/Firefox Marketplace 夥伴:box

Firefox Marketplace 夥伴:box

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box is an enterprise content management solution. Basically the simplest way for business users to manage, share and access content that they care about on any device be it a mobile device, a tablet or their desktop. When you think about features that enterprises need such as security, sharing, permissions, administration and overall admin management over what content is being shared by whom and where. These are things that we have, by design, baked into our product and that is really something that sets us apart in the marketplace. While still providing the simplicity and ease of use you would expect out of a consumer solution. At its very core, our product is a web product, so porting it into HTML5 was just adding on a couple of extra things to it.

Since we have adopted HTML5 technology both for our web product and for our default mobile page, so that our web page can work by default on any device, we have invested in a unique Android application and a unique iPhone application but we still have a one-size-fits-all web page for all mobile devices in general. What was really interesting for us with working with Mozilla and the Marketplace is offering our service to the people who need it in the form that they need it. We are aware that Mozilla does also have quite a few users, and its always been official to get your brand and get your name out there in a marketplace with hundreds of millions of perspectives..

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