/EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera – WOW

EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera – WOW

Video: EKEN H9R 4K Action Camera – WOW


Shan.. another biscuit comparison like your last video ? Whats up guys techshan here back with another video A good action camera for just Rs.3500 or under $50 How does that sound ? Well trust me .. Make sure to watch this video till the end to know all about it and if you end up liking this video make sure to hit that like button Alright.. for those who don't know what an Action camera is ? they are small , light in weight, compact digital cameras designed to capture when you are in action For say.. Swimming, riding, bungy jumping, travel, surfing , under water in situations like that where SMARTPHONES are not ..

a good option Many of you would have heard the name GO PRO yeah the expensive action cameras but what I have here today is something… super cool !!! meet this bad boy The Eken H9R, budget friendly 4k action camera this one is pretty awesome infact I have already tested this long back when they had this very ordinary packaging, branding etc now its more polished Even shot india's 1st under water unboxing using this eken is a well known brand when it comes to budget action cameras This is the retail box The package has the branding in the front contents of the box on one side Back the specifications the other side the features , etc stylish packaging isn't it ? cut open.. we have the eken H9R 4k Action camera in this nice water proof case The case is removable Then a user manual Must read moving on we have 2 boxes One has a micro usb cable a power adapter and a strap The other has Oh..

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wow.. a truck load of mounts and accessories for the camera this is impressive at this price Tethers, a bike mount , You get a few more to use as per your needs Stick on mounts, an additional back plate a skeleton holder where you can attach the camera & mount it on a tripod handy when you VLOG and finally you have the remote Phew… Alright , here is the eken h9r budget 4k action camera Looks a lot like a GOPRO if you’ve seen a go pro , you’ll agree with me Build is good , plastic body, very light weight & small How small ?? I know shan … as small as a biscuit right ? Well.. can say.. but.. since I ate all the biscuits lets compare it against something else A match box yep, it's that small. Another exclusive comparison from techshan To the front we have the 12MP, 170° wide angle lens & an led light which glows while charging and the power button which can also be used to switch between modes top we have the light indicator which flashes when you’re recording and then a record button to the right , we have the navigation buttons to scroll through settings and a speaker left the micro usb slot for charging a mini hdmi to collect to tv , monitor etc then a micro sd card slot with upto 64gb support get a class 10 high speed card and a inbuilt mic back we have the 2 inch color display bottom the battery slot which houses a removal 1050mah battery that can give you upto 1 hr recording now moving on to what this camera is capable of Well, this camera can record videos at max 4k 25 fps 2k 30fps full hd 1080p videos at max 60fps which is pretty good oh yeah u can also do HD 720p at 120fps will show you some samples in a bit I personally use the 1080p 60fps and will recommend you that as well for better quality and to store a lot on your card video quality is good give its price modes you get is looping video you can adjust the time stamp Adjust exposure you also can take 12MP wide angle photos with it Burst photos Then time lapse timelapse you can't directly shoot videos in it you can take photos at set intervals which you have to later stitch on a editing software the ui is pretty straight forward easy to understand and the right navigation keys are responsive though a touch screen would have been great nothing to crib given its price and oh yeah this camera is water proof upto 30 meters so you can go underwater with it make sure to seal it tight in the protective case that you get in the box before you take it under water apart from controlling the camera manually you can also do it with the remote that is provided in the box or using the Ez i cam app on your smartphone the remote works pretty well and does not need any special configuration if you want to record video press the video button and if wanna take a photo the photo button works upto 20 meters also you can wear the remote as a wrist watch using the strap in the box Its splash proof but not water proof so don't take it under water as said apart from that you can also control it via your smartphone download the ez i cam app from the app store works on both IOS and android and once done .

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boom. its cool also you also can Live stream to Facebook live & youtube live directly from the camera awesome .. blossom parties, functions , events . This camera can be used for many different things. enough said on what all it can do let me show you some samples so over all if you are on a tight budget and want an action camera without spending much for travel vlogging moto vlogging casual use, etc this sure will impress you if you ask me is there anything that i personally don't like with it.. well given its price i don't have much to crib about but .. 1 thing i would expect is a slot for connecting an external mic so I can capture some better audio audio captured via the internal mic could have been better Also could have had direct timelapse video recording minus that given its price and what it does i am impressed one of the best budget action cameras you can buy go for it .. you wont be disappointed I have given the best buy link in the description no customs, choose india direct mail shipping option Price might fluctuate + or _ not in my control so please keep that in mind so that's it for this video.

hope you found it informative if you did, just smash that like button come on guys.. subscribe to techshan for more awesome tech videos coming your way.. Will catch you in another exciting video Until then…