/FIRST PERSON in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (PREVIEW)

FIRST PERSON in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (PREVIEW)

Video: FIRST PERSON in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (PREVIEW)


Welcome everyone my name is Ali-A we're jumping into the fortnite action today, we have got a cheeky look at what first Person would look like in Fortnite Battle royale, we're gonna talk about the likely-hood you'd of a first-person mode coming to the game and Also, gonna get your thoughts that is right well No, you guys want to see it so much to show and talk about in this video But first of all let me deal with Adam Adam Adam Adam.

I haven't landed in loot lake in Probably months and the first time I do you try and ruin it no no no Not happening at all – I wish you see someone else over here, and I want that meet those mini shields as well Ow, I thought that may hurt me a little bit. Let me deal with all of these intruders Oh come down You have no gun Eliminated with the freaking party animal pickaxe I feel so mean so welcome everyone today I want to touch on a really interesting topic that I didn't realize May potentially spark a a lot of controversy, so I have just tweeted it out Earlier today. I say early stay literally like a few minutes ago Whether or not you guys would like to see a first-person mode within fortnight battle royale what we're gonna do is assuming we get a win here this all goes to plan at the end of this video so make sure you stick around to the End we're going to go and see what the results are like what you guys want that Person Nevermind first or third person that person wants nothing to do with me So at the end of this video we're gonna come back and check on the results of that poll and see what you guys are thinking of you can still give your opinions down below in the comment section, so do let me know what you're thinking right now and I'm very interested to see so for those guys.

Don't know obviously Fortnite is a third-person shooter You're shooting over the shoulder of a character and that is like the signature way that Epic games build their games they've made games like Gears of War all of which would have been third-person shooters and have done extremely Extremely well, they're great a third-person shooter But at the same time a lot of other third-person shooters Like play unknown battlegrounds which are known for being third-person shooters have gone ahead and added in first-person Modes a lot of people have really enjoyed it and even to a degree preferred it over the third-person mode Counterpart so obviously there is a lot of opinion and a lot of people that do want it to come in the game now this question is actually been posed to Fortnight themselves and we actually have an Answer as to whether or not they currently Want to put in first-person mode I want to say currently It's like I kind of about a few weeks old their answer so and it does kind of leave leave scope for potential potential change in their opinion So I will cover that in a second and as I said what I always want to show you guys what first-person Close I'm using the snipe is a lot more at the moment trying to rock them in my play and honestly I'm really liking it and I can see why I use them so much when the game first came out I can always see why I dropped them double-pump has been so strong It's been such a strong letter in the Fortnite game That like loads people use it and you've got a drop a weapon Unfortunately to use double-pump so for me that sniper gets dropped quite a lot.

I'm trying to get back into it guys That's the good news. I've only got my trusty SMG which those of you guys that don't know will not be in the game for very much longer So if you like it use it now because the standard SMG the gray the green and the blue is going soon this guy He knows he hundred percent knows. I'm here Yes, please oh sorry SMG getting no love today, we're gonna see me use the SMG. I've got another video I put off about it Not a single damage taken that is how we like it oh Let's go, baby, so what I want to do now umm I think we got a bit of down time. Hopefully I'm gonna roll the clip for you guys and This is by a guy that Goes by the name Dan, and he is basically Animated and created in a 4d world what it would be like to use the scar in First-person mode in fortnight check this out Wow he's done a great great job I want to know you guys think Do you like look is it convinced you if you don't like the idea of a first person mode has this convinced if Actually looks good enough, but you do want a first-person mode. There's one thing that annoys me about a little animation She's put together and that's a fact.

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I think he's used a standard, AR sound Remote this guy odds-on. What's on the headshot or? Even the haircut was it quite enough That's the ticket not a one-hit kill, but that is beautiful And back here, buddy Don't build yourself to safety. This is not gonna be enough to save you I Promise you I will end you right now. Who's what uh? He's gonna run him he's gonna run him Oh Finally Jesus. We are being shot about by somehow somewhere. This is trying to talk about something and plays games at your larder I'm so used to only focusing on the game But I think the mock-up is done looks absolutely Amazing and actually really brings the world to life in a different way that we just haven't seen before now one thing that really separates first-person mode in third-person mode, and there's a reason why people in play on my battlegrounds and Other bats we our games that have got both the first and third person option I think we found Cupid himself the guide is trying to snipe us And how that missed not quite enough of a like shot unfortunately That's guys you see me.

