/Explore the sky in Google Earth 4.2

Explore the sky in Google Earth 4.2

Video: Explore the sky in Google Earth 4.2


In the newest version of Google Earth, you can view both earth and sky. To view stars, planets, constellations and more, click the Sky button, or go to the View menu. A view of the sky above your current location will appear. Once you see the sky, you can navigate just as you do elsewhere in Google Earth. Mouse over the navigation controls to make them appear, and you can rotate, pan and zoom. You can also use your scroll wheel mouse or keyboard to navigate. The Layers panel contains additional content that you can hide or display by checking items or folders. You can see constellations to find your way around the sky.

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope are overlaid on the sky, and clicking on their placemarks opens balloons with further information. The Planets layer uses the time slider to animate the planet's orbits. Download the latest version of Google Earth to explore the planet and far, far beyond. .

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