/Download YouTube Videos on Android (Easiest Method)

Download YouTube Videos on Android (Easiest Method)

Video: Download YouTube Videos on Android (Easiest Method)


Hey There! My name is Ankush and today I am going to show you the easiest way to download youtube videos directly on your Android Device. For this, you need an app called tubemate which you will not find on the Play store. So, I have given the link in the description on which you can click to download the apk file of the tubemate app. The same link, I have copied here. Just Click on the Link And Open URL. Now you will be redirected to this website. Just Tap the Install App Button and Click OK. Now, as you can see the downloading has started and it will take 2 to 3 minutes based on your Internet Connection Speed.

Till then you can go to the settings and find the Security option here. Now just turn ON the "Unknown Sources". If this is not turned On then you won't be able to install the apk file that we are downloading right now. Now the downloading has completed, just open the downloaded file and install it. Open the installed app. Now you are all set to download any youtube video that you want to download. And for this you don't need to open the Tubemate App. You can do it directly from the official youtube app. Just open the app and go to the Video that you want to download. I was watching the "Waka Waka" of Shakira. As you can see this is the official song and to download this song you need to find a button in the upper right corner. Arrow like button which is used to share this video with other apps.

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So this is the button I have tapped. And search for the Tubemate option here and Tap it. Now, this is the list of available resolutions in which this video can be downloaded. Let's say I want to download this video in the 180p resolution. Just Tap the download button and you can see that the downloading has started. And Tubemate download the videos pretty fast, you can compare its speed with the UC Browser. As you can see 50% of the video is already downloaded. Now this is it, the video is all yours. Open it, Play it without buffering, Share it. Share it with anyone, copy it to the OTG Pendrive and take it to your PC and do anything with this video. This video is gonna be yours. So thanks for watching this video. My name is Ankush. thank you!.