– Hey guys it's Karina. – It's Ronald from – [Together] Sis versus Bro. – And today we're doing the Don't Press the Wrong Button Slime [Together] Challenge. – So right here we have four buttons. Two of them good and two of them are not so good. – Ahh. – If your button makes a magical noise then you get to pick something from the good slime pile. But if no noise then you have to pick something from the not so good slime pile. – Dun dah da! – And I'm not so excited to pick from that (mumbles) pile 'cause it doesn't look so good.

– I will mix. (giggling) – Okay, we have ten rounds and I'm really excited 'cause after that you're gonna have a great slime! I have good hopes about this and really excited! – And at the end of the video you guys get to comment down below, who is the winner of this challenge. (crickets chirping) Wait, comments are disabled. So go to our Instagram and comment down below there. There'll be a link down below. Go, or else. (toy squeaking) – Okay and now it's time for rock, paper, scissors, who goes first. – [Together] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Shoot! – How come you always win? – Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! All right guys, now it's time for round numbero uno! Okay, I don't know which one to press. I'm scared! Okay, I'll go with this one. (click) (buzzer buzzes) No! – No! – So guys, I have to pick something from here, the not so good pile and I don't know what to put. Maybe, oh maybe rainbow fish beads.

Sure, yeah, I'll put rainbow fish beads. No! Should I? I'm scared! Okay, yeah, I'll put rainbow fish beads. (beads clinking) Yay! – Okay guys, it's now my turn. So Ronald pressed this button and it didn't make a noise. So I'm not gonna press that and I think I'm gonna press the one next to it? (clicking) (magical noise) (ding) Yes! – No! – Oh yeah, all right! I get to pick something from here. So guys, if you don't know me, then you probably don't know that I love clear glue but the fact is I love clear glue. So I'm gonna pick the pink glitter glue 'cause I love pink and I love clear glue. So let's put them together and make something awesome. All right Squeeze! Oh, look at that! Okay guys, round number two. I'm gonna go first and I think I wanna press the one that is right in front of me. Please! (buzzer buzzing) Oh No! – Yes! Wait. (clicking) Okay, it doesn't make a noise.

– Okay. Okay guys I have to pick something from the bad slime pile. (dramatic trombone note) – [Ronald] Dun, dun, dun! – [Karina] I think I wanna go for this yellow glitter because it's yellow you can't really see it and it's glitter so it's not that bad. Hopefully. All right so let's put some in. You know what, that's enough. (scratching record) Just a litter shimmer, a little light shimmer. – No, no, no, no, no, no, you can't do that. You can't do that. – Fine I'll add a little more. Oh no! – [Ronald] Yes! – That's a lot of yellow glitter. – All right guys, (toy squeaking) now it's time for my very turn. I'm not gonna go with the same that Karina picked 'cause that's cheating. So I'm gonna go with something else. (clicks) (magical noise) Yes! ♪ How do you feel? ♪ ♪ How do you feel? ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah! Guys it's time for my first experience with the good pile. Okay, what should I go for? Green, blue, pink? Karina's like, oh no don't pick pink. (both giggling) Glue. – Oh, not that one! – Oh yes, this one! (laughs) – Not the clear glue.

– Oh yes the clear glue. Three, two, one, drop it. Dun da dah dun da dah dun da da da. Oh we're going in. Oo, this looks awesome! So guys so far I'm doing really Gucci. And let's move on to round number three. All right which button shall I press? (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yay, I got a good one! So guys I'm doing really great, double good. So now let's pick something. How jealous are you Karina? Tell me. Karina? – No, no, no, not that, not that! Anything but that! – Okay, No. Oh, that looks awesome! Oh Karina, you're missing out! – Okay guys it's my turn and you are not allowed to press the same button that the other person pressed. So I'm not allowed to press that. So I think I'm gonna press this one. (clicks) (buzzer buzzing) – Yes! Karina how do you feel? Yes! Karina how do you feel? Yes! Oh yes, oh yes! – Guys, I got a bad button again and Ronald has two of my favorite slime ingredients. (evil laughter) This is so unfair.


