/Easter Eggs You Missed In Devil May Cry 5

Easter Eggs You Missed In Devil May Cry 5

Video: Easter Eggs You Missed In Devil May Cry 5


Welcome back friends to Top 10 Gaming, Im your host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here dont forget to click that subscribe button and check out the rest of our channel. Plus comment down below with what you love about Devil May Cry. Now lets get into todays video of the Easter Eggs You Missed In Devil May Cry 5 Capcoms most anticipated demon slaying game is here and we found a few easter eggs you may have missed. Lets check em out shall we. Also if you havent played the game, there will of course be spoilers ahead.

You have been warned. First up is the Michael Jackson easter egg I havent personally played this game yet, but Im assuming this easter egg will surprise you during a cutscene. Considering the documentary Leaving Neverland came out after this game was already developed though I wonder if the company will keep it in the game or give you an update that removes it. If youre thinking to yourself nahh that could never happen. Well that documentary was so powerful that even the Simpsons wiped the episode with Michael Jackson from existence. Next up is the Banksy Easter Egg I guess the game developers are a big fan of the artist Banksy. The famous Girl with Balloon piece is perfectly captured here in the game. It first appeared in 2002 depicting a young girl with her hand extended toward a red heart-shaped balloon carried away by the wind. Although none of the original graffiti exists it did resurface in the news when Banksy rigged a frame to shred the painting in front of a shocked audience of art auction attendees.

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Lastly we have an easter egg that helps you finish Devil May Cry 5 in just ten minutes. This will take some effort or a lot of upgrades, but it is actually possible to finish the game from the get go. When you get to the first level you will take control of Nero and fight against the demon King Urizen. Hes no easy task to defeat especially if this is your first time playing, but there is a way you can kill the demon. If you primarily focus on Urizens red crystal while dodging his attacks the game will cut to a few lines of text and then just like that it will explain that life has returned to normal and that Nero has reached the same legendary status as Dante. Thats it, roll the credits, congrats you win. Now of course as fun as that may sound, youll definitely want to play the rest of the game, even if that means losing from the get go. Now this video was a bit of a shorter one, so lets take this time to check out some of your comments from the video titled – Top 10 Reasons Why Crackdown 3 Is The Worst Game Ever Made Dj Sarazen says – Definitely not the worst game ever made, clickbaity title..

-Ummmmm but it is Francis Lopez says – Fortnite is the worst game -Second worst, Crackdown 3 is the worst Detrezo says – From the way you talk about this game, you make me feel like you haven't even played it. I'll get an opinion by someone with experience, thanks… -I played the game for all of ten minutes before I couldnt stomach any more of it. If you would rather find someone else on the internet whos more bitter because they have just played the game longer, then by all means. Rey says – Johnny Rodgers…u seem like a bandwagon hater -I prefer the term, professional hater Ris Cannon says – Yeah everything you said is right and and terrible game I’ve played is Duke Nukem Forever – Finally a voice of reason in the chat.

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Im trying to feature more comments but most of them are calling me a long neck geek. So you guys arent giving much to work with. Just for fun lets check out that comment cartoon s network says – You long neck geek that game is fun to play and is not the worst game in the world but this is the worst video in the world -How dare you cartoon network. If that is your real name. Its comments like this that make me smile, because youre the keyboard warrior and Im the one on the video. Have a nice day snowflake And that has been Easter Eggs You Missed In Devil May Cry 5. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this video then show us some love by hitting that like and subscribe button. Plus comment down below if youve come across any easter eggs that we missed. For more videos like this one all you have to do is click that playlist on your screen. From Top 10 Gaming, Im Johnny Rogers and until next time, take care..