/FREE BTC and XLM from Playing this Games! Instant Withdrawal!

FREE BTC and XLM from Playing this Games! Instant Withdrawal!

Video: FREE BTC and XLM from Playing this Games! Instant Withdrawal!


Welcome back again with earn money with Aiza where I will be teaching you how to make money online! If you don't know me yet, my name is Aiza Mercado and I will be sharing again a video tutorial how we can learn free bitcoins and free stellar! as you can see I'm using Mumu app player as my Android emulator here in my laptop and you can use it too in your personal computer. but first, let me shout out first the winners of 100 pesos giveaway every video upload! If this is your first time in my youtube channel feel free to subscribe and you can click the notification bell to get notify with my uploads where we can earn extra money online alright I'm posting here free Paypal, free bitcoins =, free alt coins, free loads, and any forms of online earnings so yeah let's proceed now with our video tutorial For this video I will be sharing you two applications where we can earn in Bitcoin and free stellar or free xlm so here we need three application, number 1: crypto word number 2: pop stellar and of course coinbase take note all our earnings will be paid out in coinbase so meaning withdrawals here are instant! in your playstore, you can search for our 2 application which is crypto word, this one and made by Vweeter limited and the second one is pops stellar take note that these two application is the same developer of crypto pop feel free to download it and take note it is 100% free I just want to remind you that these two applications are only available with Android phones.

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First things first we need to set up your account by simply clicking this wallet in here you must connect your Gmail your email address or your phone number connect it first so you can earn points then here' in upper portion you need to enter your coinbase email address okay if you're done entering your coinbase email address you can now proceed and start your game alright welcome to pop stellar! if you new here of course you can have your new game and whats good about it, when you left your last game you can still continue it alright so for now let's start a new game alright target is 1000 so here basically you need to pair up the same colors which is red yellow green violet and blue like for example this green stars, all you have to do is to double click or double tap and boom you will earn your free xlm stroops! yeah lets continue our game! and red and once this stage clear appeared target amount has already been target! so let's continue playing this is how easy to earn fee xlm using this pop stellar you play, you enjoyed it the same time you are earning free xlm! so let's start again playing.

.. thats how easy to gain more xlm here and now let's proceed with our proof of withdrawal our withdrawals here are instant and its direct with Coinbase account so now let's go back and let's proceed with our wallet and click this claim button to prevent people from spamming you can only claim once every 3 days yes of course all right claim success so now, lets check our coinbase account then here we can select portfolio and look for of course XLM Stellar lumens let's check it and there you go I received 0.009361 xlm so totally it is legit and its instant withdrawals! so now let's proceed with our second application which is crypto word. all right here in crypto word if you want to know how to play and basically you need to simply tap the letters to make words it has different color letters the more words we created the more points we get! alright so now we can start our new game we need to click or we need to tap letters to earn points so you can drag it or you can simply tap tap tap and tap! all right then double click! then you can do vertically horizontally its up to you what words you can create like for example here sand yeah so that's easy we can earn free bitcoins using this application! at times, its hard to see some letters.

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… simple words its okay, depends on you… the longer the words , the more points we get like for example chess and 1000 score target is done… 🙂 now let's proceed with our proof of withdrawal with this application and click wallet of course, same as earlier… then here make sure you entered your coinbase email address so let's try by simply clicking this claim button claim your 103 satoshi, yes of course claim success! then go to portfolio then select bitcoin and select this BTC wallet and i received now the 110 Satoshi which i only claim 103 satoshi but thanks anyway for the bonus and thank you coz its legit and instant withdrawals! okay so thats how basic we can earn free xlm and free bitcoin from these 2 apps i mentioned earlier! i hope this video helps you how to make money online if it does please like this video and of course don't forget to subscribe with our youtube and telegram channel! if you want to suggest any apps/sites to be featured here in our Youtube channel please send me a message in our Facebook fan page which is earn money with Aiza and lets try to make a video of it and share it with others as well! thank you again for watching, stay cool, stay payaman and do not forget to comment down below your coins.

ph php wallet or btc wallet address to win daily every upload giveaway! Thanks again for supporting me, my name is Aiza Mercado and see you on the next video!.