/Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed Date Of Android Pie

Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed Date Of Android Pie

Video: Galaxy Note 9 Confirmed Date Of Android Pie


Click the subscribe button and also press the bell Icon to get the notification of every video I upload Hello friends. This is iDroid increation in this video. I will talk about the Galaxy Note 9 pie update. So let's watch So Friends recently Android Pie update list Samsung has mentioned many devices months of getting pie update But Samsung Turkey has rolled out a list in which they have confirmed the Android pie update date For note 9 the date is 15 January 2019 This Android pie update will also include one UI which is latest user interface from Samsung But friends remember Samsung turkey also has a history of changing the dates on its update roadmaps So you can also see delays in these updates but if the update arrived at the time then this will be the great service from Samsung this year and We can hope more fast updates in future So friends, this is the latest news.

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