/Cyberpunk 2077 – E3 Trailer Breakdown, Lore + Easter Eggs!

Cyberpunk 2077 – E3 Trailer Breakdown, Lore + Easter Eggs!

Video: Cyberpunk 2077 – E3 Trailer Breakdown, Lore + Easter Eggs!


(orchestral music) – [Hammeh] Hey and welcome, choombas and choombatas, or friends, I'm Hammeh. Today, we'll be delving into a universe that I'm hugely excited about with upcoming lore and story. Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming game from CD Projekt Red, makes of The Witcher 3, might be familiar to you, got an amazing reveal trailer just now at E3 2018 after years of quotes on the project. In this video, I'll be introducing you to the world, lore, and rich background of Cyberpunk Night City and the lore of the universe as I analyse this new trailer for all of its cool references and Easter eggs. Now it's worth mentioning just before we start, as I go through, I'm going to be explaining some of the background, lore, and story from the Cyberpunk 2020 role playing game that this Cyberpunk 2077 game will be based on.

Kind of like 50 years in the future from the universe that I'm talking about. About the corporations, about Night City, the place that it's based in, about, kind of, the character and flavour of the universe. So there is lore as we go through the entire trailer analysis. That's why this is quite a long video, but I've given you a way to navigate. Time codes are in the description play if you want to skip to a particular topic. Before we jump into the trailer analysis, it's worth giving a quick overview of the world of Cyberpunk for those of you not familiar. Now, Cyberpunk 2077 the game will be based on the pen and paper RPG world created by Mike Pondsmith and published by R. Talsorian Games of the Cyberpunk game of the late 1980s and early '90s. A lot of lore that people cite and quote is from the universe and the second version of the game, Cyberpunk 2020.

So although it's great for looking at the history and past of the Cyberpunk universe, remember that in 2077 the game, we're gonna be 50 years on from what a lot of people cite in their videos and references. The Cyberpunk world of 2020 is a violent, dangerous place filled with people who'd love to rip your arm off, and apparently eat it. Good and evil are replaced by the values of expedience. Do what you can to survive. If you can do some good along the way, great, but don't count on it. In a world set after several ecological disasters and financial crashes, people have coalesced, particularly in America, into large, densely packed urban areas, which are surrounded by ecological wastelands. Many of these cities, and indeed much of the world, is run by mega-conglomerates and huge corporations, creating society with a very, very rich class, a very, very poor class, and almost nothing in between.

Attitude is everything, and if you're one of the people trying to make it, you're constantly looking for the edge. Starting the rebellion, lighting the fire, taking risks, joining causes, and fighting for big issues. But in the dog eat dog world of Night City, where Cyberpunk 2077 will be based, very often just surviving 'til the next day is an achievement in itself. Style is a big part of Cyberpunk. Customization and cybernetics are often done for just purely cosmetic reasons, from the functional to the fashionable. There's even a term, cryochilled. A movement of people who replace perfectly good, functioning body parts with cyber parts just to express themselves, and their tastes, and fashion. Whether you want the latest synthetic skin, light sensitive hair, LED tattoos, improved hearing for a little bit of corporate eavesdropping, or something a bit more military in nature, let's say explosives for fingers, then the Cyberpunk 2020 world certainly caters for you. In a world where you can customise your body more than ever before and dive straight into the net through neural implants, humanity struggles with the psychological effects.

The more cybernetics a person has, the more risk they have of their personality fragmenting, losing touch with humanity, and being consumed by maddening hatred of humans. This is called cyber-psychosis, and people who succumb to it are called cyber-psychos. They are very, very dangerous indeed, have special military units to deal with them, and indeed, it's what we saw in the first Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer all those years ago. Okay, that's the world of Cyberpunk. Now let's jump into analysing the trailer. So, Cyberpunk 2077 will be set in the iconic city of Night City, very familiar to the Cyberpunk pen and paper RPG all those years ago. Night City, a quick history, it was made in the universe in 1994 by developer Richard Night, who bought the land looking to make a safe, clean corporate city free of crime and urban blight.

