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this is Anime Aftermath we are stuck here in the outside Because our friend he couldn't get us the conference room because he's celebrating his little cousin's B-day He is not even celebrating anything. He just went to a party he's celebrating his freedom from us. I went to my cousin's mini party party its cousin's birthday we're here today we're gonna we were gonna discuss the DBZ Ark which is power of the tournament. We can still do this without him We could but he is really big Vegeta Fan you know what you don't get to put your say in it now yeah I mean he was gonna come here say that Vegeta was MVP of the tournament.

I'll be Raul today. You will probably meet him in a couple videos maybe the next video. Yeah if he ever gets off what do you think about the arc. it was ok all right about how about the flaws there's always I mean to me the tournament the flaw was gohan because he didn't do anything I felt like he was an underused character I mean I mean you got back to what that mode that he uses. Mystic! he got his mystic back that was pretty good he's only known for defeating Cell, that's it. he was the top at the time I don't know what happened and Vegeta was like no no I'm at the top okay what don't you like no no I'm Raul right now okay so I'm going to point out I got a point out that Goku went down like five or six times and he always got back up. Isn't that the point of Dragon Ball.

No No I don't want to hear that I don't want to hear the excuse of plot armor okay he he has to get up because he's is the main character. Which is plot armor. yes but let's say he got eliminated are you still going to watch Goku could have Instant Transmission the whole tournament transmission the whole tournament and got it okay okay but here's the thing somebody I think my cousin told me that Instant Transmission doesn't take energy it has to take some energy yeah because otherwise one why didn't he do it all over the place and – towards the end well towards the end why didn't he just Instant Transmission to the other side of the stage and and then kill time that way when did he just grab Jiren and teleport. a light year away and then transmission back to the stage that you're just false so this this whole arc could have been solved no the Jiren Factor The fight begins go!!! Instant Transmission Jiren out of the stage that's it a thousand lightyears and then Instant transmission everybody else one of the time yeah that would have been it. yeah Goku does Instant transmissions to everybody and everyone is out all the other characters they're just sitting there watching them it would have fixed the pacing (Laughs) we solved the arc i think we have proved that the average guy perfect 20/20 vision maybe way what is it called after after the fact a hindsight there we go Oh 20/20 hindsight I don't know what he's talking about what did it like you can tell perfectly oh yeah okay I agree with you this yeah but it's too late yeah like like the tournament's over.

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The tournament is over we have a winner and that was Android 17 who I think was the MVP of the Tournament Vegeta I gotta put in two points for Vegeta okay I'll give him this if he hadn't taken out Toppo.Toppo and Jiren would have overwhelmed him that's it you know he bought goku time so can stand up . Here is my thing it here's my thing why are you gonna give Vegeta something when he is only a support character. I am sorry listen he's a support character he was an enemy once okay and now he's a support character to goku no he is more than a support character. I would I would put him out of rival the level of the rival okay if they were okay he is my argument to that yeah if he's rival how come he is in the stands. hey hey oh no what I got it I got oh I'm gonna burn you so bad okay you're welcome Raul okay you know why he's in the stands cuz when they both went down and jiren came walking up he's the first one that stood up he's and took the beating of his life well number one but he got up first when I'm after what he did to toppo he got up first okay okay well Goku was like ah oh yeah oh you're gonna go I need this I need this I think he more of a support character now there is no point of him.

The hate that you're bringing out to us. I do not agree. I was walking and this guy grabbed my shoulder In this Arc Vegeta didn't do it as what he was expected yes or no I don't know this guy oh oh my god you don't agree with that statement. please please direct all your hate towards this guy Vegeta didn't do crap this arc hate towards this guy right here version of what happened when he powered up the Super Saiyan Bluetooth and I'm Calling it bluetooth okay for a specific reason while he was in blue, i am assuming that he got a call but he left his phone in the stands okay but he luckily he had his bluetooth on him right so he can receive the call so then Vegeta he powered up so that's why i call it bluetooth that's that's the only reason okay that's it and it he didn't get any Ultra Instinct he didn't do it he just kind of a Super Saiyan bluetooth I didn't like it to me this arc he didn't do crap hey man bluetooth is an achievement above anybody else.

