/Farming Simulator 20 – Get EARLY NEWS *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android \u0026 iOS

Farming Simulator 20 – Get EARLY NEWS *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android \u0026 iOS

Video: Farming Simulator 20 – Get EARLY NEWS *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android \u0026 iOS


hello guys welcome back to a brand new video in today's video I'm gonna keep this very short and simple about a minute long and I'm just going to say if you guys want all the FS 20 news before I make videos on it or before I post it to everyone then make sure you join Team Matt is 1.99 a month, 1.99 of most currencies so it's really, really cheap and the benefits are just amazing and you all it is, I've announced this before, I just like to say again I've updated my like features of it and whenever I see anything on Twitter or anything like that and I see anything, anything yeah… anything to do with FS 20 I'll instantly go over to my YouTube community tab which is very active by the way and I'll go members only and I'll share to all of Team Matt, all FS 20 News I've just found and so you guys, if you join team Matt you are the first to know and that is an amazing benefit so it's 1.

99 really cheap and you get to join a ton of farmers that just love FS 20 and love FS 19, love simulator games just as much as you do, it's gonna be a really nice community and hope you guys think about joining and in the end actually join and it'd be really nice and if there is global multiplayer in FS 20 I'll be definitely be holding some multiplayer games with Team Matt in FS 20 so yeah… all from me guys watch out for my video later! Bye :).

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