if you beat MOLTEN DRAGON <rhyme> I want to show my fight against MOLTEN DRAGON I found MOLTEN DRAGON accidentally while searching for Raptor Griffin damn it, I was looking for what instead found another I looked for Raptor Griffin, instead I found Molten Dragon so, I will share the fight against Molten Dragon the location of Molten Dragon that I found 1 location and recipe the MOLTEN DRAGON FEED that you can prepare if the game has been updated and the level reaches 55 Turn on the bell so you can get notifications about every new video I upload share this video with 5 of your friends watch videos and advertisements to the end I really appreciate it all as your support for me Thank you guys let's start the fight on the back side was Kagetora, in front of him was Molten Dragon and Kagetora call T-Rex turns out this fight is unfair, fight 2 against 1 according to you, what will be gained after defeating Molten Dragon for example, you beat the T-Rex to get the Dragon Tooth if I succeed in defeating Molten Dragon what will I get will I get Molten Dragon nails or get Molten Dragon feathers or maybe I get .

.. the certainty of me and your relationship I still use Crystal Sword because I'm poor I don't have obsidian sword plan or obsidian sword so pathetic even though I only use Crystal Sword but I am still optimistic to defeat Molten Dragon if you keep trying, surely there will be results Molten Dragon's hitpoint slowly began to diminish, 9/10 HitPoint Molten Dragon left for those of you who are still watching, please be patient Why don't you help me defeat Molten Dragon to be defeated quickly? anyone come guys? Who is he who came to me? when I have trouble against Molten Dragon is he a hero? the one who came was Hyakkimaru my leader Hearth amazing, my Hearth Leader he can know when I need help fighting Molten Dragon Does he have some kind of telepathic power? who can find out if hearth members need help and he will appear like Superman those of you who want to join Hearth can chat directly to Hyakkimaru he's my Hearth leader which leader comes suddenly to help hearth members who are having trouble so, who wants to join, please chat to Hyakkimaru terms and conditions can chat Hyakkimaru and those of you who want to join 1 Tribe with me, you can chat Theozphere You can see the nickname in the first minute of the video now I have three, there are me, Hyakkimaru, and T-REX uh, there are 4, miss, called, King Desert Wolf Molten Dragon is stunned, you can taming now but I don't have Molten Dragon Feed and the game system hasn't been updated to tame MOLTEN DRAGON MOLTEN DRAGON is defeated and the reward is hide and game meat the kill is long, tiring, the prize is only this damn it! My location against Molten Dragon is on this map you can cross the sea from beacon jade prairie at 4 o'clock the materials needed for Molten Dragon Feed are elf fish you can buy at trading house the second, Dragon Grass the price of GRASS DRAGON is expensive 1 Dragon Grass 100 gold and the last is uncommon meat feed You can cook these three ingredients in cooking pot to become MOLTEN DRAGON FEED Thank you for taking the time to watch this video to the end Remember guys LIKE THE VIDEO SUBCRIBE CHANNEL KAGETORA KAZAMA SHARE / REPOST THE VIDEO on your SOCIAL MEDIA Thank you and bye bye.

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