Guys I don't know what to choose 'cause everything is just so bad. So I think I'm gonna go with this. Not as bad as everything, so I think it's all right. (beads dropping) What if I pour that much and not the rest? – Pour the rest. – Fine. There you go. – [Ronald] That barely made a difference but whatever. (laughs) – Okay it's time for round number four and I'm gonna go first. All right I think I'm gonna go with the one that was next to the one that was before right, okay. (clicks) (buzzer buzzing) It's bad! Oh I'm always getting the bad ingredients! It's gonna be a hard choice. I think I'm going to go with this. – Karina, you're going to take all of the bad ones eventually. – All right, okay I think this won't ruin my slime too much so I'll go with this. All right I'll just pour it in. – [Ronald] All of it.

– Huh, it's gonna look like Christmas in a slime. (Ronald giggling) – [Ronald] And then you add red. (giggle) – Oh no. All right, that's the whole tube gone Ronald. Are you happy? – Yes It's my turn, so yes, I bet you, I bet you that I am going to get a good. Okay, which one? This one, the same one! I'm gonna go lucky (mumbles) mode, okay? (click) (magical noise) (ding) (laughing) Guys, luck is on my side today. I just got two goods and I'm just about to get a third one. Okay, which one shall I pick? – [Karina] No, no, no, no, not that one! – Clear glue! – The last clear glue Ronald. (evil laughing) Why do you have to do this to me? (Ronald howling) – Guys, it's round number five, the buttons are switched. Let's do this. So, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start with my turn. Okay, can it be good three times in a row? This one button. (clicks) (buzzer buzzes) No! – Yay! You finally got something bad! Yay! – No! Guys, my slime is so perfect and now I have to ruin it with the bad pile. Duh, dun, dun.

Oh, what do I pick? Uh, this, nah. Nope. No. Nah. No. Nope. Maybe, probably not. This, I don't know. Oh, I just have to go with this 'cause it kinda sticks with my theme. – [Karina] Hm, no it doesn't. – Oh my gosh guys, no! I had to pick from the bad pile and look what I got in return. – So guys,it's my turn. Ronald finally got something bad, so I can pick something good. So I'm gonna pick the one next to him hopefully. (clicks) (magical noise)(ding) – No! – Yah! Guys, this is my first good button in a really long time and so I better make this good. All right 'cause I might not ever get this again. Okay so, I think I'm gonna go with purple 'cause it's kinda cover up the green glitter 'cause it's kinda dark. So, I think I'm gonna go with this. Oh, that was unintentional. Three, two, one. Oh, that was perfect. Okay guys, it's round number six and now I'm going first. I'm really nervous 'cause I don't know what's right and what's wrong and I'm really confused. – Okay.

– All right I think I'm gonna go with this one. No this one 'cause this one hasn't been pressed. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yay! – No! – So guys, for my round number six, I gotta pick something pink. So I'm wanna go with this pink glue. I think it looks pretty so I'm gonna put it in. – Squeeze! – [Karina] That's nice. – Okay guys, it is time for actionez and I have to pick a good one. (click) (magical noise) (ding) Yes! – How did you get it? – Simply and carefully. So guys my slime is looking pretty good so far but I think we can make some touches to it to make it better. Okay what should we add? Classic glitter glue, maybe, maybe not. You will never ever know. Oo, blue fish balls. Oo, la, la, I should probably do that. Dun, nu, nu, nah yes! Now it's time for round number six, I'm pretty sure it's my turn so I'm gonna go.

Okay which one should I go for? – I don't know, I think you should go with that one. – No, I don't think so. I'm gonna go with this one. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yes! Okay, which one should I choose? Maybe the glitter glue. – [Karina] Yeah, glitter. – [Ronald] Karina's just like yeah, you should pick that one so you don't get any others. Okay, what other ones are there? – [Karina] Maybe you should pick this one. (both laughing) – Maybe, I don't know. I think I'll go with this one. – Okay, good. – Karina's like okay, yes! (Ronald howling) (Ronald grunting) – Okay guys, now it is my turn and I think I'm gonna press this button. – Why? – I don't know, it just feels right. – Okay. (clicks) (buzzer buzzes) – No! – Yes! I'm getting something bad again! – I think you're running out of things to choose from the bad pile.