Now, sadly, it became anything but. The city was under construction as planned, but Night left out unions and construction firms who were controlled by organised crime. They took a bit of an affront to this, killed him, and took over the project four years in. It then kind of turned into a war zone until a corporate takeover of 2009 saw the corporations take control above the more criminal elements. Although Night City is still rife with violence in 2020, and it does still seem to be in 2077, it has seen strong economic growth off the back of this corporate influence. And as we go into the trailer, our protagonists are known as V talks about a sky high rate of violence, more people below the poverty line than anywhere else, and it being the worst place to live in America. So it seems that in some ways not much has changed in the 53 years since the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG. Now, as we get into the trailer, we're first shown the Night City and metro map. Night City is roughly located between San Fran and Santa Barbara on the coast of California.

And immediately in the map we get a nice little Easter egg. If you look in the top left there underneath the Night City Metro Map label, you can see a little number starting in N-A. Now, that reference number is the serial number of a particular replicant from none other than Blade Runner called Roy Batty. You may remember him as the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants, the kind of antagonists of the film. So a direct Cyberpunk, direct kind of theme and genre reference immediately to Blade Runner there. Now, just having a look at the map, although the individual stop names perhaps don't have too much significance right now as several of them are repeated, there are some general labels and areas that are of interest and that actually tie back directly to the old RPG lore and setting. Outside of downtown, the city centre type piece, there is a much wider metropolitan area. And several of the places in the pen and paper RPG, like this map here, are actually shown on the map in the trailer. For example, there are six suburbs, all within apparently 20 minutes by maglev, such as Westbrook. We see that on the trailer map.

This is the land of the rich and powerful. A lot of the corporate rich live here with very, very strict security and fantastic accommodation. It apparently, in the 2020 setting, it even had surface to air missile defences to make sure that no unwanted flying craft came within reach. There's another area here that goes directly to the old RPG called Heywood. That's kind of a light industrial area. It's got some residential as well, but most of the mega-corporations such as Arasaka, more information on those later, have a factory or some kind of production here. Further down on the map, you can also see Rancho Coronado, which is ultimate beaverville. Really a very, very suburban, and to any edge runner, quite boring place. A bit of tract housing with a lot of corporate employees. Three-bedroom house suburbia stretching to the horizon, as it was described in one of the original game books. You can also see North Oaks to the northeast.

That's North Oak in the original RPG. It's kind of like a sister semi-city area to Night City, and is the home of the NorCal, Northern California military base in 2020. Over to the west, there's the Orbital Air Centre. That is actually one of the many corporations in Cyberpunk's universe. I'll talk more about them later. A hot off the press edition, I previously didn't know what these two districts were, as they weren't in the pen and paper RPG. But we now know, thanks to information released from CD Projekt Red today, thank you Jesse Cox for the photo on Twitter, Watson is a fallen corporate giant now populated by immigrants. A unique mix of Asian cultures with various bazaars, markets, and immigrants in a tangle of narrow alleyways. The new Santo Domingo is the power area of Night City.

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Power plants and industrial factories stuck in an endless cycle of monization apparently. Now, from the bottom left area here, there is a redded out area called Pacifica, which is also very interesting. This was in the pen and paper RPG. It was kind of like a beach city, or residential area on the coast. Kind of upper class residential, pretty safe. It had a Militech security contract as well, one of the big corporations, so it was pretty well protected. It used to home to an amusement park called Playland by the Sea as well, and also the Pacifica Arcology, a mega-building complex 10 times the size of the New Harbour mallplex. Mallplex is a kind of a combination of shopping centre and residential that are huge and always self-contained, as I'll explain later.

It had a hundred thousand people living there in 2020, and it was very, sort of, reclusive. The people there kept themselves to themselves. So, why is this whole area in red? Why is not accessible? Well, in the later parts of the end of the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG storyline, there was a nuclear device detonated by Militech and player characters, and indeed major characters in the universe associated with it, in the basement in a data centre of the Arasaka corporation. Now, the Arasaka corporation's headquarters was kind of the biggest building in the middle of the corporate plaza in Night City of Cyberpunk 2020. That's not Pacifica, that's kind of more in the middle of town rather than one of these suburbs. So, who knows, maybe there's been another nuclear event or some kind of problem in between 2020 and 2077. Okay, all of that, and only off the first map. Now, as we look at the moving sign in the background on the metro as our character is moving through the train, we can see a few other names of area that, again, most of them feature in the Cyberpunk original game. As for areas mentioned, The Glen is the first one really hidden in the background here.