Oh yeah. Oh oh oh Chandru, bro Channing bro Ok ok ok Don't challenge me don't ban me everyone take one big chill pill if you want chill I need to put on minis again But there's some he doesn't know that the arrows can't do any damage Oh geez oh Good bite sir geez that was intense you poor guy didn't where's ours couldn't deal any damage to your structure unfortunately As you rudely interrupted third person mode allows you to a few things in the game you may hear me, okay You say the word three peeing which is basic third-person around a corner Everyone wants me dead Oh, my god. Where's it at blue EOS, but to leave that behind, thank you good sir for coming back and actually Sprinting at me and make me hear your footsteps Cheese I'm gonna get myself back up now Thank goodness and but third person immobilized roof you cheeky things like look around corners for example Basically view the world in a way it isn't quite real Because obviously the middle of a screen where you're Amy is to the right the character you can pull the aim around corners Which honestly I wouldn't say is used too much in fortnight It definitely so you're challenging someone and you've got that right hand kick you are an advantage and that is eliminated in a first-person mode which for a lot of people is worthwhile and Means it got less no reason to complain basically if you die around a corner which is fair enough I'm not I you know I'm totally with you or now And I think that is definitely a valid point now games like Call of Duty Which is always is the draw for someone like me for a game like this to add a first-person mode is that your boy is? Great in first-person mode.

I've pretty much only played first-person mode This is the only game where? I've really gone into a third-person shooter to be really honest with you unless I've just forgotten about another game for have I apologize yes their destinies first-person as well No, no, no the game really has been third-person that I played as much as this one so I would love to see first-person mode just to see how similar it feels to a game like Call of Duty Which have played so much in first-person actually going down in tomato. Let's head over let's go, baby and Obviously as we saw from the animation. It's not even an official animation. It's just fan made It would look great now one thing that would need to be done I don't know how viable it is as we saw the scar it actually has sites that gun actually Okay, everyone's getting feisty But guns would need to be designed, so it's not just crosshairs on your screen It is actually like different different sites you have to aim down which would really make a big difference between say a standard AR on a scar and Even may make the burst assault rifle viable if it had really nice sights There's so many extra things so many game-changing things that would happen with a first-person mode Give me a second Easy easy games sniper coming in crushed ish How I'll leave me alone and leave me alone Just cleans off you My reckon a person's on Got it.

I don't know why he didn't build properly He was in a far better position, and I was oh a ques 19 people ephesus going pretty damn well Let's go snipers taking of people shields. That's that's fine better than missing Chuck Chuck Let's get this down down in one back up to 100 100. Thank you so much Let's put this bad boy on Gives a little time to chill again. The chug chug is gonna have to wait guys, otherwise that storm is gonna eat me alive I think that point get out of it by but I don't want to get caught up in it and lose any more hell to That right now jeez it snuck up on me But so into those cubes cuz so I have to pop in the jug I almost got caught up in the stores find a safe Place to use here. Hopefully that I mean probably no one's here the old cargo depot plays let's be real with you guys um But as I was gonna say first person the third person, but if they did introduce in sport night It won't be blended into one so if you do really enjoy light Or would you like the idea of first person you wouldn't have someone else its third person in your Lobby Like three P around the corner it would all be separate It would definitely be its own mode, which may make it something you guys more interested in potentially And obviously apart from to keep giving a whole new field as I said with the aisle size it would change all of the weapons, and how they work and Were changing up a lot more and with iron sights I assume then really would become Full accuracy like 100% accuracy, and then we could have to be introduced as well So there'd be a lot of changes like it and you can see what hasn't just been putting straight away it isn't something That's in the game off the bat because sometimes it is not easy to implement at all someone has just popped Let's Supply Drop.

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What are you doing over there buddy? What are you doing over there? Oh? Okay, okay You know let's take this guy down and hear more gunshots people are gunning for that guy the supply job The poor kid everyone wants them dead and see Lu I can see purple or I can see someone So week Lucky I got that switch back to Skaar quickly so even if this even if the sniper misses And we lost too much time I'd set that maybe on Our keys has killed that guy if assists were a thing that popped up on your screen. He'd be saying. That's mrs. Ryder oh This is a Harry place to be in a gunfight Ah I Am so dead He'll be bill bill bill bill bill how am I live right now? Put this on cheese. I think thank God for these treats. Oh Hey with the fortnight trees? This oh my gosh if I get away with this.

