Subscribe to the channel and turn on the notification bell. So you never miss an update Hello guys, I'm Kodi best build I'm back with you again with another video. I wish you all the win Well having a great time with your friends with your family, sir celebrated the new year, so I wish you to be safe Stay safe And enjoy your holidays at home or doin whatever So don't forget to subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends and family and hope you'll like all my videos So if you have any issue any problem, just put it in the comment section So today we're gonna install a great build from the diamond kodi wizard so it's really amazing for kodi 18 on Xbox one and Amazon fire stick or any other device so to get it press right here on system or settings and Then go through system and a low to install from and down sources So as you can see right here, press on it, and then press on Yes, so that way we allow to install anything from announced sources so now press on file manager and Then press on add source Right here, press none and just copy and paste the source copy it from my website and paste it right here So press on, okay So, hey guys, you got a trip oh you can name it repo or Anything you want, so press on okay press back back one more time and here scroll down to add-ons click on it and Then guys press on this little box in the top So here press on install from zip file Choose your file click on it and press on install diamond repo So press on it, it's gonna be install it into your repositories right here as you can see So as you can see with me Press on install from repository And then choose the diamond repo and press on program add-ons and here you got the diamond build Wizard, so I got it already install it.

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I'm gonna install it and install it back So press down on it and press on install. I Got aptoide for Cody gonna download any app So you guys you got it. So press on this miss press Continue Right here just ignore press on Open the wizard So right here as you can see you get maintenance you get back up and restoring your tools you get UNSTOPABLES You got clothes. So here get bills. You need to press on bills So whoo guys we got the builds for toady crap-ton and here we got a bill for Cody 18, so we're gonna install the diamond fit for Cody 18 so select the build as you can see right here and Choose what type or what kind of install type you want to? Do if you got a previous build already in your Cody. You got a lot of damn shit files You got a lot of problems do a fresh install if you don't have anything yet Install it into your cody. You cannot do a New build install it into your cody.

Just press on the standard install as you can see right here So press install and here press on yes install it so You guys got the download process going do not press on cancer right here or press on this empty space So if you do that, you have to restart the download from zero So just be patient and wait drink your cup of coffee or tea or whatever and enjoy your time Until the download process is done Then you can restart Kildee and enjoy this great fill into your xbox one Amazon first sip or any device running Kodi 18 as you can see right here version 18. It's not gonna work on cody 17 so if you got Cody 17 and you want to install this build you need to install the diamond build for Cody crap-ton as You can see got it right here the diamond build for Cody crap-ton Chose it and if you are on Xbox one Choose this one the diamond build for Cody 18 this one that I'm installing rainout So right here guys you got the download process done and It's now installing all your files and it's going so fast So everything is done right now? You can first close Cody and restart it again to get this build.

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You stole it into your box So as you can see right here once you press ok so Cody is gonna be closed and you need to Restart the game to enjoy this pill and watch anything you want. So thanks a lot for your time And now I'm gonna leave you with the review steps So right here guys after installing this great build you will get this amazing homepage so here we got the favorites and Library, so as you can see here are my fave Movies right now and also right here fight by Richard so Here you can place all your favorite stuff and back to them Quickly as you can run anything quickly right here so I can show your wife every night An Advil So here you can explore Comedy or you got a lot of great amazing stuff in this section So here we got 4k content So we got a lot of amazing Jody Adams Where you can enjoy anything you want We got some YouTube Over Oh So you guys got movies Got all the trending movie upcoming movie Enjoy it Here we got TV shows Just choose your favorite show watching A good experience without buffering so cost is B is blocking you from watching great things We've got ATM Whatever move I Love you, Roxy Got some great bro We are some temple movies So if you are a big fan of Tong fo you can enjoy it right here in this section And you've got urban If your answer is snow try to Restart your router and then it's gonna be working with you second step You have to type exactly the same source as I did in the first of the video if you missed any Word, you won't be able to install the peel So that's it Thanks a lot for your time and see you tomorrow for another Jodi bill.

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