/Dragon Ball Z – Sangoku a-t-il trompé Chichi ?

Dragon Ball Z – Sangoku a-t-il trompé Chichi ?

Video: Dragon Ball Z – Sangoku a-t-il trompé Chichi ?


you want my piece maybe? I am not very hungry really ? with pleasure then! mmmm … thanks ahh!, I had a good dinner now I'm going away wait a little longer you do not want to take a nap? no I do not have time. I must meet Kaio as soon as possible are you sure you put enough herbs in his meal? yes, it could have knocked out an ox … thank you, bye princess no wait ! do not leave so quickly we have prepared a bath, do you want to relax? it will be nice for you, you will see you'll be clean before meeting Kaio indeed, I think I need a good bath you are right yes ! your bath is waiting for you ..

. it feels good so, is your bath going well? yes, a little hot but very pleasant this is a thermal spring, nothing is better for you to heal it's late ! look it's getting dark all these stars are beautiful we are lucky to be together tonight It's so romantic… Goku ??? where is he ? but, what is he doing ?! he will drown 98 … 99 … 100 !!! now i feel better ! well, I'm going to dress it's very embarrassing … but I must admit that he is handsome I feel in good shape! It's time to go no, please wait ! hurry up ! stop him ! prevent him from leaving ! please … it's impossible, I have to find Kaio as soon as possible and ask him to train me you don't need to learn self-defense if you have this do you want to try it ? what is it ? it's a gun, you can play Russian roulette with it a good training to learn how to control your fear but… what is "Russian roulette"? are you sure that will help me? Yessss .

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… let me show you we need only one bullet let's try this is a six-shot gun you have five chances out of six to miss fortunately we used rubber bullets this is so stupid I don't want to play a such stupid game.