/Energy tips| Part -1| Klondike Adventures

Energy tips| Part -1| Klondike Adventures

Video: Energy tips| Part -1| Klondike Adventures


Hello guys! Welcome to amazing gameplay and I’m back with another new video of Klondike adventures I was just watching that everyone is stucked in energy and not having ideas and are not understanding this matter about energy so I made this video to explain what should you do to increase energy production and how to get rid of this frustration of always getting low in energy and running out of it And I’m gonna tell what is the fact about it, how to get rid of this problem and what should you do and what shouldn’t you do So let’s get started Well there isn’t any secrect or specific way to make lot of energy What you just need to do is first you need to understand the game;then you need to make a strategy and follow that And about understanding the game,first let’s talk about our problems: We see that energy is very limited here,you need to wait 1 hour to get the energy filled and it stops in 60 and that is not even enough to clear a single rock and a tree, in the name of extra source of energy there are only cauldron and furnace,sweet shop and ship reward that you get only sometimes, and mint tea and other temporary energy giving things and that’s all right?? First of all, in this adventure game you must be patience and there is no hurry of anything,there is no time limit and you have to do in your own pace and don’t try to compare and compete with others.

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So how to improve energy production??? We can see that every animal turns into gold after giving certain amount of outputs,so why do they get expired and aren’t permanent as in other games So have a close look here!! if you think carefully,your farm animals are the main source of energy and cauldron is the main place where you can create energy,more you feed animals,more you get energy making things!!! So focus on taking care of animals more often!! Keep on feeding animals as possible by you and collect lots of cholocates and sweets and truffles I guess you are thinking ‘’What about coins if you keep on feeding animals” Well there is what you need to consider,you need to earn coins more than you spend in animals and do it in your own pace,and I will make video on coins too,you can increase your coins if you play with a good strategy And now another question;how I make my energy and what are the strategies to get out of the frustration of low energy First my strategy to make energy Once my energy is filled to 60,then I add 40 from sweet shop, 10 from mint tea and 25 to 50 from ship,sometimes from furnace also and then I take 30/50 minutes to collect energy from cauldron and I go on exploring with 500 and 600 energy and sometimes 400 energy also I do this 3 /4 times a day when there are both sweet shop and ship reward other times I use that 60 energy to collect resources and to clear small obstacles like grasses and bushes and I usually finish a land in 3/ 4 days without any headache .

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so first strategy gather energy from all sources at once, there are sweet shop,ship reward,mint tea and other non-permanet things and furnace, campfire and daily bonus and then take time and collect energy from cauldron several times and then you will have lots of energy do this few times a day as your capacity and other times use auto fill energy only and clear resources and way little by little and tell those big obstacles that " I will be back with lots of energy very soon" I just mean, keep patience for new players who are at low level, It is quite difficult with energy at the beginning but as your level go on increasing,you will have more animals and more other ways to make energy I turn cows into gold 3 times a day and I get 4 chocolates per cow from 12 cows 3 times that is 144 chocolates per day from cows only and there are other animals too So I constantly keep feeding animals so I make a lot of energy May be all of you don’t have time to turn cows into gold 3 times a day;well do that in your pace,just remember that you collect milk,eggs and truffles and feed them every time you get into game,more you feed animals more you get energy making things instead you can use another strategy too! don’t use cauldron and furnace for some days and till that use those little energy to collect resources and clear small obstacles, keep on feeding animals and collect all energy making things and go on explore with lots of energy next day you will really enjoy that some people spend emeralds to buy energy But in my opinion that isn’t a good way, If you spend those emeralds or gems to buy extra slots in factory buildings and to buy hothouse instead,that will help you to level up your base and also keep your coins high And some people also save energy without using for many days to do timed islands but that isn’t a good way,if you don’t use energy for long time,you will lose all energy that you could gain from auto fill, you can save energy backups and any land is doable in time if you have enough backup And this harvest valley is almost about to finish and may be everyone are not going to finish all within time So for these type of timed events and lands ,first prepare enough energy backups and get information about that and then only start exploring because closing timer will not start until you step there So that’s all for today I will be back with more videos soon Thanks for watching Like share and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.