/Dragon City Hack de gemas, comida y oro Android 2018 | Trucos para Dragon City – Tutoriales

Dragon City Hack de gemas, comida y oro Android 2018 | Trucos para Dragon City – Tutoriales

Video: Dragon City Hack de gemas, comida y oro Android 2018 | Trucos para Dragon City – Tutoriales


Hello YouTube friends, I'm SebastianPTutorials And today I bring you a new video, well on This time I come to teach you a Hack Gems, food and gold for Dragon City, in This case I'll show you how to do it On Android, but I still do not see any Impediment to be able to do it in another Mobile device operating system, So if you want those who do not have a system Android operating system can also try And by the way leave me in the comments if I Works on that operating system, before Starting with the tutorial I also want them Inform that if you need someone else Type trick or Hack for this game, either For Android or for PC, at this time I will be leaving in the upper right corner A card, which can give you a click And this he will do is that he will send them to A playlist in which I have All this amount of Hacks for this game Currently, do not worry it will not close This video or anything like that They will be opened in a new tab and Because they can only see it once they have Finished watching all this video and good Having said that, let's start with the tutorial, First of all we will not need any Type of application or program, simply Of a Link, which I will be leaving In the description of this video and then that It would be basically everything, good first I'm going to teach you how to open Any type of Link so that we do not have Problems with the pages to Hack this, because they have some type of shortening or Advertising sometimes, then the best thing is to do The following, in case you do not open it In this way, because normally when Opens directly from YouTube or from Messenger, in this case I am giving you the Example with Messenger, but it will be basically The same, it will appear to us this way, well Not with Google if not with the page with which We have entered directly and then as they may Note here does not allow us to make certain modifications In the URL and therefore has very few options Too, so it's going to be very useful Pass it to our browser that we have determined In our device, so simply We do this, we give a tap here in these 3 points and then we can do the following, Copy the link and paste it into the browser Or as such open it directly in our Browser, in this case I will give it "Open In Chrome ", in this case it is my browser and Because here you can see already allows us to do More modifications, we have more options here And then we can already enter these pages In an easier way, now I'm going to show the page that would be next, Once they have entered the Link and have passed it Here to the browser that will appear Way, we will initially appear this publicity, So I'm going to teach you how to jump it So that we do not have any problems, As you can see there is enough publicity Out there to download some stuff, but They're going to ignore all this, they're just going to Wait for you to load this saying "I'm not A robot.

