/Family Computer Classic Mini Unboxing \u0026 Hardware Review

Family Computer Classic Mini Unboxing \u0026 Hardware Review

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If you’re over 35, that means you grew up on 8-bits, that's very likely, the NES or Famicom, depending on where you live. So many memories of the good old days, but they're becoming lost in broken down carts, and obsolete TV hookups. So it was a great day when Nintendo announced the NES Mini! 30 games for $60! All in a scaled down grey box with the iconic grey black and red rectangular controller. It hooks up via HDMI and gives a lot of options you can't get on Virtual Console. It's awesome, but the NES Mini was announced for sale only in countries that had the NES originally. That meant Japan was locked out! Quite a change from the old days where it took years for the best stuff to leave Japan, if it ever left at all.

So I thought I'd import the NES Mini and that'd be fine, but just one month ago, The big N followed up with the announcement of the 'Classic Mini Family Computer' with its own scaled down design and 30 games inside. Some of the games are the same. Obviously Mario and Zelda are there. But for Japan Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong Jr. CastleVania 2, Final Fantasy, Kid Icarus, Punch Out!!, StarTropics and Tecmo Bowl are OUT In place of that is, Mario Open Golf, River City Ransom and Solomon’s Key, as well as games never released outside Japan: Atlantis no Nazo, Downtown Nekketsu Kou-shin-kyou, Final Fantasy III, Tsuppari Ou-Zumo and Yie Ar Kung Fu With just a month of wait time, it wasn't so bad having to hold out for Mini-Famicom but the release date of November 10th is here and so is the moment of unboxing!!.

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