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Hello ,everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Overnight 2 Reboot. Now this is a Five Nights at Freddy's 2 free roam map. Inspired by Nikson who made the Joy of Creation Reboot. And using a lot of animations from the same person who did the animations for The Joy of Creation. Now I've never played it, but I have a special place in my heart for uh, Five Nights at Freddy's 2. So I'm going to try it out, there's a lot of nights that you could do, but I really only want to try it for a little bit. And maybe do one episode of it.

*PA* Hey, I am DanielBot Version 0.67 and I am part of the open AI system by Elon Musk I will be your companion tonight I also have a really deep, British voice This is the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza You are a security guard here because… Well, I have no idea Personally, I have no idea why anyone would want to work here I have a few tips for you tonight That puppet thing is located in Prize Corner and you can see it via all the cam systems by pressing 'Q' You can navigate the cam systems by pressing the different keys shown on the rooms. *Mark, whisperingly* Wha?!… *PA* You need to physically go to Prize Corner and wind it up every so often If it unwinds, you are pretty much screwed. So, just keep it wound up and you will be fine. There will be one of the old animatronics active tonight and be sure, it's an extremely fast one(?) His name's Bonnie Something happens to him.. I'm not going to tell you what happens to him But if you make it towards the end of the week, I may tell you So, how do you get away from him? It's pretty hard.

We used to have a mask that you could wear to disguise yourself But I don't know why it stopped working There was a certain…accident. There are places for you to hide Firstly, the lockers behind you seem to be a good hiding place and worked for the person before you. Next, you have is the vents. None of the animatronics tend to come in here Except… one But you don't need to worry about that for the moment. *Mark* Okay *PA* You may use it as a hiding space. The reason is because the animatronics can't fit in there Except… one *Mark is disgusted* *PA* The last place to hide is under the tables… Which works…. ..Erm.. Most of the time. Have fun. See you tomorrow! *Back to Mark* Okay! Thank you! Oh.. Hi!.. It's Balloon Boy! And oh my God, it's Five Nights at Freddy's And oh my God, apparently Bonnie is going to be joining me today Well, time to go in the Ladies' restroom! Anything in here that I should know about? Hehe, this is so bizarre! I mean, cool that you actually get to wander around this place The last time I tried to do, like, a level, where you're actually in FNAF2 *disgust* Oh hey, Mangle.

How're you doing? Was when uhm… Was when I.. Ooh fucking.. Hell-oo *Almost Russian* Hello? How do I wind that? I have no idea where I wind that, or how I wind that. Can I just leave? Why are you staring at me? I have no idea where it actually is… Ohh shit.. *Moment of realisation* Oh fucking.. shit. Ohh no. Oh no. How do I wind you? I don't know where the musi- OH FUCKING FUCK Oh hey.. hi.. Oh shit.. Oh fuck OOHHH GOD *Vocal spasm* *And another* Oh boy I DON'T KNOW WH-OH FUCKING HELL! He's coming after me.. OOOHHH NO! Oh I have know idea where to wind up the music box, is this it? Fucking HOOOIII *he added vibrato* Okey. Alright. Don't do that. I'm just going to hide in the locker. These lockers don't fucking work, do they? Oh boy. Okay.

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*Mark makes the sound of the squirrel from Ice Age when he wants the acorn* He'll never find me. Ohh, the music box is going to go off. I am dead either way. I am dead in a million ways. I'm going to die. Woah! WOOAAHH! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! WOOOAAAHHH! WOOOAAAHHH! OH MY.. GOD! I AM SO DEAD *The third vocal spasm* Okey. Can't get me. I'm in h-AAHH FUCKING CLOSE.. Oh it's not closing, is it? Ohh, they're not closing… Hii! *high pitched squeal* Hello, stop humping my face. Okay, thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you, thank you. *The PA starts muttering the same thing* Jesus. So, I can tell that this game isn't quite as polished. As..uhh. Some other games that I've played.. And that's why I'm not going to do a full playthrough of it. But, even so, this is kind of interesting to see The effort that's been put into this.

..the fuck do I wind it? Oh, I got to left-click it. Oh okay. Alright then. Okay, so now all I'm going to do is I'm going to survive a full night. Why is my heartbeat going? Why would my heartbeat be going? Okay, it's probably fine. Y'know, it's probably 100% fine. Maybe if I just try to go on top of the stage And just try to join everybody else and wave. [Withered] Bonnie won't be able to see me and won't know. *Outraged* I can't even jump up on stage! This is bullshit. Alright, now that I know how to wind up the music box and now that he's shut up I should be able to keep away from the Bonster long enough to survive this night. As soon as he walk out of that room, I know that I'm in trouble. But I just want to see what happens when he- What the fuck was that? Okay… Alright..

. Oh, I have only a limited amount of flashlight battery. This place is much creepier… Ooh shit.. Is that him, oh it's him.. Okay, alright. So, aah, that's stressful. So he -oooiiooi Nooo! Nooo! No, no, no, no. No. No no no no. *Mark says 'no' a lot more…* Okay, alright. Just calm down. It's fine. Everything's under control. You don't need to WORRY ABOUT A thing… EVERYTHING IS FINE Oh shit, dude. That is, that is extremely terrifying. Holy fucking shit… That is legitimately horrifying. *Fourth vocal spasm, with distaste added* Just the giant, beaming red ligh- Holy Stop looking at me! Okay, yeah. Go down that hallway, I'm not here. You stay out of my zone Don't let me into my zon- Oh fuck. *girly yelp again* How?! Why?! How and why?! That doesn't make any Goddamn sense.