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"And then once you have loaded it They are going to give a "tap" in the square only And since it is most likely that they will be opened This new tab, just what they do Is to go to the tabs faster That they can, anything of warning That our phone is at risk this Is simply misleading advertising so that We downloaded programs that supposedly They will help us to eliminate some kind of Virus or to cover that risk, but that is a lie So we will not accept, simply We will give "Back" and then we close that page And we continue in this one that we have here above, As you can tell, already marked The "I am not a robot" box. And so now We give you down here where it says "Click here To continue ", again, if we open a Additional page that does not have to do with The one of the shorter one or with the page of the Hack, We close it and we continue in this and as a Once this counter reaches 0 seconds, this That come here, we did not see it because we were Closing the advertising page, but one Come that 5 seconds there, we give you To "Get Link", again, any page We close it and continue in the That we are jumping this and so here we are Will have sent to the Hack page once We have skipped that publicity, well already That may seem like we've been late Skipping this advertisement but it is simply Because I was saying step by step how Do it, but if they already know how to do it no It will take them more than 15 seconds to skip That advertising, so do not worry and Well once we are here we are going to address To this part where asks FacebookID and SessionID, If you do not know how to find this since A mobile device, at this time I will also be leaving in the upper corner Right another card and this what it will do is Send them to a video in which I show how You can remove the Facebook ID and the Session ID from a mobile device, I did not leave it In this video, because the video would stay Quite long, also the people who They already know how to find it, they would have to wait Until I did all this process and then So it is much more comfortable for everyone as well That I'm going to pause the same video, while I just found my Facebook ID and Session ID and I'm coming back with you and well we'll be back Back, in this case I have already removed the Facebook ID and Session ID, most likely Is that if they followed the steps of the video that I let them have it on a notepad like I have it here and now it's good Would be to go to the page and paste this Information in their respective place, as well as That I'm going to do this quickly and ready Once we have filled this with our respective Information, we simply have to give Says "Information of my Dragon City" and then Will begin charging, in the event that we Appears this means that it has been changed This session, we just have to do The process again because the "session" Is changing, on the other hand the Facebook ID Is not changing, but the "session" if Changes more or less every few hours, then In the event that this appears to us simply Is that you have changed the "session" before We put it there, that is very unlikely, But in the event that they simply pass We have to find the Session ID again And then, well, here I will have found my New "session" very quickly, I have not Delayed nothing and then already as can you look will have already loaded my information Here and then well this has enough truth Boxes with which we can perform Hacks Tricks or get help, as can you look, but really I only In this tutorial I'm going to focus on this, To show them what's in the title Of the video, if you, on the other hand, want Know what each one works for These tools and do not want to risk To use them without knowing what each one is for In all these boxes that are here as You can see, up here, just tell me Can leave in the comments and good here What we are going to do is the following, well We will check our resources, such as Can see is gold, food, experience, Level and good the gems will be here A little higher and well then let's see We're going to give him "help me win this guy", Will be running, so we hope And in case we appear complete We simply give "OK" and we are going to Do the following, we will see that there will be Increased the amount of a certain resource, depending Of a factor that I am going to show you later, In this case the gold will have increased me, simply He will have given me 500 gold, I know he can Seem little, but compared to how much We would delay getting it normally, The truth is quite what we can get And he would have given us this, remember to give him To any hack at least leaving a gap 30 seconds so that we will not appear In connecting once we enter our Dragon City and good in this case will have given us Gold, sometimes we can from food, sometimes Gold, sometimes gems, I'll show you in That this will consist and we can do this Do it again, but as long as Let this interval of about 30 seconds, Well now if I'm going to show them, remember This is done from the "Super Man" box, I forgot to say it before, but remember, Same as it appears, it is marked blue And since from there we did this Hack, Now I'm going to show you from my Dragon City That it will depend on us of gems, food Or gold, I'll show you quickly and then Well here we will be in the Dragon City and I will show that it will depend on us Of gems, food or gold, will depend on what Next, we are going to address the box Of combat, we are going to leagues, we give "!Let's go there!" And it will basically depend Of this, what it will do is that it will win automatically To any of these opponents and then We will double this because at the same time You will see the publicity for us, that is, (Well here I will have entered a fight Unintentionally), but basically it will give us that And will duplicate it because you will see the publicity at the end Automatically to give us the prize Duplicate for beating any of these And then when we win these 2, it will give us 3 gems, so this hack is quite useful, As we do this in just 10 seconds, See all this advertising and beat them "Supposedly" we'll do this in 10 seconds Nothing but what it takes to run The Hack and so we can get a Lots of gems, food and gold, good The food I'm going to show you where we're going To get, we are going to "Rewards" and as can you look for depending on the level Of the league we are in will give us food Or gold, each combat, that is in some leagues We can find up to 6 combats, which It means that it would be multiplied For this, that is to say 6600 of food and if it We doubled it would be 13200 if I'm not wrong, from Food, so the truth is going to be us Quite useful and would be 13200 x 400, So more or less make the accounts, would be Millions of food, also the gems, If we do the accounts, 6 gems x 400 leagues That there would be a quantity of 2400 gems And since all this easily achieved thanks To this Hack and therefore we can do it with much Patience, as you can tell, each The amount of food and Of gems and then if we do this constantly As I told you, we can millions of gold, Food and thousands of gems, the only limitation That we could find would be the Amount of fighting, when there is no fighting We can not do this obviously but well This takes only a few hours to load, The combats and thus we can achieve Many gems, food and gold, and so this Would be basically everything.

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And good friends, That has been everything for today, I hope you have Liked the video, if they liked or liked them Useful the video to Like and share it With all their friends and if they have doubts or concerns Leave me with a comment, also I recommend you go through my channel and If they like some video or my channel in general Can subscribe, besides that I recommend them Activate the bell, which will be just The right of the subscribe button, here I will show you how to do it so that So do not miss any video that I Upload soon on this channel, see you In an upcoming video..