/Do you want to know you are a real-life couple? just send this message! [Happy Together/2019.05.09]

Do you want to know you are a real-life couple? just send this message! [Happy Together/2019.05.09]

Video: Do you want to know you are a real-life couple? just send this message! [Happy Together/2019.05.09]


Yulhee is a former idol singer turned mother. (She's on Happy Together as Jjang's mom.) Everything happened – in such a short time. / – Right. – It was sudden. / – She announced her marriage – and pregnancy at the same time. / – Exactly. We were both surprised when my pregnancy was confirmed. I was suspecting it. My intuition told me I might be. So I told him about it even before it was confirmed. "I think I'm pregnant." "If you don't want the baby," "I will have to think about it," "but I want to have the baby.

" – Then he said, / – You're amazing. "Of course I want the baby." "I have to take the responsibility." – He's great. / – Later, he said he was somewhat disappointed to hear me consider not having the baby. He said he wanted to take responsibility. – He's great. / – He said my words disappointed him. When I told Yangrak I was pregnant, – he insisted we have a DNA test. / – Goodness. Are you trying to make him retire? – I'm so worried. / – Based on her stories, Yangrak is a scumbag. – Don't do this to him. / – Poor Yangrak. I'm sure watching this will make him sick. After this shoot, I will escape to the countryside. (The DNA test's secret will be revealed soon.) You're loved by many people. Many people recognize you these days, right? When I'm carrying my baby, everyone recognizes me. People are more excited about Jjang than me. Jjang is adorable.

When my husband and I were dating, we went to the mart near our place once or twice a day, but the clerk never recognized us. After "Mr. House Husband" aired, the clerk said, "I didn't know you were an idol" "because you were not wearing any makeup." "But now I realize" – "that you're very pretty." / – You were on the show. So it's about you being pretty. – It's okay. It's true after all. / – After this airs, – even more people will recognize you. / – For sure. You had a hard time deciding to appear on this show. Right, because I thought it might be too early for me to appear publicly. I had the same thoughts before shooting – "Mr. House Husband". / – That's ridiculous. You're a star. You should never turn down a chance. Hyunsook is the best. (Praise Hyunsook.) After talking to the filming crew, I got excited about today's guests – and decided to accept the offer. / – Good job. We're glad you're here. It's a thing these days to prove you are a real-life couple. You send your partner a text message, "Loving you is the second best thing I ever did" and see what reply you get.

And this would be an ideal conversation. "Do you want to know something?", "What?" "Loving you is the second best thing I ever did." – "Second?" / – "Second". "Finding you is the first." – That's ideal. / – This would be – That's ideal. / – an ideal reply. – But in reality… / – Now a real couple. – It's a real couple. / – It's a bit sad. This is reality. "Honey, loving you is" "the second best thing I ever did." "I got Charlie vaccinated." – "The first is…" / – "The first is…" (It's all about Charlie.) "We need to bring him home after work. Don't be late." – "Okay." / – It was ignored. It's a communication error. They're talking about different things.

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She doesn't care what he says. – Only that Charlie's vaccinated. / – Gosh. – Are we doing this? / – If you don't mind… – I'm confident. / – Send it right now. – "Loving you is…" / – "Loving you is…" – This is going to be fun. / – This is going to be fun. You all seem to find this fun. I wonder what they will say. He writes me a letter every morning. – Who does? / – My husband. You guys are still newly-wed. We can only fart in front of each other. How can he write a letter every morning? – Just make it casual. / – Like you usually do. – He read it. He read it right away. / – Already? – She got a reply. / – What did he say? "What does that mean? I'm not the first?" (It's a textbook reply of an ideal couple.) So you got an ideal reply.

Say, "The first is Jjang." My husband still hasn't read my message. – "The first is Jjang." / – They're a real couple. Only Yulhee got a reply so far. I wrote meeting Jjang was the first thing. – You really sent that? / – Yes. That was just a joke. Then he wrote, "You met Jjang because you met me." – Oh, my. / – How sweet. – I got a reply too. / – What did he say? It's very simple. "What's the first?" – "What's the first?" / – What should I write? – "Meeting you." / – Why won't they read it? Maybe he blocked me. Maybe he just ignored the message. – My husband won't either. / – It's the same for me.

– There's no response. / – This is funny. – This is disappointing. / – He read it. – She got a reply. / – He read it! He just read it. You're touched just because he read it? – I got a reply! / – Let me see. – What did he say? / – You might get a reply, so leave the phone. "What's the first?" With the crying face. That's cute. – You're still newly-wed. / – "What's the first?" Suji, why would you wet your finger? It's not like you're counting money. – And… / – I got a reply too. – What did he say? / – I said, "Meeting you" "is the first." And he wrote, "Did I do something wrong?" (This is a real-life couple.) – That's a funny reply. / – Donggun! – He's funny. / – He should say – something like, "Me too." / – No.

I had a fantasy about him, but he's just a regular middle-aged man after all. It's the perfect answer for this show. – That was a funny answer. / – "I will be better." "I will be better"? Let's not do this anymore. Did you get a reply too? – Did you get a reply? / – "Is the shoot over?" "Then come home and sleep." (A real-life couple married for 31 years) They're truly a real-life couple. These two look very surprised. I can't write more after the question, right? I'm impatient, so I want to send another text, "Hey!" You probably won't get anything during the shoot. You'll get a reply on your way home. – Right. / – "What happened?" – Right. / – That's so true. I have a question.

