/Free 300 UC Glitch In Pubg Mobile | Not Working Anymore | Dont Purchase Prime Now [HINDI]

Free 300 UC Glitch In Pubg Mobile | Not Working Anymore | Dont Purchase Prime Now [HINDI]

Video: Free 300 UC Glitch In Pubg Mobile | Not Working Anymore | Dont Purchase Prime Now [HINDI]


hey guys, how are you today? Welcome to another video from warrior gaming Subscribe if you are new to my channel and press the bell icon to get regular updates I upload videos daily Before we start just wanna tell you guys that we are having a giveaway on the channel We've already done one giveaway and this will be the 2nd one, and this time you'll get somewhere around 200 UC If you want to participate you can click on giveaway video link in description So let us start without further ado You all must have seen on youtube many youtubers had posted videos wherein you could get free 300 UC You can get benefits of Rs.850 prime plus in just Rs.85 prime membership It sounds really good and too good to be true and the people who took benefit from this then that is really nice But i would like to tell you guys something, and before that i also tried to get this offer and also had planned a video on the same I had bought it day before yesterday, the Rs.

85 prime membership on a different account as my main account already has prime plus It is not working guys So i thought of watching some more videos as i thought maybe i am doing something wrong here So they said that people who bought prime last time are eligible for this offer/glitch So i borrowed the account of a friend who had bought 85 prime membership last time But guys still it did not work, if it worked for anyone earlier then that is good for you guys, there is proof in those videos It is not that it was fake, but the thing is that it is not working anymore So if you are buying prime membership now in the thought of getting benefit of that glitch, then don't guys The people who already bought and used it are the ones lucky, but now its is not working, so keep that in mind I actually could not get it, so guess my bad luck So do not waste your money if you are buying in the thought of getting the prime plus offer benefits in Rs.85 only This was all in this video guys, i just wanted to inform you guys that the glitch in not working anymore and so you don't waste your money I hope you liked the video and learnt something new, if you did then press the like button Share with your friends so that they also do not fall for this offer anymore Do let me know in comments did you take benefit from this offer or not? So guys your support is the motivation for me to make new videos, thank you for watching, see you in the next one.

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