks like I did in any way all right so let's do some screen sharing of the phone cuz we're talking mobile email marketing right let's go mobile okay so the app that we want to look at is this purple one here curate now I kind of cheated a little guys I already have written out part of the text that I want to say in this email okay so I did that ahead of time so I didn't want you guys to sit there and wait while I did all of that so and I'm talking about topic that always cover here on YouTube which is live streaming and all in video right so what I'm going to do now is add my YouTube video to this email so that my subscribers after they've listened to my little diatribe right like you guys are doing then they're gonna get a link to come over and watch one of my youtube videos so let me show you how easy that is now how I do that is I don't actually do it from inside of the curate app I'm actually now going to go over to YouTube and I'm already in my videos and when I click that share button got my fingers crossed that this is going to work no they didn't it doesn't work like that Oh Eileen haha sorry the screen share went away anyway because I started playing the video okay so we're going to copy it and we'll get to screen share back up ASAP guys hang on one momento okay I think I have to do it from the studio let's try that alright go here go must have to copy and then um hmm have a little brain freeze here about how to get that over there cuz I just did it last month I know what I do go to the web and then click on alright okay now that I got it all set up I could go back to the screen share alright so I had to go to the web version of YouTube alright so now that I'm on the web version of YouTube it shows up in the they call the share sheet okay say I'm at MDOT YouTube so then I curate so now let's go back over to the curate app and see now the video is there okay now also want to share my IG TV video so let's go back now this time I can remember it what I need to do extra alright we're going to go here we'll go to the IG TV video and then we'll share or then we'll just copy the link okay then we're going to go to the web so we can go to the mobile version of YouTube and then I'm going to hit share I gotta go to Chrome and for some reason is the screenshare doesn't like when I do this so that's okay we'll get it back okay hang on snippy all right nope shutdown but go back into open the app backup that I use it's called I'll air server alrighty okay we're getting we're getting there guys all right so now from air server we're gonna do share sorry hang on up at the top hit the three dots share and now check mark and lets me know that it was added to curate so now I can come over to curate because I already remember I've already written out all my text here so now all I have to do is go here and I don't even need to preview it I'll say review and send okay and I'm going to send it to this one small list because I just want to make sure everything is all good to go I'm not doing anything wrong has already made two mistakes but let's okay alright so and I'm going to send it immediately because I could edit that I could say scheduled to send it later or I could say that I want to add it to a different list but in this case I know I want to send it to the list where I only have two subscribers one of them being myself okay and so now my email is sent and I also have an archive page now we're going to come back over to the regular desktop for that archive page so hang on guys let me get off of the screen share whoa thank you so much for hanging in there with me for that and I see you guys have a lot to say about what I just share with you hey okay Larry snow is here dryer buzzes here what's happening girlie okay let me scroll back make sure I didn't miss anybody all right and let's see if I can make this bigger I can I know I can all right here we go spread that out some so you all can see it and I think we have a couple of new folks here today too and if you guys don't know dryer buzz make sure you follow and ovaries by veronica's here – hey so look guys you are all very savvy business people or content creators okay so click those three dots like I'm showing you here and go to each other's channel and be sure to subscribe to one another's channels okay can you do that for me I appreciate you Jordan Oh Jordans here again hey and then Richard is here and Bertram oh I'm sorry I don't understand that language but it looks like you're just saying hi so hello hello hello and then of course mr.

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snow the one and only Larry snow from Larry snow dummy James Healey right okay we said hi to James and buddy okay and Beauty are you planning on coming over or are you there and I just don't see you I don't see anybody here on crowdcast so is anybody coming to join me today all right so now that we sent off an email right we use the app we were totally on the go I actually composed the app in my notes and I have forgotten but this is something that you do need to do you need to if you're going to share a video from YouTube you need to open up the mobile version of the website not directly from the YouTube app and then you go to the three dots at the top of the page and then that brings up that share sheet that includes curate as one of the options on the share sheet notice there was a whole lot of different options that were there versus when you just share from YouTube I don't know why YouTube does it that way but oh well that's okay and also when you're on Chrome on your phone or I guess if you're using some other browser I don't know why you would do that but if I know some people like Safari some people love Firefox and whatever a mobile browser that you're using then most people will be sharing stuff from their website or their blog or perhaps if their podcaster they will be sharing their podcast episodes but really all that's doing is creating that thumbnail and they still have to click through nobody's really going to be able to consume that video or that audio content with an email email just doesn't let that happen and it's a good thing that it doesn't because you know just for security reasons we want to keep everybody safe and secure ain't that right mr.

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snow our security expert is in the house okay so and Jordan if it's the last thing you do you're going to learn how to spell my name I am everybody I am oh because you mess up my name in some ways I never even seen people mess it up before okay so let me go over to Twitter and make sure okay Tish has shared everything over in the patrons group thank you so much Tish so that way if Larry if you did want to join me and what Larry you probably got the notification from crowdcast if you wanted to join me there even you even YouTube might not know this is true Richard because YouTube said something the other day and we will touch on that before we get off of here that I was like totally confused and I'm thinking today do they even know what's going on at YouTube because they said something that just didn't make any sense to me so now I'm just going to go to screen shares because as I mentioned earlier I don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy so now after you have completed sending out an email and I think I can close my phone down now so I'm going to close it down and but if I have to bring it up again later you guys will understand what I'm doing here also I can take down my news okay let's go to the screen share here so now once you have finished sending out your list you can open up the a weber stacks app and that stat app is going to show you how many opens you had how many clicks how many complaints if you had complaints or unsubscribes if you have unsubscribes and always remember guys unsubscribes it's not a bad thing it's not a bad thing when someone unsubscribes because basically they're saying yeah Wow your content is not interesting to me or this is not what I was expecting or hey I'm just too busy I get too many emails on got time for you right now and that's okay cuz I know I do it almost every day I unsubscribe from somebody okay folks are here so I'm gonna soon that this is beauty yes it is beauty all right I will invite you are you sure you want to write Beauty yes yes there you go actually nobody's in crowdcast right now beaut except you and I that oh good Eileen hi youtube and everyone else out there email marketing is do I need to learn about this so you know and of course Aweber has a fantastic desktop dashboard as well but I just wanted to focus on the mobile today because like I said going to podcast movement and want to be able to maybe something happens that podcast movement you know I'm gonna be sitting on the edge of my seat when Zack from Google podcasts is doing his presentation if he said something really amazing I'm gonna email it out to y'all so I want to be able to do it from my phone so thank gosh I know what to do so now I'm going to share with you guys one more screenshot because I showed you first a curate app that's how I composed and sent out the email then next you go to the Aweber stats app to see what your open rates were right so now but something in this stats app you saw your open rates but now and this is something that's really unique to the app and not so much on the desktop so let me show you what I mean you're going to even see the little profile avatar of the person that opened your email and that's something you don't see when you're on desktop you see their email address but a lot of times people's emails addresses don't match their name right if you know that note like I know this person here is my dear friend the wicker woman right and you know I saw a couple of other faces there that I know and that's because that mobile app it brings up the little avatar and so that is an extra added bonus of using the more.

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