/Drop Terrarium Tv | Fastest New Movie and Tv Show APP | MediaBox HD | Fast, Free and in HD

Drop Terrarium Tv | Fastest New Movie and Tv Show APP | MediaBox HD | Fast, Free and in HD

Video: Drop Terrarium Tv | Fastest New Movie and Tv Show APP | MediaBox HD | Fast, Free and in HD


in time you will know what it's like to lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail to read it just text what's good YouTube in a building with your uncle Monty Python we're bringing you life gang streaming apps to help you get the content you want one of the fastest ones out there with their new update we're talking media box we're gonna show you how to get it in all the nuances but first y'all know I got to put on these plus seven glasses of sexy as hell work on skilling up my craft I'm giving you all that better YouTube experience something better to look at something sexy as hell to look at and sponsors on my video for those of you looking for the best IPTV service out there for the lowest price with the best quality check out HD IPTV the link is in my video description they'll give you a 7-day trial and for my fellas working on them cuts for the sluts my ladies working on those butts for the months check out both of the diet programs that help me win the girls gym challenge I'm talking about the 2 week diet program also the fat burn fingerprint cuz it's a little before New Year's and I know y'all want to get sexy early instead of waiting til later let's jump on into this one so let's go ahead and start it's media box they just updated their app and it's looking really really good and while we're at it let me go ahead and mention please subscribe to my channel click that notification bell so you're down whenever we drop these life's game videos and share them we're trying to grow this mission for this one you are if you're running a fire TV stick which is what I'm doing I do most of my videos on the fire stick because that's the most popular device even though it's not the best you're gonna need Mouse toggle and I will show you how to get that at the end of the video but look at this app ladies and gentlemen I mean flawless looks great I love the look of it you can say thanks to your favorite if you have a track account if you have a real debride account you can use all those with it and it has TV and movies I mean this one is good ladies and gentle you might want to go tell your uncle your cousin about it and so in order to navigate across the the app you do need mouse toggle and I've got mine already installed so I'll show you what we're doing so there's my mouse toggle and we'll go ahead and start over here show you the features you can save the favorites you can do your history download you can change your settings you can put in your track you can put in your real debris all that good stuff ladies and gentlemen is what you can do on this app now let's scroll down here to the bottom so that you can see we're currently on the discovery tab so when you come to this app it defaults you to discover and then you can click on TV shows and these are an array of their various TV shows and in order to navigate up and down you would need to escape out your mouse toggle function and then you can just navigate through you can go up and down all around whatever you want to do so let me go ahead and get back in mouse toggle and click on one I'll click on ant-man in the Walsh I'll know I am a Marvel fan boy if you want to save your favorites you will go up there and click it which I've already done you can download it but y'all know I don't recommend downloading that's a legal action and you can click Play to get the movie it's going to give you different options if that comes up just go to the next one so and it auto plays for you but that particular one is not working so we're going to come down here to the next stream server option loading up pretty quick you're in your movie just that fast now this is a foreign copy let me get up out of there just that fast you're into the movies ladies and gentlemen and just that fast you can start screaming tonight forget about to read if you don't want it there's other options out there for you now I'm going to show you how to get this plus the mouse toggle so you can start enjoying it tonight like I said I'm running a fire TV stick meet me at the home screen of the fire TV so I'm under my settings applications for those of you that are new some of y'all have our it's pros and need to start your own YouTube channels during these streams but for those that are new coming into the core cutting revolution you're running a fire stick go to my fire TV you want to click developer options a to be buggy needs to be on apps from unknown sources also needs to be on then we're going to go back across the top and then the search feature I want you to put in downloader or you can voice it whichever one you want and download it looks like this you download that app install it and we're going to open it and we're going to me to the home screen and I'm going to show you how to get this app when you open downloaded you're going to come to this home screen what you're going to need to input it in there is and I've already got it saved in my favorites and it's scrolling across the screens that you don't have to work hard to see it but you're gonna want to input VI T dot ly for its last the number to capital j capitals that capitalization makes a difference here lowercase L lowercase D capital Q lowercase C and s and then you're going to click it it's going to open you to this particular apk downloaded to get to apk and as you can see is talking about media box already and you're going to want to input this version this is the newest version updated October 23rd you will simply click it now this is a big file it's going to take about two minutes to download even with great speed and I've already got so I'm not going to go through the process of installing it but you install it and then you can back out of it and when you back out of it you're gonna need to get another app from your home screen of downloaded so go back up here to where it says this function and I've got another link I want you to use and that link is Misfits mod.

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com is scrolling across the screen again but for those of you that are listening is f IT em ODS dot-com for slash apps and that's all lowercase give a click on that one and you're going to scroll down here till you see something called Mouse toggle and they're in alphabetical order so you can scroll on down here fast there it is mouse toggle Android TV and then you've got mouse table of fire our TV Myles type of fire TV click the mouse type of fire TV 2nd gen mine is already installed so it's going to give me the updated looking version yours might look a little different and once you've got it you install it click the lead here because you don't need this extra stuff on your space clicking the lead again then come over here to home click that and you can escape out of downloading now we've already gone through how you could how to function through the media box apk but for those with mouse toggle it should come and sometimes your status button is not going to say started mindset started but if yours doesn't just the click just depress this button and make it turn blue again to press this button like so see that and then click it again do the same thing for Discipline turn it off it's gonna stop and then turn it back on and then to get you started ladies and gentlemen and ladies and gentlemen that is it you now have the fastest running apk for movies and TV shows that's going right now that I've tested over the last week I want you guys to enjoy the click hook or cutting process because a lot of people think for cutting is a hard thing those of you that have been doing the underground streams you know it's seamless and easy the only thing you're having to really come out of pocket for it's maybe a little bit of live TV if you want quality and the internet bill other than that Courtin cutting the cord is easy and seamless and you still get the great content that you want thanks to all these great apps and we're going to continue doing this all week long with great information about apps apks things going on streaming world y'all just follow a brother because we're going to keep bringing you these sexy as hell life game videos that's gonna do it for this video don't forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself that life game check me out ladies and gentlemen if you're already a life gay member please share share my videos so that we can get more of an outreach across this great land helping people with their core cutting and until my next sex inhale video I'll see you you.

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