/Easter Eggs You Missed In Detroit: Become Human

Easter Eggs You Missed In Detroit: Become Human

Video: Easter Eggs You Missed In Detroit: Become Human


Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Today I’ve been told to bring another Easter Egg video to ya. But this time I’m in luck, because unlike God of War, there are actually some vaguely Easter Eggish things already reported, even if I have to get a bit creative with them. Now, as of now I haven’t been able to find 10, so this won’t be a top 10 list, but if you’re itching for a first look at some nifty references in the game, stick around. If you enjoy this video, let us know by throwing us a thumbs up down below. And if you want more, check out our video on the most OP characters in video games! But before you do that, get ready, it’s time for some Easter Eggs in Detroit Become Human! First we have a cool little reference to Heavy Rain. Fans of Quantic Dream will know all about Heavy Rain, which is probably the company’s best-known game.

It kinda became infamous for the atrocious voice acting, plus the whole Press X to Jason thing, but many view it as a great game, despite those issues. And as luck would have it, Quantic slipped in a little reference to Heavy Rain in their new game. When you take Carl for his breakfast, if you look at the bookshelf in the corner, you'll see some origami figures, that are clear references to the cover of heavy rain. Pretty neat! But that's not all we've got. There are also some references to things outside of gaming, like technological devices and even, slightly more subtly, drugs. Let’s start with the drugs, because it’s a bit iffy. The game has some thinly-veiled references to the discussion on steroid use in sports. This one might be pushing it in terms of what’s considered an Easter Egg, but I really do think it counts. Although some might disagree. Anyway, when you watch the TV, you’ll see news reports about how sports leagues are in the midst of deciding whether or not to allow android players to play. Previously they were only allowed to help coach and train players, since they would be at a huge advantage playing against humans.

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But they’re suggesting possibly allowing one android per team, to make games more exciting. The only problem is, many worry that this would make human players obsolete. This parallels really nicely with the current debate over whether or not to create special leagues where steroids are allowed. That way, you could see people at the best of their abilities, and you could have two hulks just smashing each other in the octagon. The problem there is, similarly, it might cause regular, natural sports to become obsolete. Pretty interesting. But that’s not all, I don’t want to end on a controversial one. As I said, there are some pretty huge tech references in the game, and probably the biggest one is to Amazon Alexa. One skill in the game, called CyberLife, allows the player to have their very own video game Alexa, based on the real product.

Although personally, I think it's way cooler to call it my own personal Jarvis. Because Jarvis is way better than Alexa. Anyway, yeah, when you use the CyberLife skill, you can ask Alexa all sorts of cool questions about the game. And this isn't like talking to your followers in Fallout, where there are only a few things to say. You can ask her really important stuff. Backgrounds of various characters, details of the crime scenes; you can even use it to figure out which decisions had which results, and potentially even change things to be more to your liking. Considering choices are incredibly important in this game, seeing as it's largely a choose your own adventure, this will be really useful.

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Especially if you’re like me and you hate making the wrong choice. Definitely the most useful Easter Egg I’ve seen in a while. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack that thumbs up button and subscribe to Top 10 Gaming for more videos! I’m sure more Easter Eggs will be coming out in days to come, or really, hours to come, so if you see any others, let everyone know in the comments so we can know more! Maybe we can do a part 2 when there are more Easter Eggs confirmed! Also, check out our Top 10 Sonic playlist for more videos like this one! Until next time, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!.