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– Okay, I think I'm gonna go on full on Christmas mode with the red glitter. I already got some green glitter, I'm gonna add some red glitter because Christmas is the way to go. – [Ronald] Oh yeah! – [Karina] Ohhhhh! – ♪ Sprinkle that everywhere! ♪ – Okay guys, it's round number seven and I'm goin first. – Ahh. – I don't know what to pick 'cause I'm really nervous. – Okay, which one? (laughing) (mumbles) Focusing. – This one, there's a button that betrayed me before but I think it's gonna be good now. Please. (clicks) (buzzer buzzes) No! – Yes! – Guys the button betrayed me again! I have to go back to the bad pile. – Get the orbeez. – No, not orbeez, no. Oh no! – [Ronald] Christmas style. – Okay fine Christmas style, no not Christmas, I can't do it. Too much Christmas! I think I'm gonna go with this silver glitter glue. It kinda doesn't look good. It kinda looks like a cheap knock off of this version, but you know what, we'll roll with it. Squeeze. – [Ronald] Squeeze dem Squeeze.

– Oh that doesn't look very good. Guys, I honestly don't think I can squeeze any more out of it. (record scratching) – Oh wow, excuses. – There's loads in here but I just can't squeeze it out 'cause the glue is so hard. – It's my turn and I am gonna get a good pile. Okay, sense, sense, sense, sense. This one. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yes! – No! – Guys, I think I'm getting too many goods, I'm running out of things to choose from, from the good pile. I don't know, maybe I can get, – No, not that one. – This one because Karina wants it. – No! (celebratory whooping) Yeah I don't think there's any left in here. Hola amigos, it's round number eight. The buttons have been shuffled, so let's do this. It is my turn, so I am gonna sense and see which button is good, okay. This one, this one, this one, or this one? This one. I have a feeling that it's this one. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yay! (laughing) – You always get the good ones.

It's so unfair! – Oh yeah, oh yeah. All right guys, I need to choose from the good pile again, so what should I get? Should I get a glitter this time? So we have pink glitter, – [Karina] No Ronald, you don't have to choose glitter. – Purple glitter, or orange glitter. I'm going for purple glitter. – Are you sure you don't want this instead? – No I'm good. Dun, nah, nah, duh, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nu, nah, nice! – Okay guys, now it's my turn, I'm really nervous 'cause Ronald just got something and I don't know what to press. Okay, okay. I think I'm gonna go for, I'm not gonna press this one because this button always betrays me. So I'm going to go with this one. (clicks) (buzzer buzzes) (Ronald laughing) No! – Wait, wait, wait Karina should we check if this was good? – Okay (clicks) – It wasn't! – It wasn't I knew it! – Oh! – It's that one, oh no! Guys, the only okay color that is left are Christmas colors.

And I don't wanna go full on Christmas mode, 'cause then it's just gonna turn out brown. Okay, I think I'm going to choose this one. – What? – I mean it's okay. All right let's add it in. Oh, this one's a lot easier than the silver one. Okay guys, now it's round number nine and I'm going first. Don't forget I'm really nervous. I don't know what to pick, okay. I'm gonna go with The Devil Button. All right, it's a new nickname, The Devil Button. All right, three, two, one. (clicks) (buzzer buzzes) No! – Yes! – That button should be renamed as The Devil Button 'cause I'm always getting it wrong every single time but now I have to pick something else from the bad pile. (sighing) I think I'm gonna go for yellow 'cause yellow seems happy. Sunshine yay, but when it goes in here, it's just gonna turn into poop. All right, oh yes.

(grunting) Nothing is coming out. (grunting) – Yay! – Good for you, all right, that's it. – Guys, now it's my turn. I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna get another good one. Okay, it's time for the sensing ceremony to begin. Oo, pretty strong, pretty strong. Not really. (Karina laughs) Uh, I don't know. Maybe. This one. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) Yes! – No! Ron, I think you're hacking the system. – Oh yeah. – Definitely, hacking. Guys, this is so unfair. I think Ronald should be disqualified. (laughing) – And now it'll be all you. – [Ronald] There's purple, there's pink. – [Karina] I think this one will be a perfect for your slime. It'll fit perfectly well with the other colors. – That's last on my list to pick. I'm going for the purple, classic, glitter glue.

