/EASY Twitch Intro Video Templates With Render Forest

EASY Twitch Intro Video Templates With Render Forest

Video: EASY Twitch Intro Video Templates With Render Forest


Looking for an easy and affordable way to make intros outros and even makeshift stinger transitions for your twitch YouTube Mixer in Facebook gaming streams of course you are and I'm gonna show you a cool little platform that no one ever talks about let's go! Hey it's me it's Wild coming at you from my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your stream hey make sure you hit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you know what my videos go live for you and at any point this video if you like the product or the service I'm talking about did you all a favor put links in the show notes below so make sure you check them out all right intros and outros and stinger transitions you want them I'm gonna show you how to get them easy and for an affordable price because I know that you're dominating on your twitch livestreams and YouTube content creations and you want to start bringing up the production value within your stream I don't blame you because it pays off so allow me to introduce you to RenderForest.

com which allows you the ability to make easy and affordable intros outros and you can even import these for nice makeshift stinger transitions now render force provides a whole slew of services that could benefit someone like you out there but that's a whole entire nother video out there let's get into the nitty-gritty of twitch intro video templates and also youtube intro video templates because that's going to help most of you out there for intros outros and stinger transitions all you need to do is log on to RenderForest.com and at the very top there you will see make a video it'll populate a few little filters here for all promotional intro logos everything like that the one I would recommend for everybody out there is click on the intro and logos because those are gonna be nice little short snippets that are basically under 60 seconds that's gonna benefit you for the intro and outro and stinger transitions Render Forest is perfect for the beginner out there that's trying to up their production value because they have a time a ton of video templates for intros and outros that you can choose and pick from and it also gives you the ability to put in your workspace and see how it will look for an end result before you purchase anything which we'll get to in a little bit of a later moment here but when you have a free moment browse through all the different options that they have all right now you got all the boring details out of the way how does this program actually really work well let me take you through the process of how you can manufacture an intro and then how you can use it on things like OBS select an intro video template that best suits you and when you're on that page you can go to the create now which will allow you to personalize the intro video to your liking there will be an edit section where you can add text or even add a graphic like your logo or perhaps an avatar or any type of personal branding then you'll see there's a style tab there but this is only currently for pro users that will allow you to change things like the text or anything like that the next tab is music that allows you to add music intros if you so choose you can also do voiceovers if you want but they have a pretty decent selection with all of your edits made and additions added all you have to do is preview what you have produce this will take a little moment to generate but once it has fully generated it'll populate a nice window with a watermark on it so this way you can see if you like what you created or not and if you do like when you create you just have to go down to the remove watermark which will allow you to purchase a higher-quality video you can purchase at 720p for $19.

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99 or you can purchase at 1080p for $29.99 now depending on what type of streamer or YouTube content creator you are out there obviously pick whichever resolution best suits you if you only stream or produce content in a max of 720 well then obviously just buy that one but if you use 1080 then I would recommend highly getting that one once you've made your purchase it'll allow you to export it and you can start introducing it to your YouTube content creations or whatever live streaming platform you're on and it's that simple you got your personalized intro and outro or even singer transition so let me go over to OBS and show you how you can use these that way you can start using them right away let's tackle intros and outros because those are the easiest ones to explain I'm going to use OBS for my example and all you have to do is create a new scene you can label this intro or outro whatever you want and all you have to do to the scene is add a new source and the new source that you want to add is a media source when this window pops up it's just gonna ask for whichever local directory you have that video that you exported for a render forest make sure you select that and now every time you go to that scene it will play that transition or intro or outro or whatever you selected it to and it's that easy and every time you go back and forth to it it will replay it and boom you've got your own personalized intro and outro to bring up the production value on your stream and it was super easy now if you want to use these video template files as stinger transitions you can do that easily it just takes a little bit of tweaking now I keep using the word makeshift because this isn't a proper stringer transition this is kind of like a little bit of a hack that you can use but all you need to do is with whatever scene you're in at the top of your sources add a media source at the very top and under your stinger transition you can choose things like swipe and every time you swipe from one scene to the next it'll swipe over and it'll play your stinger transition which is that video template at the very beginning for however long you have it for and then it'll pop back into your stream and there you go again you have a nice personalized stinger transition that you can't done within just a few moments now I've used render forest a lot for business and personal in fact you've probably noticed in the beginning of my youtube videos here that's a render forest video intro so I like them a lot and if you like this platform you plan on using them you can do me a favor and I have a link down below that you can click through but actually helps me generate a little bit of money and it cost you nothing it's a way to help support the channel so thank you if you use it now render forest isn't the only name in town when it comes to video intro and outro templates in fact, there are a few companies out there that make a few you have things like NerdOrDie which has a lot of free templates that you guys can get or they have some cheap ones and also Fiverr.

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com has its own twitch store again I will put links in the show notes below so that way if you want something a little more personalized or a little bit easier or affordable you always have those options out there all right who wants a little fun bonus tip time out there guess what render forest doesn't have to be limited to just only intro and outro and stinger transitions you can actually use it as a fun little gimmick on Twitter to bump your stream mostly people just put a picture of themselves out there but you can convert what you make for your intro or outro to a nice little WebM graphic or you can convert it to a nice gif or you can even load it via YouTube's platform to Twitter so that way it'll be bumped whenever you reference that video file so that way if you have something cool to show off to the community and hopefully captivate a few more eyeballs in your direction look I get it graphics are really tough but it's ok cuz I got your back and a Render Forest has your back if you still have any more trouble with graphics or any type of visual representation for your stream or content I'm gonna put a nice video up here that's gonna help you with a platform called Canva.

com which is a free platform to use to help you be bigger and better with your visual representation and personal branding out there I will see you all next time in my next stream support video coming out real soon take care all Peace!.