/Does My Samsung Galaxy Have a Virus?

Does My Samsung Galaxy Have a Virus?

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Does my Samsung Galaxy have a virus? The odds of that went up mid-2015, which I heard about when CNN said 600 million Galaxy phones were exposed to hackers. Anything on the internet is exposed to hackers. The question is, is my phone infected? If you're searching the web and get a pop up that your device is infected, and it isn't the malware protection tool on the phone already, it is actually a virus trying to get installed on your phone. I know you can get pop ups on websites that say you have a virus, click here to get scanned, and clicking on that activates it to run. You can try deleting all recently installed apps, if the problem occurred immediately after you installed something.

You were just blaming it on the website. Any time you get that request to run or install something, kill the browser ASAP. Then hit the double menu and kill all apps. You've asked me to do everything but reboot. Clear your cache and restart the Chrome browser, and if the problem continues, stop going to that site and do a factory reset of the phone. I don't remember how to do that. Hold down power and home and volume up until the Samsung logo comes up, then only release the power button. With the other two still held down, the recovery screen comes up. And that's what fixes it. You have to select the option to wipe data and do the factory reset, select yes to delete all data, and tell it to reboot now. So your advice on how to remove all data was just the start of this process. So there is a reboot in there, but after deleting the data. I want to know if I have a virus before I go brain wipe my virus. If you've got anti-virus by Verizon, you can open that app, go to the security tab and scan for viruses. I don't use Verizon.

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So open whatever anti-virus app you have and have it scan, as long as it is a legitimate one like Kaspersky, Mcaffee or AVG. I know there are fake antivirus apps that have slightly different names hoping you install it. And the best solution is to only install the legitimate antivirus apps from the legitimate android app store, or maybe, from the company website. That's a little late. If you think you have a virus on the Galaxy, you can still turn on the phone, install the legitimate antivirus app from Google Play and run it and see if it clears things out. And if it says I have a virus? Then you have a virus, and if it clears things out, you know you're likely good to go. And if a weird named thing comes up and says you just got a virus, you know that's the bad app to remove. I would hate to have two apps fighting it out. That would be the legitimate anti-virus trying to remove the fake one or other malware, and if the anti-virus says something is interfering with it working, you know you have a virus.

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