I can't actually find that in the original books, but we then have Downtown, which has the Night City Medical Centre in, for example. Little China, which is a combination of Chinatown, old architecture even before Night City was made, and the Night City P.D. headquarters. A huge, armoured building that's very significant. The Med Centre is also mentioned. This is known because there's a lot of health orientated businesses there, as well as a convention centre, the Crisis Medical Centre, a medical school from the University, the Trauma Team headquarters, more on them later, and several other buildings. We also see New Harbour mentioned on this sign. That's kind of a semi-entertainment district. You've got the stadium there, the huge stadium which has the Night City Rangers NFL team, as well as a few other sports teams, and the mallplex in New Harbour.

Now, I mentioned mallplexes earlier. This one is a smaller one of five thousand people, but it's still five thousand people living above and around a huge shopping centre and residential complex. It's kind of almost a mini city within the city. It's self contained, and these places, like the Pacifica one I mentioned earlier, are increasingly isolated and they have quite high security. Now, as our protagonist, V, as we know they are known to be known, goes through the train, we can see a few punks in the background here. One of them appears to have a swapped out right arm. There's kind of a chrome for limbs, a fashion is cool element, and cyber parts are part of that coolness. It's actually totally acceptable, and indeed trendy at points, just to swap out working appendages just for cybernetic ones.

And, hey, if it's in chrome, if it's in diamond or crystal, even better if you can afford it. Now, the Cyberpunk tabletop, the pen and paper game, had everything from LED tattoos through to synthetic skin that could change colours, sometimes even on hormonal impulses. Say, for example, you got angry, you could suddenly have black and yellow tiger stripes spring up on your skin if you paid for the appropriate, rather expensive implants. Smart hair that could react to light and all kinds of different stimuli. So, who knows how much of this will translate through to 2077 and the video game, but certainly and wild and wonderful look that you could see in the world at this moment in time could potentially be some kind of cosmetic or cyber-technological enhancement. Now, on the head of one of the punks here, we see some kind of neuroware. Now, neuroware can do anything from giving yourself increased awareness, being able to tune out pain, helping you operate vehicles, and aim your smart gun more efficiently.

There are so many different other kinds of body enhancements that I won't mention them all here, but I'll flag some of them that we see as we go through the trailer. Now, as we see the cityscape through the window of the metro train, we do see a couple of interesting things. Well, it is day time. A lot of people have debated and talked about this, compared to the more darker, more gritty, first initial teaser trailer. The climate and weather of Night City in the 2020 game, acid rain was an issue there due to the various ecological problems that had happened. So you had to wear kind of protective clothing, with light armour jackets or ballistic cloth overcoats as being optional, with a filter mask and supplemental oxygen being highly recommended as a hedge against inversion smogs and acid rain fog. Now, the original 2020 description said there were misty white fogs blanketing the city in the early morning and evenings, rainfall was usually about 21 inches a year, and only an average 35% contains an acid or toxicity factor higher than current government standards.

To be fair, they never said it was dark all the time, so Night City could well have had, and indeed, the world could have had a little bit of climate or ecological recovery perhaps in that time. Either way, I'm sure we'll see a lot of rain filled streets again soon as everyone seems to like in this sort of cyber punk genre. And indeed, we seem them later in this trailer, too. Now, the other thing we see in the background here is Arasaka on a sign for the Asian Mega-Conglomerate, a very key company in the history and lore of Cyberpunk. We will see them a few times throughout the trailer, so I will explain them in a future scene. As we pass through the cityscape in town, we see the NCPD here in the bottom right. Now, they are the Night City Police Department. Now, in the original RPG, they've actually a playable class. You can play as a cop. Now, cops in NCPD in Night City, kind of have it rough if you're a beat cop. The 2020 Night City police were kind of stuck. On one side, they had cyber augmented punks, edge runners, booster gangs and everyone. On the other side, they've got corporate mercenaries that they're trying to deal with.

And that's even before cyber-psychos. As I mentioned before, people who have taken too many cybernetic enhancements and augmentations and lost all touch with humanity. Now, there are special divisions of police forces to deal with cyber-psychos. C-SWAT, PsychDev, MAXTAC have been mentioned. Any Psycho Squad like this will be armed up to the hilt, certainly more than the average beat policeman in Night City, or indeed in the Cyberpunk universe, but they may have a few screws loose of their own. Hunting the most dangerous people with the most dangerous weapons is the kind of job that only appeals to, let's say, a certain kind of person. As we drop through visions of the streets to this particular scene where we see what may be some kind of corporate employee being reviewed, it's possible we could be seeing, perhaps, another of the Cyberpunk style classes or maybe even characters.

