/Dead by Daylight – Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

Dead by Daylight – Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips

Video: Dead by Daylight – Bloodweb / Bloodpoint Tips


In this video, I'll be sharing some tips to help you get more of what you want out of your blood web. Tip number one is actually more of a rule. The rule is, you can have any two items that you want with 100% certainty, as long as you purchase their prerequisite items within the first 4 turns. So in this bloodweb, I want the Gel Dressings and the Escape Cake, so I purchase their prerequisite items during my first 4 turns, and am able to buy both of them on my following turns without worrying about the Entity consuming them.

Tip number two is to consume Tier 1 nodes to save bloodpoints. You'll see in this bloodweb that a large number of tier two and tier three nodes are all connected to a single tier 1 node. If there aren't any items I want in that portion of the bloodweb, I can ignore it completely and allow the entity to consume it, saving me thousands of bloodpoints. Tip number three is to save bloodpoints by blocking the Entity's path. In this example, I've already acquired the items I wanted from this bloodweb, so my priority now is to save as many bloodpoints as possible while finishing the rest. So what I decide to do is block the Entity from consuming the rest of this portion of the web to force it to spawn in the lower segment, where there are Tier 1 nodes linked to multiple nodes that can all be consumed at once to save me some bloodpoints. Tip number four is knowing that the Entity will prioritize consuming perks above all other items.

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You'll see here that the moment I purchase the Leader perk, the Entity consumes the Unbreakable perk. You can use this behavior to your advantage and plan your Bloodweb purchases far more in advance to either save bloodpoints or buy more of what you want. Tip number five is to purchase bloodpoint offerings rather than items when trying to save bloodpoints. If you happen to spawn a bloodweb that doesn't have any items you want, you can at least purchase offerings to burn before your matches that multiply the bloodpoints you earn. Doing this will help offset what you spent on them, which is better than spending on items you'll never use. And the final tip, although not directly related to the bloodweb, is to equip a Rainbow Map to farm bloodpoints faster.

Discovering objects with a map grants points which easily add up to thousands of extra bloodpoints per match without having to do anything special. The map will also let you find hex totems faster, which award a large number of bloodpoints when cleansed. I hope these tips help you get more out of your bloodwebs. Thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure to subscribe for future content..