/Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Online Sezonlar #2

Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Online Sezonlar #2

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Hello again everyone friends We continue from where we left off today. With Fifa series … 4 00:00:14,000 –> 00:00:16,000 In the meantime, since I have no friends 20 days. Let it be said. I had my exams. I went to a visa. Meanwhile, do not forget to download games from minecraftpeindir.com address. Also do not forget to subscribe and like to throw. We continue where we left off. Yup… We have gone a long time. We continue with the Fifa series. Now there in the de Jong From pas de Jong Berardi Morata I made friends expansion pack but I could not save them. I do not show them.

But the players are also in very good player. We have added a player from Fiorentina defender en suite. 80 Power Umarım Daha sonra da daha iyi oyuncular da çıkar. After the end of the match will show the cards again. All the cards. Now there Ramos Medium danger .. Now Pereyra Rossi, De Rossi's pass Morata yes Rossi, Rossi goes. Rossi faced with the goalkeeper Rossi hit the post and the goalkeeper. Rossi An incredible shot an incredible save. After a pole. Yup Middle Corners were used. Head shot He returned to direct Goalkeeper punched a corner. Position the top position on the danger Danger. Another corner Media Content Header directly from Cacares Pole… The third pillar. Incredible. Now there Gervinho interjected, Gervinho from rust Rodriguez De Jong Evra rust De Jong If the transfer of Gervinho pass Morata Pas It goes to Moratti. Morata from Pereira to Danger comes to the castle.

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It did not happen. Kruse goes right, the danger passes Caceres there Yup Where you 🙂 Where are you going? Friends in the meantime I would like to specify that I fell Classification 2 Classification 9. Let me also mention that. In three matches, in the next three matches we played from the end I could not get a score. I play in the waves came my way this time I said, strong opponents. After that, I thought I'd dropped 3 classification. But the hand did not want to go out bi classification 1. It sounded very strong opponents. Then I looked, I found myself in the classification 9. No offside, we hit faced with the goalkeeper at the last moment. Burke here anyway. Attack continues. Rossi, an error Rossiiiiiiiiiii Rossi and gol. 45+1 1-0 First half results ended colleagues.

Bayern Munchen 0-1 Joker United 2. What to expect tomorrow? Yeah, that does not eliminate the opponent. Meanwhile Minecraft pe indir.co I 'note from game downloads. Bentek names and sequins 2 wear uniform in half. Payette alone, no up there. Attacks will continue, tap-Berardi Oyun kastı. A strutting the stage at the defensive end. touch opponents. Rafinha has used the throw. Morata gidermi morata, Morata mid-corner … Central Header A corner Evra shot did not come back again. Lisch snapped. He interjected again. It did not pass. Caceres came very well. Morata N goalkeeper saved a great shot. Danger Cacers the inside Midfield is passing opponents. Sudden attack could be luck. They can not move. Castle defense was put up at the last moment. Last 5 minutes in the game. Time is on our side. Pre empty Great pass. bare Rossi keeper at the last moment. 2-0 We have very close but did not.

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The game ended colleagues. We win 1-0..