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Dun, duh, da, dun, nah, dun. (grunting) Alrighty amigos it is time for a final round because it is round number 10. Hopefully I can get a good one to top it off. Alrighty, it is my turn so I'm gonna do the picking ceremony, sensing ceremony. – I think you should pick this one. – Okay, I'll go with that. (clicks) (magical noise) (ding) (laughs) – Wait, that supposed to be The Devil Button. (laughing) (ding) – Thanks Karina because I just got a good one on round number 10. – That shouldn't count. (laughing) – Yeah. (laughing) – Ronald just getting everything I would get. (grunting) – Alrighty, we're doing decent things. – Okay guys, it's my last go, the very last go of them all. And I have to get something good to finish this off. So I'm not gonna get this one, 'cause well I'm not allowed to. So, I'm gonna get the one right next to it in the middle because I don't know, they seem to be besties, seem to be good. So I'm gonna be pressing it. (clicks) (laughs) (clicks) No! – Wait, which one was it? (clicks) It was this one.

(laughs) Oh my goodness! (clicks) (magical noise) – Ron, I think you've hacked the buttons. – (laughs) Yes, I hacked the buttons. – Okay guys the last thing I've got was something bad so I have, there's no way I'm picking orbeez! I don't wanna go with that. – Everything. Everything. – Or anything here. I think this one 'cause this seems like – Christmas (laughs). – All right, let's just add it in I guess. All right, squeeze. That's pretty smooth. So that was the very last glue of the day. And now it's time to mix. – Uh! We still need some activator. – All right, let's add the activator. All right, I think I'm just gonna go with that as the base and I'll add more later if I need it. – Okay, I'll add like that for base and then I'll add a lot more after. – Okay guys, I'm gonna mix first.

Let's do it. Three, two, one, go! Oh yeah! All right, maybe not oh yeah. (Ronald laughing) Oh no, this is real ugly. I think this gonna be all brown because green and red makes brown! Why didn't I think about this when I was going for Christmas colors? – Okay Karina while you're having that mess over there, I'm gonna come over in paradise and mix my slime. Alrighty, let's grab this spoon, let's grab my hands and let's do this. Dun, nah, na, na Oh wow, nice start, not really, maybe, maybe maybe. Oo, nice, nice looking, nice looking. Blue, purple and wait, what did I add? Blue, purple, and pink and yeah, pink makes a good slime. – Guys, mine is looking real ugly. I think it's gonna be brown. Oh no. So guys we're gonna keep on mixing it. We're gonna see ya guys in – [Together] Three, two, one (claps).

– So guys our slimes are finally finished and as expected mine is brown. It's a poopy color I don't even like it but that's not really a surprise 'cause I had really bad luck. It's a mixture of brown and gray and to make it even worse, there's red and green glitter in it. All over and a lot of it. I also have some rainbow foam balls which is okay, but doesn't really go with the slime. The slime is kinda stretchy, sort of I guess. So if you think my slime is the winner, comment down below. #WinningWithoutLuck 'cause I had no luck today. – All right guys you already know what I'm gonna say. Welcome to the magical land of Ronald's awesome slime. Shall we enter? We have a nice purple-bluish slime with pink glitters inside, you can see.

And then some green balls to top it all off. It's kinda stretchy but if you go too fast, it's gonna break. So you can just go haaaaaaa, then you'll have a nice stretch. It's also really pokey, you can poke it, hiya. Hiya! Hiya! It's really nice to poke. I really like it. It's also purple and makes an awesome color with the pink glitters as well. So if you think I am the ultimate winner, comment down below. #Ronald'sMagicalLand. I think I beat Karina like by far this time. I think I wrecked her this time. Just look at my slime and then look at hers. – Mine is beautiful in it's own way. (laughing) – But guys, since our comments have been disabled by YouTube for some reason, go to our Instagram, link down in the description, and comment down below on our links post that I have won. (record scratching) – No, that I won! – Karina, look at your slime! – Yeah, it's beautiful. – Oh my God.

– We hope you liked the video, – [Together] if you did, smash that like button and we'll see you all next time. Good Bye! (upbeat music).