/DISTRUST Game: Horror Survival Simulation Gameplay for iOS (iPAD only)

DISTRUST Game: Horror Survival Simulation Gameplay for iOS (iPAD only)

Video: DISTRUST Game: Horror Survival Simulation Gameplay for iOS (iPAD only)


Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Today I am reviewing Distrust, the game that was originally published on PC but now it is also released on iOS (iPAD) version. I really hope the developers will also make Android tablet version as well. Distrust is a horror survival simulation game that you into a role of helicopter crash survivals You are going to try to protect from freezing cold, lack of food and lack of bandages that will heal your wounds but the main thing to stay away is from… sleep. When you fall asleep, the dreams start to resurrect and the world surrouds with monsters that could probably be the cause of last expedition didn't make it back alive. How long can you stay awake to keep the monstronities away from you? Will you start to hallucinate and know friends from foes? Are they really your friends? The game has many strategies to beat and multiple endings.

Totally unique experience if you are playing it on iPad. The game is free to try but if you like it, you can buy the full version from within the game. The graphics is isometrids and together with the sounds, it makes it a perfect match that I enjoy a lot. My final thoughts? Try it if you can. It is a great gaming experience. The score is 8/10 for innovation, graphics and music. If you want to try it, the links are in the description below. I hope you stay till the end and watch the video. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below Please remember to subscribe for more daily gameplays. Thanks for watching and see you soon!.

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