so you just got yourself the brand-new and vidi a shield Pro Edition or maybe you've got the previous generation like I have and you now want to fully loadup your device now as we know with the Nvidia shield you do get access to the Google Play Store but it's a small subset of applications are actually available out there so let's say you install more exotic applications or applications that you can't really find on the standard Google Play Store but you still want to install them what's the best and safest way to do that well in this video today let me show you three custom apks stores which only give you access to some amazing applications amazing utilities and amazing games but they also have some great features like automatic app updating and they also give you verification to make sure the application is 100% safe coming up right after this if you need to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials the latest forests take Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to the notification barrel it's a small click from you but it makes a big difference to me thank you so for this process to work we need to have a method of installing apks directly onto our Nvidia shield now the method I showed yesterday uses an older version of puffin TV which will allow you to download applications through the browser onto your device now you may want to use different method but you can still follow the steps in this video so my device because I've already installed the older version of puffin TV the first thing I need to do is go over to settings device preferences go to security restrictions and where it says unknown sources I need to make sure that puffin TV is an application which can install other applications if you are using a different method to install your apks just make sure it's listed in here and make sure you given it the allow permission once you've done that let's back out this let's now start that browser so in my case I'm going to start puffing TV inside the browser let's navigate to my website which is tech doctor UK comm ok let's search for that and we can see it's the link here let's open that up now we can now go to the downloads page so under custom apk stores the first one we going to look at today is called up to down App Store let's scroll down let's click on the green download button once you see the message that is now started downloading we cannot press back on the remote go back to the start page and inside downloads we can see we've now downloaded that custom applications to us let's open that up let's now click on install ok let's open that up ok so this is the first custom application store and here you'll find all sorts of applications and many that you can't find on the standard Google Play Store so you go section for latest applications you've got top downloads your communications games lifestyle multimedia productivity tools and here you can also manage applications and here's one of the key features of this application store which has built-in automatic updates so once you have installed a bunch of applications you can always come back and see if there's a later version by clicking on this and this will then update all of your applications to the latest version so let's say you want to get something on top downloads let's install ok so what yes file explorer here which is a good utility let's click on that we can now click on download let's give up to down permission to our storage click on allow and weeks it has now downloaded and we get option 2 installer and here we can see we need to give up 2 down permission so we can store applications through this application store so let's go to settings and just make sure that's now ticked let's go back here click on install again and we can open that up click on agree give it permission I will now install this application outside the official Google Play Store so that's the first customer apk store which is up to down App Store just back out of this the next customer apk store we have in the list is aptoide TV now this really doesn't need any intro from me I mean app to a TV has been one of the most trusted long-running custom apk stores for well a very long time so let's now click on the green download button let's press back on the remote go back to the start page and inside downloads we now have opto TVs let's click on that and let's click on install now I want to do things a little bit differently on this one because we know what's going to happen now I'm going to start the application I'm going to find an application to install porn I try and install it it's going to give me that warning so let's do it the correct way so once you've installed your custom application store go back into your settings go to device preferences go down into security and we should now see after a TV in the list there is let's now give that permission which now once again means if there is any application or download through this application my device will give me permission to install applications from there so let's back out that let's now add up to a TV to the home screen there is so lets us know that at beginning so you press and hold let's click on move and let's move to the left artists put at the beginning and let's now open that up so this really is a giant and I really do mean giant library of applications of utilities of games just so many things this application has you really will find all of the things are you looking for in here and the other great thing about this application is because the thing is when you do download things online maybe from somebody's store or maybe from a website how can you actually verify that the application that you're downloading is firstly what it is and secondly that's being checked for viruses now I know in the applications are normally download I do pass them through virus turtles the rest assured the stuff they get from my website has been tested for viruses and malware but if you are downloading from a random guy's web soil from a random guys falling store how can you really be sure that what you're downloading is actually safe or with app to a TV when you do actually click on something so for example uninstall YouTube 400 TV let's click on that so in the application you do find that's got the green shield it is a trusted application and it has been through various checks and various vetting processes to make sure the application is 100% safe so that's really one of the benefits of downloading through a pro TV is you do get some kind of confidence of what you're downloading can be trusted let's back out this okay so here is up to