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Now, from the Cyberpunk RPG, some of the character classes that you could play as probably translate better to a video game RPG than others. There was one called the Corporate. You'd be playing as one of the junior executives from one of the many corporations who kind of ruled the Cyberpunk world. You'd perhaps do corporate espionage, hiring your own teams of Solos, soldiers, and Netrunners, kind of hackers. I'll talk more about different classes later. You might get given projects, sort of assignments by your superiors, for anything from spreading a designer plague so that your corporation can make cash selling the vaccine, to kidnapping researchers from rival companies, sabotage, bribery, blackmail, promotion by assassination. If you want a new job promotion, you might accidentally get rid of the person above you for example. Many different options there. So an interesting table top class to role play if you're playing the original kind of RPG. Now, literally just hot off the press as I was about to render this video, there have been new announcements at E3, and we now know that the three main class options are going to be the Netrunner, the Techie, and the Solo, or the soldier.

Now, techies can come in the form of med techies or normal techies, but they generally revolve around making things. You fans of classes from the pen and paper game like the Rockerboy, like the Corporate I've just been talking about, and things like the Media who would go around and cover events and influence people via sort of broadcast. Now all of these things alongside a combat system, they're kind of hard. You either get into a realm where you've almost got an MMO style set of different classes you can play. And maybe outfit a bit thin, perhaps, in a single player game, I don't know. I'm not surprised that we don't see every single pen and paper 2020 class come into the game. These three are a really solid option. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments.

We've had a few glimpses of the seedier side of the city, and it's interesting to see this bar. Now, some bars in Night City are almost sort of safe or neutral territory, but many of them in the actual RPG are ones that you could go to to pick up certain crew members or to try and get certain help, or to try and get certain information. There are ones that are known as solo bars, ones that are known as more netrunner bars. The different classes in the original RPG had different hangouts around the city that you could go to to get specific kinds of help. Places like Totentanz Death Dance was a booster gang hangout for example. There is The Slammer, which had its own fighting arena. Rainbow Nights. Short Circuit being a Techie, Netrunner type place. Afterlife, which was a solo hangout. So it'll be interesting to see again if all of these different bars, clubs, and different places are replicated in the actual game.

Another thing Night City and it's less salubrious places is known for is certainly gangs. And there are many different kind of gangs running the streets. From the Julliards, a kind of street performer type gang, to chromatic music, or Chromo gangs like the Silver Sash. There's even the Bozos, a gang who are biosculpted specifically to look like clowns. So, from the gyms to the clubs to the bars, there'll be plenty of weird and wonderful people to associate with I'm sure. I really like the taxi scene, as it harks right back to the original RPG as well. This is a combat cab, as we can see on the labelling. It's the only taxi service that operates in the Combat Zone. The Combat Zone is a ghetto-like, lawless area with checkpoints, and there's a lot of gang activity in there. Now, combat cabs are known from a T.V. comedy drama series that ventures around, apparently, the exploits of the company.

People actually take rides into the zone just to say that they've been in a combat cab and done it. They're known as the best battle drivers, and you'll get where you want to go, when you want to get there, and leave the combat to us. I guess that's kind of reassuring-ish. We are then introduced to a lady doing her makeup before panning back to see that her entire bottom of her face is actually augmented. I think she's just a fan going to the Lizzy Wizzy concert later that's advertised all around the city. You can see in the background on the walls some posters and some news articles talking about various things that Lizzy Wizzy has been up to. After seeing some king of private party where maybe some drugs are being taken. There are a lot of drugs and illegal substances in the Cyberpunk 2020 universe. Certainly, I'm sure 2077 will be no different. We are then shown our protagonist, V, again, outside, looking over Night City.

