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Galaxy S4 Lock Screen on Android

Video: Galaxy S4 Lock Screen on Android


Hey guys, what is up! Today I will be reviewing an application called Galaxy S4 lock screen. As you can already tell by the name of this application, it basically lets you switch your lock screen to look like the one on Galaxy S4. So, here's the lock screen itself and as you can see it has the nice ripple effect Galaxy phones have. Here's the settings for the application. You can choose 2 effects, both of them are really nice and smooth. Also, another great feature this application has is the "Shortcuts". You can choose an application, for example, the internet browser and it's going to show on the lock screen for easy access. Just swipe your finger and here it is, it opens immediately! There's some more options you can, of course, choose your own wallpaper. You can also edit the text that's being shown on the top of the screen and you can also change the font style for it.

Other than that, there's nothing much left. There are 2 options that claim to set both the status bar and the navigation bar transparent, however, they do not seem to work. As you can see both my status bar and nav bar are clearly visible and fully functional. I can even access the multi tasking menu and access my home screen like that. I wish it worked as it would make the application much better, but even though the settings do not work, it's still a great lock screen. It's very smooth and it's functions very, very well. What do you think guys, are you going to try this lock screen? Honestly, I feel like leaving it because it looks very nice. So, yeah, that's it for today, thank you for watching!.

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