/Digital Wellbeing: Technology and our daily lives

Digital Wellbeing: Technology and our daily lives

Video: Digital Wellbeing: Technology and our daily lives


[ Music playing ] I think technology, in general, has been worked into everyone's day-to-day life. It is the first thing I do when I wake up, and when I go to bed. It's easy to just pick up your phone, turn it on. Call a ride, and just go wherever you want. New places to eat, new places to explore. It's great to stay in touch. I met my girlfriend on an online dating app, so I'd say that's a positive right there. [ Voiceover offscreen ] [ Thinking ] Oof. Oh it's definitely more in control of me. My biggest issue with it is knowing when to stop. Five and ten minutes here and there, and I feel like takes up, you know, takes up a bunch of my day. I feel like it's in control of me, like if my phone's dead for like half the day or something, and I'm going crazy. I think my math grade is the way it is because of my phone. Now I notice my eyes are like a little, like I blink a little bit more, they get tired.

You should just throw his phone away. [ Laughs ] Usually, I feel in control of technology. Usually. Usually I can catch myself and be like, "You need to chill out." I think you have to set a limit, and say that you control the phone, it doesn't control you. I'd say most people hate on technology, but if you're using it for good things, I think it's really helpful. Well we think it's important that they do have access to it and learn it. Technology is, not so much as a necessary evil, it's a necessary good that could go either way. You know, the jury's out. It's up to us as to what we do with the technology..

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