a TV so you got a section for discover we can discover all sorts of different things lots of different things in there different emulators different things let's back out for that then you've got a category section so here you got your entertainment category shopping communications social tools video players editors lots of different things and it guys just so many things let's try entertainment so you can see guys pretty much all of the apps you could possibly want or in here just so much good content guys and all from a trusted source somewhat and again here we can see guys this also has built-in updating so this is telling us there is a new update for puffin TV which as we know you don't want to get because the latest version of puffin TV actually blocks downloading so I'm gonna ignore that before I update this application I can do that or anything else I have on my device but for now let's look at Pac Man let's click on that let's click on install and again we can see this is a trusted application ok do uninstall this we notice there's no error about permissions let's click on install here is to the UK playing a bit of pac-man I mean accompli people didn't find that noise annoying but I guess in your kids in care barracks it's working fine I didn't mean destroying this is back out of that okay so that's app to a TB so really guys have all of the custom application stores are previously tested this has to be one of the best and when you go through the list you can you see why because literally every application you could possibly want is in his that's the second one which is aptoide TV so the last custom application store in the list is actually built a special one is called the aurora Play Store now the reason why it's a bit special is as I mentioned at the start this video yes you can access the Google Play Store from the Nvidia shield but you only see a small subset of applications the reason for that is the place servers actually detect which device is making a connection to the Google Play Store if they see an Nvidia shield coming in they may show this many applications if they see another hundred box coming they may see different applications so based on your device ID determines which applications are damnit the volume control based on your device ID that determines which applications the Google Play Store shows you well what the Aurora Play Store does it allows you to spoof your device IDs and only can you download applications for the Nvidia shield you can actually download all the applications on the Google Play Store and again in terms of security you can't get much safer than installing apps from the official Play Store so let me download this now and let me show you how it works and here we can just see that's now downloading and just for waiting guys if you're on during these tutorials if you do want to see more tutorials on the Nvidia shield on the 4k for a stake on the second generation fire TV cube and even the latest Android boxes then please do subscribe and hit a notification bell because that really is the best way to support my channel ok let's click on the store now ok so now if you want to you can actually log in to the Roar Play Store using your own Google credentials and the reason why you might want to do that is if you have previously purchased an application with your Google Account so once you log into that account here you can also download the application for free because you will be purchased it now in my case because I only want to download free applications I'm going to select the anonymous option for this application is a bit fiddly with the standard remote control so I'm just gonna use my Bluetooth controller let me now turn that on I saw the UH Nokia phone it's now working let's now click on anonymous let's go down and let's click on login and of course because you can pair up any Bluetooth controller with the Nvidia shield alternatively you can use a keyboard with a dongle but for now let's click on login so this should now use one of his built-in accounts to login to the Google Play Store and let's see if that works first time I had to now were close okay so here is the official Google Play Store but again right now it's actually the Nvidia shield that's making a connection to the Google Play Store which is where I can only see these kind of applications so if I search for Firefox we can see we get no results how can we fix that well let's go to the settings on the top right let's go down and we're looking for here is where it says spoof so we can see it does correctly know what my device is and similarly once it makes the connection to the Google Play Store it's only going to show me applications suitable for this device and that's what we want to change so the way we change that is if you click on a spoof device now we can now see we can pretend to be any of these other devices so for test lets us be let's be a Google pixel let's click on that and let's now click on apply ok it tells us that we need to restart the application so you can then spoof that device so the next time we do make a connection back to the Google Play Store Google Play Store should think that it's actually a Google pixel that's connecting in so let's see if it actually works let's click on logout let's log back in is anonymous as your login is anonymous so click on login and we can see straight away guys some of these applications have now changed because Google Play Store thinks is actually a Google pixel that's now connecting in blessed with our real test scores so let's see if I click on search let's see if we can now search for Firefox and there we have it guys so because Google Play Store thinks it's actually a Google pixel as connecting in we can now down at all these applications direct from the Google Play Store so let's click on download and we can see that's now installed ok so this process has shown you a very easy way on how you can access the entire Google Play Store direct from your Nvidia shield and install all these applique with one-click even if they weren't actually designed for your device you can install them without any problems whatsoever well that's all for this video guys many thanks for watching and many thanks will stay until the end if you did find this video useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then please do subscribe hit a notification barrel as always I always appreciate your likes your shares your comments I'll do you let me know what you think leave me a comment below and I'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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