You can again see Arasaka logo on the horizon, as well as the Orbit Land logo as well. I love this detail on the back of his jacket. You can see that it's got the word samurai. Now, this actually has significance in the old Cyberpunk lore. Samurai is the band that two of the most notorious Rockerboys, the most famous Rockerboy characters in the Cyberpunk universe, Johnny Silverhand and Kerry Eurodyne, were members of before they made big solo breaks on the same label. By the looks of it, V's jacket probably isn't band merch I would say, but certainly it's a nice little Cyberpunk reference. The weapon that V puts together is Militech branded. Militech, as their name might suggest, an arms manufacturing and distribution company, do some mercenary operations based out of Washington, D.C. The largest producer and seller of weapons, guns, tanks, jet fighters. Certainly the biggest American supplier, and a perennial rival of Arasaka. Before we're shown a shot of a crew assessing a Militech dog-style walking droid. Now, all of these people are very heavily augmented it seems.

Now, we then see Lizzy Wizzy in context, getting out of vehicle to what appears to be a gig or some kind of event, and there's some really cool references here. Now firstly, Lizzy Wizzy's whole look. The original Cyberpunk RPG game had several source books and loads of supplements. Some of these were known as the Chrome Books. And one of the covers of them actually looks a dead ringer for Lizzy here. That's kind of compounded when you look in the background. There's a little sign saying, "Chrome me up," as well. And on the back boards we can see that Lizzy's tour is known as the Chrome Tour, supplemented by her very fashionable chrome mods that she's wearing. We're shown what looks to be a more suburban area in this scene with the very well hidden bike on the right. Some people have wondered whether there'll be a nomad class conversion.

Think of like Mad Max style roaming families of people on the road and that's what the nomad class was in the role playing game. After the gentleman rudely being interrupted in the middle of his meal, we then see someone being resurrected in the street. And there's quite a chunk of Cyberpunk lore around this very short frame. After the gentleman rudely being interrupted in the middle of his meal, we then see someone being resurrected in the street. And there's quite a chunk of Cyberpunk lore around this very short frame. Now these are probably Trauma Team, Incorporated. A licenced paramedical franchise, and unsurprisingly, another one of the big corporations in the Cyberpunk world. They operate in the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe in 2020. They will get there within seven minutes of a fatality, or your money back. So, I don't know with that strapline what you're meant to do if you've died in those seven minutes.

(laughs) Trauma Team is generally dispatched with a driver, a Med Techie. A Techie and a Med Techie are two variants of the role playing game class. They're another one that might well be a skill in Cyberpunk perhaps rather than a separately creatable character. You have an assistant, two security officers, and a heavily armoured AV-4 flying craft with mobile cryotanks to try and keep you in a safe state, or as safe a state as possible, until you can be got to a proper hospital. This is kind of like RPG life insurance. If you pay the bill, these would come in the RPG and get you back on your feet. You could have a dead man transmitter. So if you fell into a coma, if your character fell into a coma in the RPG, it would automatically call. Trauma Team would then fly in and sort you out for a not very modest fee. You are apparently billed from the moment of the call until your delivery to the hospital at $100 a minute.


$500 a month in the RPG could get you a continuous service as a form of insurance, so a lot cheaper. After quick game of street basketball, we see one of these people clearly has augmented legs. Being able to have legs that help you run faster, jump higher, is absolutely a thing in Cyberpunk. We then see an interesting scene on a plane. Now, the first thing when you look out of the windows of this craft is that it's on, probably, the edge of space. Now, the role playing game universe does have space stations and things in near-Earth orbit or nearer. It looks like the near-Earth orbit transportation of 2020 has been carried through to 2077. Now, of course, the poor, unfortunate man in the chair. He seems to be having a few fire difficulties with his equipment. We see the person in the nearer chair kind of have a smirk and have a sip from his glass.

It looks as though maybe he is the person who has caused this to happen. This looks as though it's a Netrunner attack. Now, a Netrunner is one of the classes in the original RPG. You may also know the card game that was based off of Cyberpunk, originally the Netrunner card game. Netrunners are very much the hackers of the Cyberpunk world using cybernetic implants to dive head first, directly connected to all of the data of the net. They're able to do all sorts of things, including stealing information, and, of course, attacking other people connected to the net in some cases. Now, netrunning can be done in a legal fashion. There are people policing it as well. There are programmes of all different kinds that can do all different kinds of things. The nasty ones include things such as hell hounds, which could locate someone in the net and then send out a pulse in their gear to cause a heart attack, continuing to look for them if the Netrunner should escape. And there is one called Firestarter, which blasts the wiring of the Netrunner's gear with a huge power surge causing wiring fires, explosions, and, well, you get the picture.