yeah receiving a call is an achievement up oh hello. Other than Goku that Bluetooth that's it man that's that's all that's up yeah that's this who else can surpass that. I mean I guess jiren yeah jiren just smack him he told him to sleep yeah and he called the warrior too oh yeah yeah he told him to sleep though yeah he was a what did he mean by going to sleep yeah he need to take a break is that it . yeah he did good work. Sleep means good there was so many Explosion during the fight between Goku and Jiren then it was it was just like oh man it was all over the place and I even got focused on fight. I was like wow this until he pointed out were is frieza during all this fight and i am like oh my god you are right he could have died in one of those explosions and and if Jiren had killed him accidentally and would that have counted but here is the thing Frieza had plot armor too. Yeah he had more plot armor than Vegeta. Take that Raul he is yeah he's a icon to the series there's no way , but so is vegeta Vegeta is more of an icon and he got eliminated before Frieza what is What does do to Vegeta's Pride.

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okay Frieza got wrecked by topo which topo said he was holding back otherwise you know he'd killed because the tournament rules but but he was holding back and he wrecked Frieza and then Vegeta came in and wrecked the toppo or I wouldn't say wrecked by me he knocked him out okay yeah yeah okay so now back to your question. Why Jiren? Oh would that have counted if jiren had accidentally blown up a rock that Frieza was hiding under and disintegrated or at least killed him would that have eliminated him. i don't think it would have counted because he already had aim at the audience did not disqualify oh yeah what about that i felt in jiren defense, I felt that Therefore the Sun got in his eyes fired the beam and he is like where is goku oh there he is you know but I'm just defending Jiren I don't know you know you know what I'll defend Jiren but not the way you did him I'll give him this I don't believe that that's part of his character I don't know why they threw him my they made him do that the writer made him do that. Yeah that doesn't seem like he would do that that doesn't seem like Jiren when you first started yeah. I feel like toppo didn't do anything in this tournament when you guys were talking about eliminations did toppo get any elimination I don't think so I didn't check that that that that's that's our he probably did but I don't I don't think so I'll research it or something that.

I doubt it Google it I am not going to google it in the middle of the video you edit the five seconds I'm not gonna edit it oh lets move on to i want to talk about frieza okay is it over yet is over Frieza was just hiding. yeah he was hiding oh wait are you frieza or am i frieza. I don't know i just know there is alot of explosion. just stay hiding I think we're good here we got another episode or two before they find us okay so uh are you gonna wish for, how do you know I'm gonna win you're right yeah your frieza I guess no i am 17 i am Frieza now i thought i was 17 five seconds ago. i am going to win so that was our re-enactment of Frieza and 17 dude they were neighbors. You know they talk again we were we going back to the wait let's go back on okay okay Oh Who am I now here it doesn't matter it doesn't matter who you matter it doesn't matter who we are anyway dude does that sound like Goku is dying I think we should go and help 17 was just a waste why did he have to explore I mean I know why explode to block a move.

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because it was so immense that he had to cancelled out jiren move but he put shield around goku and vegeta but he didn't put shields around himself why don't you maybe he did but I don't know again we don't know the explanation for that. that power is so weird here's the shield here's the shield he's a wizard he's a shield wizard he's just giving shields to everybody why did he give shield to all his teammates he did, to save some of them okay i guess but when they were tagging up and they took out jiren. Frieza made it to gold though didn't he no he was just on his regular form/ But regular form is equal to Super Saiyan. But Goku went Super Saiyan for like a split second you know. yeah he was drain. our final thoughts on the arc overall I liked it was just too long. The pacing was too long until the end. but the end was too fast it was too fast uh I feel like we could have focused more on each each fight they each other characters without their own individual fight. Krillin did more than Gohan that fast guy though Krillin did more than Gohan.

Oh I am a Gohan Fan so Wooo!!! wait what did i just say you said you were a Gohan Fan. what the freak. i am a krillin fan Wooo!! i am going to give the arc a 4/5. Alright i will give it an eight you can't give eight out of five. Eight out of ten yeah which basically is the samething divided by two we hope you guys enjoy or not or not let us know we're gonna keep doing videos like this I think this is the way format is really fun. We are ending the video before we end it how funny would it be if we're recording right I mean we're we're you know we're finishing up and then we find out the the thing run out of space like ten minutes ago you turn your salty gaming channel into this yeah this this could turn out to be crap.