/🎮 Farewell OUYA (Plus Tips-Tricks and Game)

🎮 Farewell OUYA (Plus Tips-Tricks and Game)

Video: 🎮 Farewell OUYA (Plus Tips-Tricks and Game)


hello again welcome the dr. Noobs laboratory today we are going to bid farewell to the OUYA now for those of you that don't remember it or don't know what it is the OUYA was a Micro console that started on Kickstarter it was pretty successful and it ran for a couple years they turned the services offt on June 25th of 2019 and I'm going to show you a couple of things you can do with this device today now if you were lucky enough to get all the emulators for this service keep in mind your Ouya you could use it as a Micro console for emulators like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast PlayStation etc but if you don't there are some other things you can do with it and I'm going to show you those today okay so the first thing that a lot of people don't know about the Ouya is it works with a lot of USB controllers including the xbox 360 controller so I could just plug this into the USB port on the Ouya and use it as a primary controller or a secondary controller and as you can see it does pick the controller right up and while we're on the topic of controllers the actual OUYA controller is just a Bluetooth controller this can actually be synced to your phone and used on games it even works with steam link so you can turn your phone and the Ouya controller into a steam link device next I'm going to show you how to get additional software or additional games on your OUYA through an apk file so first what we're going to do is we're just going to use a standard Android charging cable USB and we're going to attach it to the Ouya and once the ouya is plugged up to the computer and powered on we're going to go to file manager this PC and we're gonna go here this should be the ouya internal storage and we're gonna want to go to OUYA uploads okay so I do have some stuff I was testing I wanted to see if steam link could run on it unfortunately they've updated steam like I tried a couple of different versions it just is not compatible so but I do have a small game here that is compatible with the Ouya and I'm gonna drag it over now I think I already have it installed you would just install it like you would any normal apk and I'll show you that in the next step okay so now that we have the apk game file on the Ouya itself we're gonna want to try to go and run it or install it so we're actually going to go to make and then we're gonna go to software here is all the software that I dragged through the OUYA and if it's compatible with that Android version you guys sure you're gonna hit the blue you to launch it and it should go and there you have it there is my OUYA game that I created and I'm gonna leave a link in the description below for this if you want to try it out it's just a kind of a flappy bird clone up and I already died but yeah it uses the touchpad on the Ouya controller and then just the circle green button but yeah you can do this with pretty much any compatible apk file, keep in mind the main reason for this is there are no more services for OUYA so if you want to install some programs this is the easiest way to do it.

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please keep in mind the OUYA primarily uses different versions of android 4 and the files and programs and games would need to be compatible with Android 4 also another thing I should mention is if you have programs and games on your phone there are some apps that allow you to backup the apk files and extract them from the phone and they can be dumped onto the Android in the same manner that we did today for the file manager I'll leave a link in the description for at least one of those programs I personally really really liked the Ouya there weren't too many games that I paid for but the alien versus Predator game was really cool and they also had a really cool Knights game on there and I primarily used it for emulation keep in mind this was out before the mini Nintendo Entertainment System and the mini Super Nintendo and I'm sorry to see it go especially with how much of an open platform it was but unfortunately the hardware was outdated even before it came out I hope you found this informative and if you like this video please don't forget to subscribe like and share until next time have a great one.