/Everstudent Beta – Demonstration Video (Entry into Evernote Developer Competition)

Everstudent Beta – Demonstration Video (Entry into Evernote Developer Competition)

Video: Everstudent Beta – Demonstration Video (Entry into Evernote Developer Competition)


Hi. My name is Oleg Vaskevich, I'm a recent high school graduate, and today I'm going to show you my entry to the Evernote Developer Competition, Everstudent, which is essentially an advanced task manager for students that synchronizes right into Evernote. Everstudent is currently an Android app, so I'll start it by clicking its icon. The first screen presents me with a tutorial message, and prompts me to log in. So here, I'll log in with my Evernote account. When I finish logging in, I'll press the 'Connect' button, and .

.. "Connection Succeeded". Now these next couple of screens are part of a tutorial to introduce newcomers to Everstudent on how to use it. So essentially, as in all task managers, you have your tasks; and what's unique about Everstudent is that these tasks are managed into classes, which are then organized into semesters. So this screen just explains that, and shows you the semester creation screen. Next, you have the information on classes – i.e. how to add them; we'll see that in a second. And finally, your tasks, assignments, notes, whatnot. Of course, in the end you'll be able to synchronize them right into Evernote. Now, finish… and I'll start by adding a new semester; a suggestion is made for you. I'll press the home button, and now I'll need to add a new class. So, first I give it a name – say, Calculus.

And then, I can choose the class icon identifier. So, there are a few classes I can choose from. I'll choose blue. And, I can type the instructor… say, Smith, and, write a phone number… and, email address… and also, some notes. So I'll click 'Save', and there we go – the first class is saved. Now, I'll add another class, say, Economics. I'll give it the color… I'll go with rainbow. I can omit these fields, but I'll type up the instructor for now… say it's, someone named Jack. And save. So now we have two classes. Now, here's the assignment screen, so I can move between dates, by pressing the buttons, just like in the Android Calendar application. Or, I can press the date, and choose which one I want to see. But, I'll add a new task, so, to do that, I will press the blue square, and then I can see a list of my classes. So, I'll add something to Economics.

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Say, I want to "read book". I press 'Done', and there we go – the task has been added. So then, I can add something else; say, for Calculus, "do pset" – problem set. And add something else to economics… "read web article" Alright. And, I can switch to the next day, and add something else… "Test tomorrow" Alright, there we go. So now I have my busy life, all planned out in my schedule. I can go to 'Today'… or I can edit the 'Semesters' or 'Classes'. I can read up on help – there's a help menu on every page. This one just shows you the original tutorial. And of course, there is an 'About' dialog, but that's minutia. I can also go into preferences, change the 'Account Settings', change to the original date chooser, and backup the database. I'll add more options later – Everstudent is currently in Beta, so I still need to add a few more features before it's publicly available.

Now, I'll go into 'Sync' – so now, it's synchronizing with Evernote. And there we go – successfully synced your classes. So if I go into Evernote now… this is the Android Evernote app. And once it's finished synchronizing, I can go into 'Notebooks' – I have two of them. And, we have the semester synchronized here. So I'll open it up, and there we go – our two classes. A note was created for each class. If I go into 'Calculus', I can see the basic information: name, instructor (I'm planning on adding a few fields later), and also my schedule – it will probably be more packed in real life (this is just for demonstration purposes). And, I can also go into 'Economics'. As you can see, I have a bit more of things. So, I can check them here. In the future I hope to add two-way synchronization, though at the moment, you can only have your schedule synchronize from Everstudent to Evernote, though I hope to add support for both ways. Well, that's it.

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Thank you, and I'm looking forward to the results..