So I think maybe a Firestarter programme has been used on this unfortunate individual. After being shown a shot of a mysterious corporate figure watching footage of a pitched battle, maybe protest between the police and some people on the street, we're then shown a shot of an Arasaka board meeting where one of its members is suffering cybernetic attack or difficulties of some kind. Okay, time to address the mega-conglomerate in the room. Arasaka are out of Japan, Tokyo. They're corporate security police and more. Basically, if you want something protected, they've got one of if not the largest armed forces of all the corporations in 2020. They licence themselves out as corporate guards, couriers, mercenaries.

Also selling security equipment that they use. Everything from weapon detecting equipment, to lethal deterrent systems, computer security as well to a point, and security consultants. If you want to protect something or someone from a person to a corporation, hire in an Arasaka security consultant and they will assess the situation and then recommend you what you should do. They also have a banking division that in the years of economic and also the great American collapse in the sort of '90s and early 2000s of the original Cyberpunk storyline, meant that they could make quite a bit of money as well, hedging themselves against disasters elsewhere. Arasaka are as good a candidate for a big bad as anyone in the Cyberpunk game, although the Cyberpunk universe, as I've said before, is very much shades of grey.

There are many big, hulking corporations and mega-corporations doing all kinds of different things. But given that Arasaka are very prominent in Night City, they're certainly going to be featuring in the story somewhere. We then pan to a shot of someone disengaging from some computer equipment, most probably a Netrunner. Now, there are neural interface plugs most Netrunners instal that mean that they can wire themselves directly into special kit, including a deck, so that they can access the net. Netrunning in the Cyberpunk RPG is kinda complex for a new player. It has its own kind of separate system compared to all of the things that all of the other different classes do, but is very important in terms of the skills at getting information, locating places, in some cases trying to attack rogue Ais within the net, even Netrunners who are coming after you, and similar.

So it'll be interesting to see how they implement Netrunner. It's such an iconic class and idea that has to be in the game in some form. I'm just going to be interested to see how it works. We then see what looks like to be a lady V here, so perhaps showing the different aspects of character creation, fighting at night. And the wide necked collared jackets that these characters are wearing is definitely a reference to the original image on the front of the Cyberpunk 2020 source book. So again, another little nod to the pen and paper game there. If you look carefully in this image, there's yet another motorcycle of the similar vein that we saw when the man was firing the shotgun next to the lady earlier. After seeing someone's cybernetic eye being gruesomely removed, we then jump to what appears to be a small stand owner defending themselves very well from a gang attack. Now, the gang member here, he sort of waves and walks away. We can actually see that she appears to have an implant out that appears to be the same kind of weapon that the protagonist of the original teaser trailer was using as well.

As we get to the end of the trailer, we see what appears to actually be another Trauma Team gunning their way into somewhere. Now, Trauma Teams are allowed to clear an area in certain situations by the looks of things in the pen and paper game if they're going to collect someone who has their particular insurance, so they can stabilise the area as necessary before going in to pick up their charge. This guy takes a lot of rounds to the face as you can see. If you look very carefully you can actually see a little Soviet Union symbol on the side of his head. In the pen and paper role playing game, sort of various face plates are augments that you can have to increase your durability of your head and your face, so maybe this guy's got one of those. In the last rems of the trailer we finally see V driving off and getting into a bit of a car chase as Night City's horizon looms over him. Well, that was a heck of an analysis.

It was very long. Well done and thank you so much if you managed to tune in for all of this. If you liked this video, please to throw like, subscribe for more Cyberpunk. And comment with what you though of it, any criticisms, anything that you really enjoyed, anything if you are a Cyberpunk 2020 veteran you think I could change, please do let me know. I love your feedback. I'm really excited for this game. I'd love to get into more of the lore and story of the 2020 role playing game universe if you're interested. I've done a lot of lore videos in the past in other games so I'd love to give that a go. And anything else to do with Cyberpunk in terms of news. Really, really excited for this game from CD Projekt Red, so I'm sure that you'll see it on this channel in the future in some form or another. Cheers for tuning in. Do check out my Overwatch lore if you're into Overwatch and other Blizzard game lore and these playlists here as well. And here's my Cyberpunk playlist as well for the future. Cheers for tuning in. I've been Hammeh, take it easy..