/e-doceo app for mobile learning

e-doceo app for mobile learning

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e-doceo learning manager app is an application available on all mobile digital platforms and offers incredible flexibility in monitoring distance training. Your training is available on PCs, tablet computers, and smartphones anytime, anywhere. You provide your learners with unbelievable flexibility in managing their training time to fully optimize their schedule. After logging in to the application, users can check to see if there is new learning content available. They can then download it in order to take training courses on the plane for example, even without an Internet connection. Once downloaded, learners can easily take their training courses, anytime, anywhere. As soon as they reconnect to the Internet, learners' results are sent to the training platform in the e-learning cloud. e-doceo learning manager app clearly responds to each specific business need. It is especially useful as an educational aid for one-on-one meetings during business trips.

Just like learners, itinerant trainers connect in 1 click and are there to train and help their learners succeed. A tracking tool is also available in the cloud to help monitor the progress of learners. With the e-doceo learning manager app, training has never been so easy anytime, anywhere..

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