Mangle's going crazy over in this corner.. *Large inhale* SHABADABOOSKI *Whisperingly* Hey guys, how're you doing? Okay. GOO LOOONGG! Okay, the music box should be fine for at least another couple of hours, I'm just going to go down here to try to stay away from him. Oh, I can hide under that desk. Okay, so, so long as he doesn't kill me I'll be fine. Amazing how that works.. That was intelligent commentary on my part.. So, five. Yay! He's coming to kill me… It is really interesting to see, like, this again. It's not the best made, but at least it's better than that G-Mod map… Hello, I say-What the fuck? Woah… I do not appreciate that. Oh god why are you coming down here? Why are you coming down here? Why are you coming down here, it's like you know! YOU KNOW! I don't like that! Oh, I don't like that. Okay. Woah.

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*Mark mumbles and swears.* Okay. Oh no, dude, oh dude, oh no dude. Oh the way you walk is so stupid, dude. OAAH DOOD Okay, I may have fucked myself over because I have no idea how I'm going to get around him to get back Oh no DOOD. I might be able to sneak by if he goes past the tables a little bit. WAHAY! AHAY! WHAT THE FUCK?! Yeeh Yeeh Yeeh… Just come down enough so I can get past you. Fuck. That's not going to work. 'Kay but maybe I can go around Eeeyee I've got to get over there. I've got to get over there. *Girly yelp* AHHH OOOOOOII!!! Okay, I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay. ALRIGHT! Wind up the music bo-w-x Okay, I'm going to hide under the tables… That's what he said. He said it might work. But not always. Why's Mangle being a bitch over there? Okay, so far so good. This is actually, legitimately more stressful than I thought And only one animatronic is active.

.. This is cool, like, I like the effort. And, another fact that I was going to save until later This was made by a kid who is 13. Like, It's pretty well done for a kid who's 13. Which is awfully, like- It's just like, people are getting started so early these days And they're actually stuff and they're making. And, obviously, it's somewhat derivative it's, it's FNAF2, like, it's using something else as inspiration. But the fact that it's done and it's done pretty well, that is pretty terrifying and I mean, the animations weren't made by a 13-year-old. They were made by, I forget his name. If it's in the credits, I'll remember the name. But this guy does really, really good work. And especially at making these horrifying monstrosities come to life. It seems like I might be okay, might get through this night. Maybe I'll try another night because I want to see what's it's like with more animatronics.

Roaming around and how horrible that will be… So, as soon as we get through this one, we'll be okay. It's weird, whenever you're under a table, your heartbeat goes up. Whenever you're in the vents.Whenever it thinks that you're actually hiding. Your heartbeat goes up. It's kind of a nice feature because then you know when you're actually quote en quote "hidden" What does your sign say? Your sign doesn't say anything, dick! Do you not know how to spell? ASSHOLE! You gave me so much trouble in FNAF2 And for what good reason? NONE! What, God, are you stop pivot- OOOAAAAYY! Hello! Alright, I did it. I'm going to try one more. I thought I was only going to do one night but I'm actually curious enough to see the second one. Like I wanna know, I wanna know, like what it involves when all these guys are doing their thing so, I've got to know. I've got to know. I've got to know.

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*PA, monotone* Hey, hey, hey. I'm back and you are too. Before we get started, I have some prizes for you at the end of the week because of your potential hard work. *Mark* Yay *PA* You can choose 1. Sexy Mozarellas 2. A bag of cash 3. Exotic Butters. *Mark* Oh! *PA*Anyway, back to your shift tonight. *Mark* Okay* *PA* I think Bonnie will be active again tonight. And you know how to treat him. But Freddy may also be active. You can make sure he stays inactive by turning off the radio that is always playing music. Freddy is attracted to this music so make sure you turn it off as soon as you hear it. The radio is near the parts and services room. Since I do not know your name, I shall randomly generate a name for you… Hello, Eggs Benedict. So..um.

. Yeah, have fun. *Mark* Okay *PA* See you tomorrow, buddy. *Mark* Thanks, pal! I like all the references to FNAFSL! And also I'll take the cash, as much as I like exotic butters, *Insert exotic butters tune and then Mark saying to do so.* I think I'll, I'll- Oh that's not good… Freddy? Freddy? What are you doing Freddy? Freddy? Freddy, what are you doing, Freddy? Freddy. I did not ask for you to be here, Freddy. I didn't even hear your radio, Freddy. Woah, okay that's creepy. Hello. Can I.. can I…Oooh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, he's got purple eyes. Ooh, FUCKING SHIT. No thank you! No thank you. Turn it of *girly yelp* AAAHH FUCK What the fuck? How did I turn it off? How do I turn that off? I've no idea, I tried to go-OH MY GOD! Fucking stop! Stop! I'm trying to turn it off but it's not working. EEE It's not working, not working Oh fucking shit dude, I don't know how to turn you off.

Oh boy, well, death approaches. Bring it one BITCH! FUCK YOU! Oh fuck. That was pretty creepy. Alright, Wait, what does that say? What does that say, there's words there? "THEM" "SAVE?" "SAVE THEM?" Save them? I have no idea what that means. And I have no idea why that is.. Anyway, so that is Overnight 2 *Redux It's not bad, this is legitimately good. I'm not going to do a full playthrough of it because I don't want to do too many of these FNAF Fan games. But I just want to say, this is legitimately cool. I mean, of course it could use some polish etc. There's a lot of improvements to be made but it's still legitimately good. Like, I like this, it brings back memories from FNAF2 It was legitimately scary at some times, to see those things stomping around the hallways Having that free-roam aspect and knowing the world of FNAF does bring a horrifying atmosphere to the game. So, it's pretty good.

It could use some polish but still, not bad. To the developer, Christian Blanford(?) Keep it up. You've got a lot of potential in you. And anybody watching, let me know what you thought down in the comments below and maybe give some encouragement to the developer here. And thanks to the animator, who I still don't know the name of [wait for it].