/Cube iWork10 – How to delete Android to gain more space on Windows 10

Cube iWork10 – How to delete Android to gain more space on Windows 10

Video: Cube iWork10 – How to delete Android to gain more space on Windows 10


Hi everyone today i will show you how to remove android from you iWork 10 tablet. So you can use all space for windows only. First, you need to get this software it's free, just run it. Edition: Choose free. You can change this if you want. And just press download. After it finishes downloading just install it. This software allows you to backup your entire disk into a file. So you can later restore your tablet. I will be using this to just restore windows and not android. There's other ways to do it, like delete partitions, but then you can't expand the C drive, because there's a unformated partition of windows. This one.

And you can't move it, with at least, software that i tried. First, you need to choose where you want to place it. You can backup anywhere you want, i will backup my image to my server , you can just backup to a flash drive or a external hard drive. You can choose what you want. So, what you have to do is go there, disk image and click image this disk. Now, you can see i already have here. Now, make sure the checkbox is selected so all the partitions are going to be backed up. Windows it's the last 4 partitions. This one, this, this, and this. The other ones are Android. I will backup everything anyways in case i later want to restore it. You just press next. You don't need to change anything here just press next. Now it will show what is going to do. Just click finish. You can uncheck the second option you don't need it. Now we just have to wait. Meanwhile, let's do something important.

You should have that SWITCH NOW APP in your desktop. Just open it. When it asks if you want to switch to android just click NO, and then select DISABLE right here. After you click DISABLE just click EXIT. This is to disable that boot menu that you see when you boot up the tablet, it shows windows or android with a timer. This disables it. It's almost done. Just a few seconds. So, there you go, image completed. Now you will need a Flash Drive, a small one to boot from. I will be using 1GB drive. I'm going to plug it in my dock. If you don't have a dock, just use the USB OTG adapter and the Type C adapter to do the same thing. So, now we have to create a rescue media. You go to OTHER TASKS and CREATE RESCUE MEDIA. Just click that. It might say you need to download something. Just download it and you will get to this window. Just click next. Next, no problems there. Just click next. It will start doing something. As i said we will be using a USB Device, jus select you USB drive, it should show up here, this on is already done, so it doesn't work, but it should be fine. If you have problems, let me know. Now, everything is done here, can close this up.

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.. now the tricky part begins!! You should have your Flash Drive, that you gonna need to boot and then depending on what you selected you will have other Flash Drive that has the image of your disk or something else.. hard drive whatever! Just note that I'm using network to save the image but I'm not using wireless I'm using a Ethernet Adapter. This one. I'm using this with the Type C adapter. I showed this adapter before so I'm just using this one. You can also use the other one, which i might start to use since I'm almost out of battery. You can also use the provided one, it's only USB 2 speeds but it should be good enough. I'm going to switch to this one now, I want to charge the tablet while i do this. I'm just going to plug it in to charge.

Now, what you have to do now is: Reboot! Just reboot windows, you will need a keyboard for this, if you don't have a dock like i have, you can use any USB keyboard just plug it in to the USB port on the tablet. You might have to use a USB HUB to plug in all this stuff. Plugged in the flash drive. Rebooting… After the tablet reboots just smash the ESC key. If should come up with a BIOS screen. Where you can select you USB device. There you go! This is the BIOS. Now you just use the Left and Right Arrow keys and go to the "Save & Exit" tab. Here at "Boot Override" you should be able to see your USB Flash, press ENTER. Now it should be booting from the Flash Drive. There it goes. Booting up. So, now i need to plug in my Ethernet adapter, since I'm using network, you might plug in your Flash Drive or whatever. In the Disk Image tab, you can see your current installation on the tablet. Still has all this things.

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You remember we just clicked here before. Now we are going to Restore. What we are going to do is: "Browse for a image file". Now, if you have a flash drive it would show up here. I'm using network so, i have to go to network, my server, there you go. Tablet folder, New 2, and here it is 27.6GB The image is here. The date you can see it matches when i made the video. Now "Restore Image" is what you want, it's right there. Now pay attention. This is your current installation on the tablet this is the backup we made a few minutes before. In the backup remember we included Android and Windows, that's why there's so many partitions. So on the backup, on the top, just scroll to the right and you should have Recovery, Windows C, Unformated Primary, and FAT32 SYSTEM. These are the four that we are going to restore.

It's windows 10 partitions, the rest it's all Android partitions, and we are not going to use them. At the bottom, just click on the fist one, just click "Delete Existing Partition". Keep clicking until you don't have any partitions on the bottom. Just keep doing it, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete… there you go! It's all free space, 58.24GB. Just drag it and… yeah! I have been here the last 15 Minutes and this didn't work and now it started working! Yeah.. it seems the way i drag it sometimes?! See? now it works.. Now it doesn't… no… just keep dragging it… see!! It just works when it want to work! This is really strange. Just select this one here, just click it one time, go to "Restored Partition Properties" and just make sure the free space im MB is 1000.

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This makes the partition bigger as you can see, 57.15GB partition. Now it's bigger, now you only have this little bit here, that's for the Recovery partition. There you go, finally! So now you can see how it's going to do it. The SYSTEM partition this is the main Windows partition, it's going to be 57.15GB and the Recovery partition 1GB. The moment of truth!! Just click NEXT. Click Finish and hope for the best! The following drives will be overwritten. Let's continue. Let's hope everything goes well.. So this is now restoring the image we made earlier just the windows partitions. Done. We can now close. WE can go to Disk Image again, and you can see the current disk only has the 4 partitions we selected. So now I'm going to close this window and the tablet should reboot. When it reboots I'm going to remove the Boot Flash Drive. Come on.

. YOU CAN DO IT!! That's a good sign!! It seems to be working. Let's go please, don't you screw me!! Ufff! There we go! Windows is now booted. Let me show you the partitions. You can see the drive has all the available space. I can also show you the Disk Manager if you want. Disk Manager… there you go. You can see the 4 partitions, and the big Windows partition. And nothing else. Let's check here.. It's the first time i did this, i didn't know if it was going to work or not i just tried. You can see the partitions, SYSTEM, the strange 16MB partition, Windows, and Recovery. Let me know in the comments if you have any problems. Of course i can't b responsible if you screw up your tablet. Thanks for watching. Comment , subscribe, like the video, and i see you on the next video!!! BYE!.