I wonder which of you is in charge of the finances. Yulhee, who handles the finances? Before we got married, Minhwan's mother was in charge of his income. – That's nice. / – I told him I'd never earned money and knew nothing about money, so I asked him to give me some pocket money. But he said I could try managing the money. – That's great. / – That's cute. So now we're in charge of the finances. So you're in charge now. My parents-in-law and we live on different floors of the same building. My mother-in-law and I go to the bank together. – I'm learning from her. / – She needs to learn. Before we married, he used to spend 5,000 dollars or more per month. So I asked him to use only 500 dollars a month now. From 5,000 dollars to 500 dollars? Really? You can spend less now that you live together. You become thriftier when you're married.

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– Right. / – You become thriftier. – So it's better to marry early. / – To save money. How about you guys, Hyunhee? Actually, I tend to spend a lot of money on my juniors. The next day… I thought you said you stole your juniors' money. – So you spend a lot on them. / – I heard about it. (Are you my new junior?) I heard a lot about it. I hear you're not doing it anymore. I don't do that. I give generously to my juniors. I pay for their rides too. – I want them to be safe. / – Hyunhee is generous when it comes to money. I haven't saved any money. But Jason turned out to be a VIP client of his bank. That means he has quite a lot of money. – Exactly. / – That's right. He took me to his main bank one day. I went to take a ticket number, but he went straight into the VIP lounge. I didn't even know there was a VIP lounge.

When he proposed to me, he showed me the money he had saved, and he had quite a bit saved up. – I'm so jealous. / – He's diligent. That put a big smile on my face. – But… / – A big smile? I tried not to make it too obvious, – so he wouldn't think… / – What did you say when he said, "This is how much I have"? I asked if he's sure he wouldn't change and if we could live happily together. – He's great. / – Then he suddenly showed me his account balance and said, "This is how much I saved." Before I let myself feel touched and happy, I counted how much money it was. I have never seen such a number on one's bank account. – That sounds amazing. / – Really? Really. So I… As I said earlier, when I dated guys, I was always the one who spent more money. I was the giver. But now I found my other half. – You're lucky. / – You two are meant to be. I get money from Jason because I'm not good at managing it. You married a great guy.

I'm horrible at managing money. When you announced your marriage, there were some rumors. – That he had no money. / – That you paid his debt. But it was the other way around. He proposed to you with his bank account. Frankly, Jason is – quite good-looking. / – He sure is. That's why some people said I paid his debt and so on, but Jason laughed at those comments. He had more money than me. Many men say they let their wives be in charge of the finances as they got married. But frankly speaking, one can be in charge of the finances only when there is money in the bank account. You need to have money to be in charge of it. Yangrak gave me an empty bank account. After we got married, I even got a phone call from a bar that he owes them 500 dollars. He owed 500 dollars to the bar? – Yes. / – But Yangrak is a very influential comedian.

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I'm sure he made a lot of money. That's not true! I thought so too. Seriously, when we got married, I thought he would have a house at least. – He was in movies too. / – He was in movies and a lot of other areas. He was in a fried chicken commercial too. – He had 40 commercials. / – Exactly. As the wedding day drew near, we should be looking for a house. But he was not even trying to find one. I asked him, "Where should we live?" He said, "Come on. We don't have a house." "All newly-weds start in a small apartment." – "That's how it is." / – Yangrak said that? – Yes. Because Yangrak is… / – He's generous. Right. This was what I heard. He'd never lived alone since he was single. He didn't mind even a small place in the countryside. He always had his juniors and acquaintances over.

– So he had no money. / – That's unbelievable. So you should… You're not married, right? Hyunmoo, I told you six or seven years ago to take any offer you get and save up to buy a house. – He's doing so. / – I'm doing it now. And you bought a house. I was happy to see him doing as I said. You sound like an asset manager. – She's an asset manager. / – If I'm in charge, – I'll let her manage it. / – Coach Paeng. Hyunsook, you recently had a crisis because of ribs. When running a restaurant, you run into many problems – like employees getting hurt and so on. / – I'm sure. It was the day of our wedding anniversary, and one of our employees got injured. After a hectic day going back and forth to the hospital and the restaurant, it was already evening. I came home to find the lights off – and him sitting at the table. / – Yangrak was? So I asked him, "Have you eaten?" Then he said, "No. Make me food.

I'm hungry." So I opened the fridge and I found seasoned bean sprouts and kimchi. I gave him those with rice and said, "Eat". (Crying) He started sobbing. So I asked why he cried. "You're making me uncomfortable. Just eat." He asked, "Do you know what day it is today?" I said, "What are you talking about?" He said, "It's our 30th wedding anniversary." "When we were poor and had nothing," "we couldn't eat good food because we were poor." "But now, you can at least cook ribs for me." "You have a cooking license for Korean, Western," "Chinese and Japanese food." "You said you would cook ribs for me." He was complaining about the food? "What's with this kimchi and bean sprouts?" He was crying because of the side dishes? I said, "Grow up! One of our employees got hurt.

" "Just eat, you crazy jerk." "Are we dating now?" "This is reality. Just eat already." "I have work to do tomorrow!" "I need to make sundae!" I think you should be on "AM Plaza". – I think she should. / – You really should. You should be on "AM Plaza". That's a good idea. If they invite me, I'd be happy to be on the show. – Anyway… / – If he was so hungry, he should have cooked himself something. This is not something we can solve. How frustrating. Many couples fight on special days. .