/[Ford Focus 2018/2019 MK4] Android Auto + Bildschirm Spiegeln / Mirror + OBD2

[Ford Focus 2018/2019 MK4] Android Auto + Bildschirm Spiegeln / Mirror + OBD2

Video: [Ford Focus 2018/2019 MK4] Android Auto + Bildschirm Spiegeln / Mirror + OBD2


Hello, welcome on my YouTube channel where it´s all about the new Ford Focus MK4 This video is about Android Auto and the question what can be done in addition besides the standard funtionality of Android Auto For testing purposes I will use my very old OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle. I have placed a link in the video description to a similar one. I´m plugging the dongle to the OBD2 Interface I´m starting on the smartphone Android Auto On the first start of Android Auto some questions appear you need to grant access to some parts like: e.

g. phone book, SMS, data and also other items You can activate everything (if you want to have full functionality of Android Auto) Android Auto then starts with the already known User Interface I have cleared all settings to show you the step by step procedure from beginning There is one special item which needs to be done to use additional functionality as we want to. You need to open the Info Dialog As you can see on the 3 points in the above corner there are only 2 items, help and feedback If you press 10 times (more or less) on the headline an additional dialog box appear which shows that you are going to enable developer settings and a short warning notice pleace accept with OK On the menu you will now notice additional items like the developer settings Choose them on the bottom you will find allow unknown sources activate it Let´s go on As you can see Android Auto Settings – Version 3.

9 – so I´m using the current / latest version available I haven´t downgraded anything or modified anything. It is the latest one which is available on Google Playstore It´s installed and developer settings are enabled unknown sources are activated There are some Apps which you can try and which give you additional functionality I have checked the web what is available and possible and I came across 2 Apps These 2 Apps gives us additional functionality One App is called AAMirror and the other one is called OBD2AA AA in the Apps name means Android Auto You can download the Apps by checking the video description If you install the Apps you will notice that the Apps aren´t displayed in the Infotainment System when you connect your smartphone to it The reason for the behaviour is that not all Apps are allowed to be shown on the cars display to not to distract the driver. To overcome this issue and to display the apps on the Infotainment Display You need a 3rd App which I have also linked in the video description You need to download and install the App It´s called AAAppEnabler Android Auto 3rd Party App Enabler Press the button "Read Apps" A list with all possible Apps which you have installed (and are useable in Android Auto) are displayed In my case it is AAMirror and OBD2AA The other two ones displayed belong to the two Apps mentioned Activate all of them and Press "Apply" Then you will be requested to reboot the smartphone which I have done already to keep the video as short as possible When you have done this and rebooted the phone then connect the smartphone via USB and Android Auto will start And you should be able to see the following Usually you only see the "Back to SYNC" item Now we have in addition OBD2AA and AAMirror OBD2AA is an App which allows you to read out the OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle which I have shown you at the beginning of this video This Dongle can read out the data of the car and display them on the Infotainment Display This hasn´t worked for me that good (crashed several times) The first App "AA Mirror" worked better When I start the App you see that the Display is mirrored to the Infotainment Display This has the benefit, that I can now use any App which I like to not only the OBD2 Data can be read out and shown but all kind of apps can be used So this solution is the prefered one you have more possibilities and more functionality and it is more comfortable As you can see I have installed the App called Torque You can obtain the App in a light and pro version I can now lay down my smartphone because the display is mirrored.

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As you can see everything is working it is a 1:1 mirroring function My smartphone is recoginized by the OBD2 Dongle and connected to it. That was the reason why I plugged it in at the beginning of this video. Dongle is connected to the car. GPS Signal is still missing because I haven´t a good reception here where I´m standing the GPS signal here is poor OK Let´s choose live data The information obtained by the OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle are shown We see here the current revolutions of the engine. When I press the gas pedal you see these are live data So a cool thing With this Toruqe App you can customize your dashboard and display additional / other data That is the default dashboard I haven´t modified anything here You can customize it individually and all modules the Dongle can access / read out can be displayed on the dashbaord That´s really nice but also other Apps are working which you not should do during driving You can start for example YouTube but I haven´t a connection here so nothing is displayed here (Offline) But in prinicple also YouTube is working so you could (even when you shouldn´t) watch a video during the drive Extremely Dangerous !! Not recommended!! This is only shown for testing purposes So everything which you can do with your smartphone can now also be used with the Infotainment Display On my testing smartphone it is not possible to turn the Home-Screen so it is not in landscape mode Important to know is.

.. let me take my smartphone the two apps which makes this possible are AAMirror to Mirror the Display and for sure the App Android Auto 3rd App Enabler This App only works on Rooted Smartphones So you need Root Access to your Smartphone This is the reason why I´m using here my spare phone Without Root Access you have no possibility to use any 3rd Party Apps This is the current Status (beginning 2019) I have checked what is available on the web but there is no chance to get it run without Root Access I would like to show you also the second App Let´s choose OBD2AA As you can see it´s also working this App displays different gauges one of them is showing the evolutions of the engine I can choose differnt elements to be displayed give me a second – OBD2AA That is the App There are two versions of the Application. One is free of charge and can display up to 4 different items We can now see the revolutions of the engine I will try to add quickly a different one Let´s choose something simple and choose the current voltage Should look like this Let´s get back And start the App again to refresh the dashboard As you can see the App crashed which happend a lot of times So this is the reason why I prefer the AAMirror App with the Torque App For me it is the more comfortable and user friendly solution So as you can see we have configured 2 items The first one displays the evolutions of the engine and second one displays the voltage 14.

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6 V – means the generator is working and charging the battery This App – as already mentioned – exists in a free version and a pro (paid) version Not available at the Playstore. Available at the XDA Forum You need to install the XDA Store and then buy it If you don´t want to do this step I can only recommend you install the Torque App in the free version or paid version With this App you have a smiliar Dashboard available (and more features) That´s all I hope you enjoyed and liked it I would be happy if you subscribe to the channel and we can then discover together what features on this car can be enabled in the future Thank´s for watching.