I'm the luckiest person on earth I can hear Rosie there is a you are Let's go oh My gosh neck injury skull mini easiest fill in that slot. Let me scar back We are three who below here is nuttiest spoil for joy We are live in the top six of ten gives to our name is a beautiful beautiful day Thank you so much. Oh My gosh, okay, let's just let's just wait. Let's give yourself fifty seconds wait for storms come in In the safe zone, I'm down to chill for a second to be honest with you guys And I do want to talk about what fortnight themselves epic games themselves has said about first-person mode do they reckon but it's something that is worthwhile is it's something they want to do specifically or It's something it.

Just outright. Don't want to do because they have actually given an answer, so they've got like a Q and a section It's answered a load of community questions From people like you guys and they actually said I couldn't open up my other screen over here, but no, okay, Deb They're there their response to this was bad A hot no someone spot, that supply that is my time to go, but they said no We're not planning to do it at the moment because it doesn't fit with the design of fortnight, however they may revisit it in the future I Want to visit these guys right now Know There were three people you only got one of them Geez the loot is luscious. There's launch pads as RPGs as minis. I don't even know what to pick up Odom give me a second. Let me do it a mini base here You could hug on the floor give it back up to 100 100.

We've got minis I don't know what to drop for that RPG. Honestly. I like to drop if it's gonna be an RPG I'm feeling the snipers quite lot of open lands here at the moment. Let's pop this on first Let's get back up to a hundred shock jug coming in so nice right now Twice in this game. It's sorted me out But the developers at the moment Not looking into, but honestly with clips like this going around. I mean, I'm interested We're gonna see what you guys are saying in this video I'm so interested to know because I know some other deaths some other four-night players are really against it But you reckon odds on something here No okay smart I'm glad you know in there cuz it would not I sure know it mean easy kill for me But it would been a dumb play on your behalf. I'm afraid, but II can't lie Alright, let's go so it's our What we are pitching for that is the question – actually – let them shoot shotguns here Go all out with just shotgun and an RPG setup I Know it's a it's on the bottom if we need it.


You know what I mean It's on the bottom if we need let's make a mega base Or at least them be space it can hold us over at the moment. Don't forget We've got ourselves launch pads traps and all the good stuff you would ever want for a be space like this slaves It is not all over no, I Don't want you guys II can't fire on my course indestructible Sikozu catify always be indestructible This is what I want Where are you come out come out wherever you are? Then there is obviously another close gap, but launchpad ready to go soon as we spy someone Where are you hiding? Where are you hiding? People of Port night, Battle Royale We see honestly. There's so many spots. It could be they could be in the house of here. They could be in the trees We'd have to wait until someone starts running for their life, which is gonna be soon cuz actually The wing is about to close on again. Let's see am I gonna be in the safe zone Am I gonna be in the safe zone? Yes No, oh gosh, okay? I'm gonna be forced out regardless. I think I'm a launchpad over potentially And just set up a base Sometimes I like to move quite quickly to be honest with you guys Towards the end and get my face up before anyone else. I don't like moving into an area.

We've got five people watching hundred They revealed themselves Golly Sure, he's that Yeah That's it Here we go ladies and gentlemen let's take this guy down and finish this off I hear you Where'd you gone oh? He's gone outside. Let's go outside you under roof No mate my face looks scary just saying just saying My voice is going Are you hiding boy No what I think he's over here, I think Yeah, he's definitely hiding in this room Come back Where are you going come back? I know wait. I know you're scared What is this guy's plan that's what I want to know what does this guy think you can do We turn around a double RPG be in the face I would not have been am seven people what you get the end Holy cow that is a victory boy. I'm a little bit of a messy one I can't lie they know if you guys rather me talk about these kind of stuff just at the beginning then get on with it If you like the idea of kind of rolling everything into a game plan and the discussion but I said you guys I put out to eat early today asking you guys if you'd want to see first person in for my battery house, so let's check oh Boy is it comes it is almost a dead, baby Please split right now Like pretty much going down the middle so you guys are really on the fence this video is gonna Be even more interesting because I think the clip that our boy Dan put together It's gonna be really interesting because I think it may actually sweating some people in the favor of first-person It's bliss of how nice It looks if you guys want to check out Dan's video and his challenge done an amazing job putting together a first-person Concept videos to go and check him out go and subscribe if you like don't tend to make more more weapons I'd love to see that for sure, but this is gonna be an interesting video I cannot wait to see what you guys say obviously leave your thoughts down below in the comment section Thumbs up if you enjoyed you check out more porn ideas right now down below in the playlist go and head you want to see Some more for now action.

Thank you for watching, and I'll see you guys tomorrow as always with some more for life that I.